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Trophies (P)

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Important: Pick up the Freeze Blast on the table outside the quarantine cell where Robin was held. It's needed to get some trophies in the movie studios.

  1. In the short hallway beside the quarantine cells, there's a locked gate to the north. To open it, you have to restore power first. Look at the top of the Batcomputer to see a protruding, sparking part. Throw your remote-controlled batarang there and make it hit the spark so the batarang carries the electrical charge. Now guide it back through the window where the trophies are and hit the switch on the ground floor.

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    After opening it, you'll find the trophy on the ground floor beside the stairs

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  2. Go upstairs and you'll find the second trophy but you have to solve the puzzle first. To solve this, hit the following dots in order: bottom middle, bottom left, bottom right, middle left.

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  3. In the connecting corridor before reaching Stage A, there's a door that you can enter to the SW. You have to take out all the riddler bots as fast as you can. To do this, enter the vent in the first room, exit behind the weakened walls and place explosive gels there. Detonate them and take out any survivors quicker. Alternatively, if you messed up the timing on the explosive walls, sneak behind one of the riddler bots and perform a Fear Multi-takedown to take them all out in one go.

    Guide Image

  4. In the Backstage, on the way to Stage A, inside a robot prop. Use the Batclaw to open the robot's chest and reveal the trophy. Use the Batclaw again to get the trophy.

  5. In the backstage, you'll find a statue of Poseidon. There's a generator in front of it that you can power up/down with your REC. First, make the pointer stop in panel B. Equip your batarang and hit the question mark above the generator to make it change direction. Now power up the generator and make it point on A. Finally, switch the direction once again then stop the pointer in panel C.

  6. Backstage, middle-left. Use your REC to lift the gate. You need to step on the pressure plates and avoid the eletrical floors. To do this, use your Line Launcher to reach the second pressure plate ahead. Next, use the line launcher once again then use it while you're moving to reach the third plate in the far end of the middle corridor.

  7. Backstage, NW corner. You need to use the Freeze Blast to ice over the steam pipe. The Freeze Blast is found on the table outside the quarantine cell where Robin was held. Grapple on the ledge to find the locked trophy. Use the Disruptor to sabotage the ammo crate below, then use the Voice Synthesizer to order the riddler bot to examine the crate.

  8. Backstage, in the enclosed room to the NE, near the entrance to Stage C. First, use the REC to open the roll-up gate. In this puzzle, you have to power up the correct generators in order. To make it easier, with the trophy in front of you, let's consider the leftmost generator as number 1, counting clockwise until generator 8 on the rightmost side. Power up the generators in this order: 1, 5, 7, 3, 2, 4, 8, 6

    Guide Image

  9. Backstage, in the puzzle room to the NE, near the entrance to Stage C. Step on the pressure plate to remove the vent cover. Use your remote-controlled batarang to navigate the vents and find two lit question marks in the dead-ends. You have to hit the dots to activate them. Remember that you can slow down the batarang by holding L2 which will make it easier to control it in this tight space. After hitting the second dot, throw the batarang again and it will carry an electrical charge as it passes through some sparks. Navigate to the right and guide the batarang to the electrical box to short-circuit it and open the gate.

    Guide Image

  10. Backstage, outside the door of Stage C. Look at the mirror to find a question mark reflected on it. This question mark will only light up if you're not looking at it. Enter the ventilation shaft under it and continue to the enclosed room in the other end. Now throw your remote-controlled batarang in The Shaft and guide it to the question mark's dot in the previous room.

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  11. Inside stage C, four words will be displayed onscreen. You need to remember the colors of the words, not the words themselves. The first order is blue, green, red, yellow. The second set is Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red. For the last set: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green.

  12. Inside stage C, use your RHD to control the slot machine. You have to align any four identical icons to get the trophy.

  13. Inside Stage B, this trophy is inside a large industrial fan. You have to hack the nearby console using your RHD to stop it. Use the Batclaw to retrieve the trophy.

  14. Head to the control room in the northern side of Stage B and grapple to the ceiling grate. Fire the line launcher then press R1 so you can walk on the line. From there, use the Freeze Blast to ice over the steam vents then grapple to the next ledge then drop off to the next ledge to get the trophy.

    Guide Image

  15. Find the stairs to the NW of Stage B and enter the floor grate to find the next trophy inside. To get to it, you have to destroy the mines first using your Disruptor. (You should have the corresponding upgrade purchased) Once clear, run then press R2 to slide under and get to the trophy.

  16. You need to solve a contraption puzzle in order to reach the next trophy in the middle-west of Stage B. First, activate the weight using the REC. Next, place an explosive gel behind the weight then make it go up again by powering up the nearby electrical box. You have to time the detonation when the weight passes in front of the weak all. With proper timing, you should be able to blow up the wall and grapple to the ledge. Grab the trophy inside.

    Guide Image

  17. Inside the small puzzle room to the southwest of Stage B, you'll find a pressure pad. Step on it to power up the question mark in the other room, then use the remote-controlled batarang to go through the ventilation shaft to the left and guide it to the question mark. Hit the dot to free up the trophy.

    Guide Image

  18. Inside the small puzzle room to the southeast of Stage B, you'll find the trophy inside a ball within a tube. Use the Freeze Blast to seal the tube's holes and allow the steam to push the ball to the end where you can pick it up.

  19. Inside the small room in the NE corner of Stage A, you'll find a pressure pad. This will light up four colored question marks. The solution is actually found in the corner of the adjacent room to the north. You have to hit the dots until they change to the correct color. The correct color sequence is blue, green, red, yellow.

  20. Next, you have to grapple over the wall to the southwest in Stage A. Use the Batclaw to grab the ring on the robot's chest then pull it, revealing a generator inside. Use your REC to overload it and free the trophy beside you.

    Guide Image

  21. Behind the wall to the southwest in Stage A, you'll find the trophy in the middle of two sentry guns. Disable the optics of one of them then get behind the other and destroy it. Now move behind the second sentry and destroy it to get the trophy.

    Guide Image

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