Bug Hunt

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide by Michael Monette  

Bug Hunt

Hunting Quest: Slay 12 Altaroth

Reward: 600z
Contract: 100z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Deserted Island

Subquest A: Deliver 2 Ripened Mushroom
Reward: 550z

Subquest B: Deliver 1 Choice Mushroom
Reward: 550z

Altaroths can be found in Areas 2, 3 and 7. Since you're only up against bugs here (albeit big ones), completing this quest should be a cinch. Completing the two subquests might not be as easy, as doing so requires a bit of luck.

Choice Mushrooms are quite uncommon. These mushrooms can be found at common mushroom gather spots, but come more easily from gather spots that appear as a patch of white toadstools. Spent gather spots will reappear eventually, so just keep checking Areas 2, 3 and 7 for them.

As for Ripened Mushrooms, there's a chance Altaroth that have a large, blue abdomen will drop one when killed. The abdomen of Altaroth swell when they feed at a gather spot. Hang around Area 2 long enough and you may see these Altaroth. After killing an Altaroth that has a large, coloured abdomen, gather at the glittering spot that appears on the ground to collect the item the Altaroth dropped.

Altaroth that have a large, blue abdomen will sometime drop a Ripened Mushroom when killed.

Completing these subquests yields only an additional 500z per quest and some minor loot, so don't fret if you're unable to find these rare mushrooms.

Be sure to deposit any subquest items in the Delivery Box at Base Camp before killing a twelfth Altaroth, as the quest will end as soon as you do.


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Do not forget (not like me) to bring back the mushrooms before killing the last bug (or during the minute you have)

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