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Move List - Predator

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Stalk armed foes and strike from the darkness. These skills are imperative when you want to eliminate enemies one by one in the shadows.

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Smoke Pellet

Target a group of enemies with the Smoke Pellet and take them down silently during the confusion. When used in combat, enemies will panic and attack wildly, often hitting each other. Can also be used defensively under fire. Requires time to recharge after use.

  • L2 + R2 Throw
  • Press Triangle upon dropping (while under fire)
  • Press Triangle while in smoke to perform a Silent Takedown

Fear Multi-takedown

Approach enemies undetected and neutralize multiple unaware targets in quick succession as they panic. Fear Takedowns also destroy the weapons currently held by an enemy so choose your targets wisely; you should consider taking down important targets such as medics, shielded, or armed enemies. You cannot perform Fear Multi-takedown against brute-type enemies. You can also "recharge" the ability to use this when facing several enemies by performing a Silent Takedown.

  • Press Square to initiate the Fear Multi-takedown and use the R stick to highlight your next target quickly.

Line Launcher Takedown

While using the Line Launcher, target unaware combatants and drop down to perform a powerful takedown. Nearby enemies will be alerted so plan your attack carefully.

  • Press Triangle while on zip line

Wall Grate Takedown

When behind a vent cover, smash through and knock your target unconscious. This move is not silent and will attract the attention of nearby enemies. This will only work on closed grates. If you opened a grate already, the prompt to trigger the takedown won't appear.

  • Press Triangle behind a vent cover

Wooden Wall Takedown

Smash through a wooden wall then grab the unsuspecting target to pacify him. This move makes a lot of noise so prepare to relocate immediately.

  • Press Triangle when behind a wooden wall

Window Takedown

Smash through a window to take out the target on the other side. This will attract nearby enemies so evaluating their positions is important before triggering this move.

  • Press Triangle when behind a breakable glass window

Ceiling Takedown

Target your enemy from above and smash down through a ceiling directly to a Takedown. This is a very noisy move and will alert nearby enemies. Do this only when you want to make a flashy entrance.

  • Press Triangle when standing above a glass roof

Inverted Takedown

While on a Vantage Point, drop down and grab an enemy directly below you, leaving them suspended from your porch. The screaming victim will grab the attention of nearby enemies. If the suspended victim is found, his comrades will shoot the rope which will knock out the victim as he falls down to the ground.

  • Press Triangle when on a Vantage Point

Silent Takedown

This is one of the basic stealth moves which can knock out enemies without making a fuss. Sneak up behind unsuspecting enemies to trigger a silent takedown. This is also used to recharge the Fear meter to perform Fear multi-takedowns.

  • Press Triangle when sneaking behind an enemy

Glide Kick

When gliding, you can target any enemy within range for a glide kick. This move will knock most enemies on the ground, making it an effective way to initiate combat against a group of enemies. Hold the Dive Bomb button after locking on for more damage.

  • Press Square while gliding

Glide Attack

When perched on high ground, you can launch a surprise attack directly down the enemy below. Combo directly from this attack if there are other enemies nearby, or launch immediately into a Ground Takedown.

  • Press Square when high above the target

Knockout Smash

When performing a Silent Takedown, use Knockout Smash to instantly render the target unconscious. This move will alert nearby enemies to your location but can also be used to strategically manipulate your prey.

  • Press Square while the victim is struggling in a Silent Takedown

Drop Down Takedown

When positioned at the right distance above an enemy, you can drop down seamlessly into a Silent Takedown

  • Press Triangle when high above the target

Ledge Takedown

While hanging from a ledge, reach up and grab an enemy on the walkway to silently knock them unconscious before dropping back down.

  • Press Triangle while hanging from a ledge

Corner Cover Takedown

While crouched at a corner, you can take out any approaching, unaware enemy when they move into close proximity. This move will quickly grab your target and silently choke them into unconsciousness while leaving you undetected.

  • Press Triangle while hiding in a corner

Swing Down Takedown

When perched on a ledge, target an enemy directly below you to swing down and perform a long range Silent Takedown

  • Press Triangle while sitting on a ledge

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