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Move List - Combat

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This is Batman's basic melee attack. Once you landed three consecutive blows in a fight, you'll enter FreeFlow. During FreeFlow, you'll cover much greater distance with your attacks and your strikes will increase in power, knocking most enemies on the ground. In order to maintain FreeFlow, you must continue land blows on enemies without getting hit.

  • Press Square to strike

Batclaw Slam

Quickfire the Batclaw at an enemy during combat and follow up immediately with a Strike to slam them on the ground. This inflicts double damage of a normal Strike but takes longer to perform, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

  • Press L2 + Triangle to fire the Bat Claw then quickly press Square

Cape Stun

Use the weighted tips of your cape to disorientate attacking enemies and temporarily stun them. This move will affect all enemies standing immediately in front of you.

  • Press Circle

Super Stun

Use 3 Cape Stuns in quick successions on one target to perform a Super Stun. This move knocks down most enemies for an extended period of time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

  • Press Circle three times in quick succession


Unleash a flurry of rapid, focused focus on a single enemy and finish them off in one attack. The Beat Down is effective against large Brute opponents but leaves you vulnerable so it's better to do this when the Brute is the last one remaining on the field.

  • Press Circle to stun the target then press Strike three times in quick succession

Aerial Attack

Stun an enemy then attack from above to come crushing down on them. This is especially useful against shielded enemies. This move can be redirected to attack another enemy by striking towards another target while airborne.

  • Press Circle to stun the target then press X twice in quick succession

Weapon Steal

Steal melee weapons from stunned opponents or retrieved dropped weapons from the floor during combat. Using weapons will increase the damage inflicted by your attacks and allow you to hit through the defenses of enemies who can block normal Strikes.

  • Press X + Square


Refer to this link.

Combat Pick Up

Pick up a downed opponent and initiate a double-damage Critical Beat Down while they're stunned. This is an extremely effective maneuver but one that may leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

  • Press X + Square

Ground Takedown

This powerful move knocks out a downed enemy in one attack and is very effective in both combat or predator situations. While performing a Ground Takedown, you are vulnerable to attack, so ensure that there's enough time for the move to complete successfully before committing to it.

  • Press R2 + Triangle

Environment Takedown

Use environmental objects to instantly incapacitate enemies in creative ways. Environmental objects which can be used in a takedown will be highlighted in blue. Enemies will be highlighted in blue when they're in range of the environmental object you can use.

  • Press X + Square

Batmobile Takedown

The Batmobile Assisted Takedown move knocks an enemy into the path of an auto-targeted Batmobile Slam Round, rendering them unconscious.

  • Press X + Square

Special Combo Takedown

Immediately incapacitate enemies in a single move, regardless of their health or current weapon. Only the very toughest enemies will be left standing after this takedown. The Combo meter will flash when Special Combo Moves are available.

  • Press Circle + Triangle


This move flips you over the head of an enemy. This is quite effective when surrounded, giving you the time and space to evade an attack and launch your counterattack. This can also be used against charging enemies.

  • Tilt your left stick towards the enemy + press X, X


Counter is one of the most important moves in your arsenal and mastery over this effective move is critical to your survival and success in combat. This move instantly turns an opponent's attack back against him and keeps you on the offensive. When multiple enemies strike at once, tap the Counter button once for each attacker to fend them off.

  • Press Triangle when the counterattack indicator appears over an enemy's head
  • Press Triangle two or three times to perform a multi-counter against several opponents

Projectile Counter

Use the Counter move to catch projectiles and throw them back at the attacker. A thrown object can be redirected towards a different enemy by pushing in their direction.

  • Press Triangle just before a thrown projectile hits you

Throw Counter

Time your Counter to perfection to double the damage on an opponent with a Throw Counter. Wait until the last possible moment to counter and press in the direction of the attacking enemy to perform this move. Can be used against multiple enemies attacking at the same time.

  • Tilt the left stick towards the enemy then press Triangle just before the attack lands on you

Blade Dodge

Enemies armed with knives and other sharp objects will attack with multiple swipes in quick succession. To avoid these attacks, you must perform a number of dodges in a row by moving away from the assailant while the Counter button is held.

  • Tilt the left stick away from the slashing enemy while holding Triangle

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3 comments, latest first.
Feb 17th 2016 Guest
ID #636082
Sep 6th 2015 Guest
Also instead of doing a ground take down on an enemy (R2 + 🔺) you can inflict more damage by picking them up using R2 + 🔴
ID #605946
Aug 9th 2015 Guest
Combat pick up is R2 + square, not X + square
ID #595783
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