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Trohies (A)

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The Arkham Knight HQ is divided to two areas; one is in the ventilation shaft while the other is the actual HQ itself. The ventilation shaft is accessible through the former Killinger Dept Store front in the lower streets while the other HQ is located on top of the Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals Building.

  1. Attach the power winch and slow lower the Batmobile down the wall. Look up and you'll find another damaged wall. Destroy it with a blast. As Batman, grapple in the middle beam again and grapple to the newly opened hole. Turn around and you'll see a Riddler Trophy on the workbench.

  2. In the same room, use the RHD to hack the console nearby to unlock the door. Enter the room to find another Riddler puzzle contraption. You'll only use your REC to power up the electrical box and release a charged ball. You also need to hit the dot on the question mark with your REC to move the tubes. Basically, once the charged ball is traveling, you need to change the tubes' positions so that it will travel through them continuously.

  3. In the Ventilation Shaft LV02, the new riddler puzzle can be triggered in the control room to the south. Hit the dot of the question mark to start the contraption. Basically you need to hit the dot at the right time when the small green question mark on the screen is highlighted. You need to do this three times and the speed will increase as well. Fortunately, missing an attempt doesn't “reset” the contraption. For example, if you completed the first two attempts and failed the third, you just need one more correct hit and the trophy will be yours.

  4. In the Ventilation Shaft LV03, as you lower the Batmobile, you'll be able to stop on top of a large pressure pad. This will activate the contraption across The Shaft. You need to hit the dots to close the red holes and guide the ball containing to the bottom hole. The first attempt is easy. However, for the next two attempts, you have to guide two balls to the bottom. Complete the task to unlock the trophy.

    Guide Image

  5. In the Ventilation Shaft LV03, you'll find another puzzle you need to solve on foot. Basically, you have to use your RHD to remotely turn on/off the wheels with slots on them and transfer the ball containing the trophy from wheel to wheel until it reaches the bottom. First, turn on the first wheel and stop once the ball gets inserted in the slot. Use your Batarang to hit the question mark dot to change the direction of the wheel spin. Use your RHD again to turn the wheel. Repeat this until the ball reaches the bottom.

  6. In the Ventilation Shaft LV04's Maintenance Sector, you'll find another Riddle contraption behind a closed gate. Grapple to the next ledge and find a ventilation shaft beside a militia crate and computer. Crawl there and use the REC to move the wheel until the ball reaches the hole. You need to alternately use your REC's R1/R2 function to control the wheel.

    Guide Image

  7. In the HQ's LV05 Briefing Room, beside the elevator entrance.

  8. In the HQ's LV05 Briefing Room, on top of the bar counter.

  9. In the HQ's LV05's Construction Access but don't the map fool you. Enter the LV4 Maintenance Sector's elevator shaft to the south. Don't enter the elevator; use your REC to make the elevator go up. Look at The Shaft to find the trophy in the bottom. You can use the Bat Claw to get it conveniently.

    Guide Image

  10. In the Ventilation Shaft LV04's Maintenance Sector but since it's enclosed, you have to access the elevator shaft SW of LV5 to work your way around this room. Hack the console with your RHD to open the elevator door. Next, look at the floor glass to find another switch in the bottom. Use your RHD to toggle it and open the gate. Use the Batclaw next to collect the trophy.

  11. In LV05 Construction Access, in the SW corner. First, you have to blind the sentry gun then step on the pressure pad to open the vent cover in front of the pressure pad. Use the remote-controlled batarang and guide it to the end of The Shaft to hit the question mark dot to open the vent grille. Once it's done, blind the sentry gun again and step on the pressure pad once more and fly your remote-controlled batarang to the spark to charge it with electricity. Guide it through the vent until you exit the shaft. Hit the electric box to overload it and open the gate. Destroy the sentry gun and collect your trophy.

The trophies below are found in the main Arkham HQ building under the Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals building. You can reach it by taking the elevator on top of the building.

  1. Enter the grate to the south of the west wing to find the cavern area where the first Batmobile was destroyed. Use the BatClaw to get it.

  2. In the north wing, under the long table in the middle.

  3. In the kitchen area of the north wing. You'll have to play a little memory game using your RHD. Just correctly select the same pairs of symbols until you get them right. Fortunately, the whole board doesn't reset if you made a mistake.

  4. In the east wing, under the balcony to the right-side, on top of the planters.

  5. In the east wing, unlock the store in the SE corner. Enter it and you'll find a puzzle contraption once again. You have to use your REC to power up the electrical box and release two electrical balls traveling along the tubes. You have to manipulate the tubes' positions by hitting the question mark dots. Your objective is to let the two electrical balls to completely reach their destinations.

    Guide Image

  6. In the west wing, you'll find this trophy on top of the planter, to the left-side, in the lower floor.

  7. In the west wing, you'll find another contraption. You have to use your REC to rotate the container and guide the trophy ball to the hole.

  8. Located in the south wing, near the escalator. This is tucked on the wall by the ceiling.

  9. Open the store gate using the RHD then enter the room. Blind the sentry on the right, then switch to your Voice Synthesizer and order the riddler bot to destroy the other sentry. Once done, blind the same sentry again, step on the pressure pad, and collect the trophy.

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