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Poached Wyvern Eggs
Monster Hunter Tri

Poached Wyvern Eggs

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Poached Wyvern Eggs

Gathering Quest: Deliver 2 Wyvern Eggs
Unlocked: Complete “Dragon Lady”

Reward: 2000z
Contract: 200z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Deserted Island
Unstable Environment

Subquest A: Deliver 1 Wyvern Egg
Reward: 2000z

This is another egg hunt quest. Like the three-star herbivore egg hunt quest, your task entails snatching eggs from a monster's nest and carrying them back to camp. This time, however, you're after two Wyvern Eggs. Furthermore, this quest takes place in the Deserted Island zone and includes one very angry Rathian.

If you recall, egg hunts are a bit different from other gathering quests. Though monster eggs are placed in your inventory when collected, your hunter must literally carry each egg from the monster's nest back to Base Camp and deposit them in the Delivery Box. Your hunter is also very vulnerable while holding an egg. If an enemy hits you or your hunter's stamina reaches zero, your hunter will drop and break the egg. Thus, while carrying an egg back to camp, you'll have to sprint past the monsters in each area and avoid getting hit -- all while keeping an eye on your hunter's stamina bar.

The Wyvern Eggs are in Area 8.

If you have the materials, consider crafting the Barroth armour set, as it boasts the Marathon Runner skill, which significantly slows stamina depletion while sprinting. This armour set and skill are far from necessary for completing this quest, but if you're looking to upgrade your armour, the Barroth set is a good choice. Just be sure to insert an Expert Jewel into one of the slots on the armour to remove the Critical Eye -1 skill.

The Wyvern Eggs are in Area 8. Remove the Map, First-aid Meds and Rations from the Supply Box before setting out. Use two Rations to max your hunter's stamina bar and then make your way to Area 8. Kill the Jaggi in Area 8 and then gather at the bones to pick up an egg.

Once your hunter is carrying a Wyvern Egg, exit back to Area 7. The best way back to camp is straight across Area 7 to Area 6, through Area 6 to Area 5, from Area 5 to Area 2 and then finally to Base Camp. With any luck, Rathian won't bother you during your trip back to camp with the first egg, but expect her on your way back with the second.

There are four Jaggi in Area 7. Just sprint straight past them, spin the camera in front of your hunter and keep an eye on the Jaggi as you continue to the exit. Swerve when necessary.

You face Giggi in Area 6. The only thing to look out for here is the Giggi attached to the hill in the middle of the area. Get too close and this Giggi will lunge and attach itself to your hunter, causing him or her to drop and break the egg. To avoid this, sprint far to the left when you first enter the area and make your way around to the exit into Area 5.

Avoid the monsters on your way back to camp with one of the eggs.

Three Jaggia occupy Area 5. Jaggia move a bit quicker than Jaggi, so you'll most likely have to swerve to avoid getting hit. Spin the camera in front of your hunter as you head for the exit to Area 2 and move to the side to avoid the Jaggia's bites and hip checks.

There are four Jaggi in Area 2, but you just have to sprint past two to get to Base Camp. Hug the wall to your left and spin the camera in front of your hunter as you cross the final stretch. Once home, carry the egg to the Delivery Box and press the A button to drop it in.

Now to do all of that once more. Use the same route back to camp as last time. Rathian will likely trail after you this time around. She's easy enough to avoid, however; just keep moving, dodging the enemies as you did before, and she will likely not even land in any of the areas you're running through.

Get the second Wyvern Egg back to camp and drop it in the Delivery Box to complete the quest.

Delivering the two Wyvern Eggs

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