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Trophies (F)

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  1. Found on the rooftop of the demolished building near the Gotham Stock Exchange.

  2. On the lighthouse NE of the airships.

  3. In the lower streets to the NE of the island, inside a ruined building on the second floor.

  4. Go to the back of the Trade House near the northern lighthouse. Find a boarded up wall there and use an explosive gel to destroy it from a distance (Hold L2 + Square)

  5. In the demolished building NW of the island, near the airships. You have to use the Batmobile to pull the cover to the electrified room using the power winch. Step on the pressure pad to remove the cover of the trophy, remote the Batmobile to remove the winch so the door closes, then use your Line Launcher to cross the pressure pads on the floor.

  6. In the demolished building NW of the island, near the airships. Outside the fence, there's a boarded-up wall by the coast. There's a narrow space under the wall where you can step on and from there, fire an explosive gel to the wall and destroy it.

  7. This is found in the construction building in the middle north of the island. This is inside a former militia checkpoint. First, bring the Batmobile in and attach the Power Winch. Rev the engine to deliver power and raise the cover. Now leave the vehicle and use the Voice Synthesizer to order the riddler bot to go to the pressure pad.

  8. The trophy is found on top of the Killinger's sign, right outside the entrance of the Arkham Knight HQ's vent/tunnel area. You'll find coordinates there (2147, 1492). Head to the Logerquist Towers to the west and look for the statues on the rooftop between the two buildings. and reach the trophy's location before the timer expires.

  9. This is found on the wall of a dilapidated building near Perdition Bridge. Use the power winch to pull the metal block and reveal three question marks inside. Shoot the dots to free the trophy.

  10. This is located SW of Perdition Bridge. Drop to the walkway by the river to find a locked storage room. Use the REC to lift the gate, blind the one of the sentries inside and quickly cross the line of fire to get to the trophy. After getting the trophy, riddler bots will appear. Just let them get shredded by the sentry guns then blind one of them again and leave the room.

  11. Inside the former militia checkpoint SW of Perdition Bridge, grapple to the ledge in front of metal fence to find the trophy beside a burning barrel.

  12. This is found under a metal ramp between the two Arkham Knight HQ locations.

  13. This is found in the lower streets, near the church. First, use the Voice Synthesizer to order one of the riddler bots to the pressure pad. This will open the roll-up gate beside the trophy location. Get in there and blast the wall. Get inside the vent next and perform a Fear Multi-takedown. Defeat all riddler bots to unlock the trophy.

  14. The trophy is located in the pillar at the end of the unfinished railway near the church. There's a coordinate there (2456, 2663) which will point you to the device where you can attach your Batmobile's power winch at the back of GCPD. After power it up, build speed and eject-glide. Get to the trophy location before the timer expires.

  15. This is found inside the building north of Penitence Bridge. There's a riddler bot you can order using the Voice Synthesizer to get the trophy. However, you must stay away from its line of sight so that it won't be on alert. Now after ordering the bot to get the trophy, switch to your RHD and blind the sentry gun along the way. Do this again when order the bot to go outside so you can take it out and get the trophy.

  16. Found in the small balcony by the waterline, SW of Penitence Bridge.

  17. This puzzle contraption is found on the wall of a building west of Penitence Bridge. The generators with power winch hooks can be powered up by your REC. The generators will pull or push the trophy ball when powered so you have to remotely control the Batmobile to drag the generators and guide it through the maze.

  18. This trophy is found inside the annexing bridge between two buildings west of Penitence Bridge. Find the cracked wall to the west and blow it up. Get inside to collect the trophy.

  19. This is found in the ruined building's upper floor, north of Salvation Bridge.

  20. This is found inside the small office near Port Adams' entrance.

  21. This is found inside a container van within Port Adams. Select all the robots one by one using your RHD, then order them to go under another container van hanging by a crane. Now hit the dot on the question mark to crush the robots and unlock the trophy.

  22. This is a time-trial challenge. The trophy is located in Port Adams but the coordinates it's pointing is 3258, 2136 which is located on the top of the tower beside the Botanical Garden in Miagani Island.

  23. This trophy is located inside another puzzle contraption SW of Port Adams. You need to hit the question mark in the far end of the container van beside the trophy. However, there are three metal bars that you can pull with your Batmobile. However, these metal bars will slow retract so you have to stand in front of the opening then remotely control the Batmobile. Pull the first bar nearest to you, then the middle then have the Batmobile pull the third bar halfway. Quickly switch to Batman and throw a remote-controlled batarang and guide it through the openings until you reach the question mark.

  24. Found in the ledge by the coast, SE of Port Adams.

  25. You'll find the device that can be triggered with the Batmobile's Forensic Scanner near the Cobblepot Manor north of Port Adams. Follow the question marks and it will lead you to the building which you used to destroy the missile launcher in the main story. To reach it, you have to use the ramp nearby. Take note however; you won't be able to destroy the secret wall if it's not highlighted by the forensic scanner. Before jumping off the ramp, maintain battle mode and drive slowly to the edge of the ramp so that the scanner's ping reaches your landing point on the opposite building. Once the green question marks appear on the other building, back off a bit then charge off the ramp and continue scanning until you find the secret wall. Destroy it to get the trophy.

  26. This trophy is found behind a cracked wall in the upper balcony area of the Bank of Gotham branch in Otisburg. You can snipe that wall with the Batmobile.

  27. This trophy is found behind a cracked wall in the dilapidated building outside the (former) militia checkpoint in NW Otisburg. You can snipe it from the upper street as shown below.

  28. This trophy is found in the lower street, inside the (former) militia checkpoint in NW Otisburg. Use the Power Winch to remove the cover then get inside. Step on the pressure pad then use the Bat Claw to retrieve the trophy. However, you'll get trapped inside. Quickly switch to your Batmobile's remote control and use it to pull the spike wall.

  29. In the southern balcony of the Lex Corp building. Don't go there yet but instead, get to a vantage point on the rooftop of the building across it. Use your Voice Synthesizer to order the robot to step on the pressure pad to the right. Now go there and step on the other pressure pad behind the robot. Grab the trophy with the Bat Claw.

  30. Go to the lower street and find the device that will be triggered by your forensic scanner. Follow the trail and it will lead you to a hole with a fan in the ceiling. Leave the Batmobile and grapple through the hole to reach the upper street. Call in the Batmobile and reactivate the scanner to continue the trail. It will lead you outside the Bruford Building. Shoot the marked window and get the trophy inside.

  31. In the NE balcony of the Wayne International Plaza.

  32. On a counter in the upper floors of the unfinished Gotham City Trains, beside the Wayne International Plaza.

  33. This is found inside Pretty Dolls Parlor, found in the lower streets to the west of the islands. You'll reach this place during the last portion of the “The Perfect Crime” Most Wanted Mission.

  34. These trophies are located within the Subway tunnels under construction. Use the lift in Port Adams to reach it again. Inside the subway tunnel control room, near the entrance.

  35. This is found in the alcove to the SE, in the middle of the first curve in the tunnel

  36. On top of the control room where you need to lock the cargo ramp to enable the Batmobile to cross the flooded portion of the tunnel.

  37. In the end of the subway tunnel, on the overhead catwalk

  38. On the edge of the ledge inside the cavern area to the north.


  39. In the cavern area to the south, on top of a crumbling ledge

  40. In the cavern area to the southwest, on the highest walkway in the middle of the cave

  41. In the cavern area to the southwest, in ground level, sitting on a chair beside some boilers.

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