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Trophies (B)

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  1. This is found in the GCPD evidence room. Just destroy the glass and get the trophy.

  2. This is found in the rooftop near Scarecrow's Chinatown hideout. You have to defeat all three Riddlebots then hit the dot again on the question mark to revive them. Do this two more times to get the trophy.

  3. Lighthouse, NE of Ace Chemicals

  4. Found under the blown bridge leading to Ace Chemicals. This is behind a generator.

  5. This is located inside an apartment SE of Ace Chemicals. You have to use the Batmobile to blow up the wall so you can access the room with the trophy inside.

  6. This is found in the second floor warehouse by the docks, SE of Ace Chemicals.

  7. For this trophy, you have to destroy the robot guarding the entrance of the electrified cell to get its microchip. (If you haven't acquired it yet) Next, get out of its sight and hit the dot on the question mark to rebuild the robot. Once it's not busy, use the voice synthesizer to order it to get the trophy for you.

  8. To get this trophy, you have to pull the first barricade using the Batmobile's power winch then enter the first cage on foot. Remote control the Batmobile again and pull the second barrier to get to the trophy.

  9. On the table in the annex office beside the gas station in front of GCPD.

  10. This is located in the NW corner of the island. Go to the upper level storehouse and hit the dot of the question mark to the left to raise the container vans. You can then go in, step on the pressure pad and get the trophy using the Quickclaw. Once done, riddlerbots with guns will appear. You can't get past them so use your remote-controlled batarang to hit the other question mark that will lower the container van and crush the riddlerbots.

  11. Use the power winch to pull the trophy container out then use the batclaw to retrieve it.

  12. This trophy is hidden behind a wooden plank. Stand on the ledge near it and climb on top of a nearby wooden crate. Then hold R2 then press square to fire an explosive gel. This will destroy the wooden wall and allow you to get the trophy inside.

  13. On the upper walkway of the loading building, on the ramp south of Dixon Dock West.

  14. To get this trophy on the top of a buiding in Chinatown, you should have at least destroyed a riddler bot (in the open world) and acquired its microchip so you can order it around using the voice synthesizer. First, disable the turret using your RHD then use the VS to order the riddlerbot to get the trophy and place it outside. If the riddlerbot is destroyed, just hit the dot on the question mark on the wall to rebuild the bot.

  15. This is located right outside the Clocktower. Pull the center piece using the power winch then power up the generator on the top using the REC.

  16. To release this trophy, you have to pull five question marks using the power winch until the very bottom until they light up. Once done, they'll slowly raise. You have to shoot all the dots before they completely rise up. You can only shoot them when they pass through the circular openings. Use the Bat Claw to retrieve the trophy.

  17. Pull the train and enter the grate to get this trophy.

  18. Destroy the cracked floor overhead in the middle of the Kord building, east of GCPD. Use the Bat claw to retrieve the trophy.

  19. This is found in the canal SE of the movie studios. Just pull the spring platform to launch the ball containing the trophy.

  20. This is located inside a container van outside the movie studio, near the bridge leading to the Cauldron. First, pull the bar with the power winch. Leave the vehicle and place an explosive gel on the bar. Release the winch, then detonate the gel to destroy the steam pipe inside. Now pull the bar again then slide (run + tap R2 to slide) under the small gap to reach the trophy.

  21. Under a shed beside the lighthouse, east of the movie studios

  22. Located on the table of a shack below Merchant Bridge.

  23. Located in the centerpiece in the movie studio courtyard in the NE. You have to use the power winch to turn the covers of the tower so that you can shoot the dot of the question marks. The middle dot is out of the Batmobile's view so you have to hit it with Batman's batarang.

  24. This is located behind a cracked wall on the roof of the building north of the movie studios. You have to bring the batmobile on the rooftops using the same method in the story mission where you have to power up the generators on the movie studio rooftops. Use the ramp in the nearby lighthouse to reach the urbarail station's rooft and make your way from there.

  25. This is located behind a wooden wall on the west side of the building north of the movie studios.

  26. This is found inside the hanging container van in the docks. You have to glide through the opening to get it.

  27. This is located on the NW side of the movie studios. Use the batmobile and park it on the large pressure pad in the nearby hill. You have to shoot the dots in the question marks as they appear, as fast as you can. Once done, the cover of the trophy will be retracted. Recover it using the batclaw.

  28. This is found under the movie studios. Attach the power winch and rev the engine to lift the gate. There's a charging station where the Batmobile can draw power and fully charge its energy. Press circle to release an EMP then eject yourself. While in mid-air, press and hold L3 to release the line launcher. You may need to do this near the gate to give you space to glide and use the line launcher. You need to hit the three question marks at once so press R1 to switch to multiple batarangs.

  29. This is located inside a room that can be accessed through a vent on the roof of Panessa Studios

  30. This is also located on the roof level of Panessa Studios. You have to bring the batmobile on the rooftops using the same method in the story mission where you have to power up the generators on the movie studio rooftops. Use the ramp in the nearby lighthouse to reach the urbarail station's rooft and make your way from there. Use the Power Winch on the other side, drop, then pull the vehicle up to reach the target.

    Activate the forensic scanner then follow the question mark trails until you reach the trophy's location in the canal. Blow it up and collect the trophy using the BatClaw.

  31. First, find mechanism that can be activated by the forensic scanner in Chinatown. Follow the trail which will lead you to the bridge outside Ace Chemicals. Blast the marked spot then eject to grapple to the opening. You'll find the trophy inside.

  32. This particular trophy requires a bit of thinking. If you check the riddle's location, you'll see two sets of numbers. These are actually coordinates. If you open your map, you'll see the coordinates on the lower right corner of the screen. (1665, 3171)

    This code leads to the rooftop of the urbarail station to the NE of the island. You need to activate it using the Batmobile's power winch. Once activated, you have to head to the trophy location before the timer runs out. After the timer activates, eject-glide to the location. It will be faster if you grapple along vantage points along the way and use the grapple boost.

  33. The coordinates for this trophy is 3496, 2540. It leads to the blocked bridge to the south of Miagani Island, beside the Wayne Tower. It will be faster to use the batmobile so use the boosts and follow the trail until you reach the ramp beside GCPD.

  34. This is located on the top of the movie studios. Stay away from the riddlerbot's line of sight, use the Voice Synthesizer to lure it to a pressure pad then sneak behind it and step on the other pressure pad. Use the BatClaw to grab the trophy.

  35. This is located in the docks to the south. Find a boat house and check the balcony beside it to find the upside-down trophy. Use the Bat Claw to grab it.

  36. There's a demolished building SW of the clocktower. Find a way in the second floor and you'll find the trophy inside.

  37. This is found in the sewers and you'll probably find this while doing one of the Gunrunner missions. It's located on a small control room where you can activate a fuse box that will lower the barricade to let the Batmobile in.

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