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Pest Control
Monster Hunter Tri

Pest Control

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Pest Control

Hunting Quest: Slay 12 Bnahabra

Reward: 800z
Contract: 100z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Flooded Forest

Subquest A: Deliver 3 Royal Rhinos
Reward: 800z

Bnahabra is the Vespoid of Monster Hunter Tri -- a flying insect that serves no other purpose than to annoy you while you're climbing, mining, carving, fishing or performing any other action that locks your hunter into an animation.

The Lance is well-suited for killing Bnahabra; a single High Thrust (perform by pressing the A button, or by pushing the Right Stick down) should do it. But any other weapon type will do.

There's actually a Bnahabra armour set, but to carve materials from a Bnahabra it must be intact when killed. Killing a Bnahabra without destroying it requires poison. There are two Poison Smoke Bombs in the Supply Chest; simply throw one down while a Bnahabra is in front of you to poison and kill it, leaving its body intact. Weak weapons with poison damage will also do the trick, as will poison bowgun shots.

You'll find the most Bnahabra in Area 10.

There are Bnahabra in Areas 2, 7, 9, and 10. Just head straight to Area 10, as you can kill at least eight Bnahabra there.

Completing the subquest requires catching three Royal Rhinos and depositing them in the Delivery Box. Royal Rhinos are insects you can catch if you have a Bugnet. Use the Bugnet at the insect gather spots in Areas 2, 7 and 10 to catch Royal Rhinos. They're quite common, and delivering them will add another Poison Smoke Bomb to the Supply Box.

If you plan to complete the subquest, remember to deliver the Royal Rhinos before killing the twelfth and final Bnahabra.

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