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Harley Quinn's Jokers

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When you're ready to move on to the story, head to the Clocktower and use the batcomputer. Once the objective is updated, exit the clocktower and head to the movie studio. The entrance is guarded by Harley Quinn's thugs. Eliminate them and attempt to open the elevator.

Since Harley changed the voiceprint access, Batman will employ the Voice Synthesizer. You have to manually adjust the modulation and pitch to mimic Harley Quinn's voice. Once completed, verify the accuracy to save the sample. Now open the door using the synthesizer.

Harley's men will secure the rooftop once more. You have to clear the rooftop once again but this time, you can manipulate Harley's men to go to the direction you want using the synthesizer. You can deliberately lure them to explosive traps then trigger them remotely using the RHD.There's a mini-gunner among the enemies so make sure you use the Disruptor to disable the mini-gun. Like the last time, you have to save the mini-gunner for last since you have to make a series of successful counterattacks to disable him. Once you got rid of the enemies on the roof, enter the elevator.

After exiting the elevator, take out the enemy with the riot shield then use the voice synthesizer to open the gate. Join Robin and take out the thugs. After beating them all up, one of the thugs will remain conscious. Get near him and interrogate him.

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After checking out the batcomputer, you'll learn the locations of the infected inside the movie studio. You have three sets to visit. Robin will check these locations out with you. Walk straight to Stage B first since it's the one unlocked at the moment. Open the door and take out all the thugs. Head to the next door and continue until you get blocked by a mini-gunner. Get to a vantage point and swing behind him. Then, creep up behind the mini-gunner to execute a double-team takedown. Continue to the next room to reach the horror set. Work with Robin to effectively take out opponents and faster. You can also take advantage ofd the dual team takedown to instantly incapacitate mini-gunners. Just sneak behind one and call in Robin to execute it.

After clearing all the goons inside the set, head to the room where Christina Bell is hiding then kick it open. Christina will be clawing off Robin's face so press the Counter button to stop her assault. After knocking her out, leave the set and Robin will take Christina back to the quarantine cell.

Go to Stage A first. Use the voice synthesizer to convince one of the thugs to open the gate for you. Beat them up then continue forth. Open the security gate and "rescue" Jason Todd to trigger a cutscene. After the scene, Robin will arrive.

Continue forth and you'll have to fight Albert King. He's no ordinary brute; he hits fast and hard. Avoid him if you see him releasing punches like crazy. What you need to do is to build your combo meter, perform a special dual team attack against him. During the dual team takedown sequence, you have to strike fast and press the counter button to continue the combo. This is the only way to deal heavy damage against him. No need to save him for last; use the abundant enemies to build your meter and execute as many dual team takedowns as needed.

After taking him down, Batman will call Alfred to request for another car upgrade. Finally, head to Stage C to look for Johnny Charisma. There's a mini-gunner guarding the gate so don't go there. Find an opening to a vent and follow it until it leads you to an empty room with a worn wall. Place and explosive gel there, get back to the vent and use the voice synthesizer to order the mini-gunner to check out the wall. Once he's near, detonate it to instantly knock him down.

Open the security gate and continue forth. The wall across the main door hides a Riddler Trophy. Ignore it for now and open the next door. Remove the sheet from the body to trigger another cutscene. Robin will regroup with you afterward.

Continue inside Stage C and examine the keypad. After receiving the camera feed from Henry, you have to review the footage to learn the passcode. Concentrate on the cell with Johnny's reflection on the mirror and zoom there. Or just simply enter the code 0539.

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Enter the room and approach Johnny. You'll be controlling Robin to disarm the bomb. Make sure that Johnny doesn't see you doing it or he'll blow himself up with you. Move Robin when Johnny/Joker is facing away. After disarming all the bombs, you have to sneak behind Johnny and perform a takedown.

Attempt to leave the stage to receive a call from Henry. Head back to the cells and you'll find Harley Quinn's men gathered behind the locked gate. Find a grate and use the Voice Synthesizer from under the floor and order one of the men to open the gate. Harley will appear, unfoiling your trick but Robin will arrive and trigger a cutscene.

While Harley is having a monologue while walking around Robin, wait for her to walk right in front of the opening on the floor then perform a dual team takedown. Eliminate the remaining thugs.

Pick up Harley Quinn and bring her back to the cells. A cutscene will trigger. After that, head to the cell and enter it. Just look away and again through the window to trigger Joker's appearance. Once you're out, approach the Jason Todd for yet another cutscene from the Joker. After Joker lets you out again, look away and Robin will reappear and call you to enter the cell. Get near him and press the Counter button to shove him inside instead.

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Once done, you'll be able to pick up the new upgrade for your Batmobile. Exit the movie studio and you'll discover that the Arkham Knight has re-established the threat level in all districts, adding more drones, watchtowers, checkpoints, and explosive devices. But first, head to the objective point to pick up the Batmobile's new upgrade. Also, a new mission will be available (Friend in Need). New intels will also be available for Heir to the Cowl and Gunrunner missions.

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