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Big Game Hunting
Monster Hunter Tri

Big Game Hunting

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Big Game Hunting

Hunting Quest: Hunt a Great Jaggi

Reward: 1000z
Contract: 100z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Deserted Island

Subquest A: Wound Great Jaggi's head
Reward: 200z

Subquest B: Stun Great Jaggi
Reward: 300z

Slaying the Great Jaggi will be your first real challenge. The Sword & Shield is a good choice here, because with it you can block, move quickly and use items without having to sheathe your weapon. You might want to purchase a few Potions from the market for this quest, as the Great Jaggi is hits harder than you're used to.

Take the Map, First-aid Meds, the EZ Flash Bomb, Paintballs and Rations from the Supply Box before setting out. The Great Jaggi is in Area 6 to start. He might venture into Area 5 or Area 7 if this is not your first time attempting this quest.

Hit the Great Jaggi with a Paintball to mark his location on the map.

Area 6 is chaotic. With Jaggi and Jaggia occupying the area, taking down the Great Jaggi won't be easy. Hit the Great Jaggi with a Paintball when you first encounter him to mark him on your map. Paintballs are useful for tracking monsters that move between areas often. The Great Jaggi will limp into one of the adjacent areas when he is low on health (usually Area 7 or Area 5, or back to Area 6), so hitting him with a Paintball is good start.

Don't bother attacking the Jaggi or Jaggia. They'll get in your way, but try your best to concentrate on attacking the Great Jaggi. The trick here is proper evasion. Roll away from your target after performing a combo to avoid being struck by a quick attack. Learn the cues for the Great Jaggi's attacks so you'll know what's coming and can act accordingly. And if you're using a Sword & Shield, you have a shield, so use it! Hold R to block an attack if rolling won't get you out of harm's way.

Always be on the lookout for an opening. When the Great Jaggi stops and howls, leap in with a Jumping Slash (by pressing the X A buttons, or by pushing down on the Left Stick) and follow up with a combo. Attack when he attacks and misses, when he stands on the spot and growls, when he scratches at the dirt with his hind legs and roars, or while he is feeding to recover stamina.

Controlling the camera during combat takes some getting used to. If you're using Classic Style 1, you can control the camera manually using the Right Stick. If you're using Classic Style 2, the D-pad controls the camera. Pressing the L button will snap the camera behind your hunter. It's best to manually adjust the camera while your hunter is finishing an attack animation, or while you're moving around the area but not attacking.

You have a shield, so use it!

Try to keep the camera centred on the Great Jaggi at all times. If you're trying to get some distance from your enemy so you can use a First-aid Med or Potion, manually control the camera so you know where the Great Jaggi and any other enemies are and what they're doing.

Before using a healing item or a Whetstone, you have to take into account the time it takes for the accompanying animation to finish. Sprinting a few paces and using a healing item is unwise, as doing so will leave you vulnerable. Any health gained will be lost if you're hit, and you might even end up in a worse state. If possible, temporarily move to an adjacent area and use a healing item there. Use a Whetstone as well if your weapon is dull (or even if it's not).

A good time to use Whetstones in particular is when your target flees to another area. You may also want to use a Flash Bomb to temporarily stun the Great Jaggi and hopefully any smaller monsters around him. Doing so will give you time sharpen your weapon and heal. To use a Flash Bomb effectively, face away from the monster and throw the bomb in front of you while the monster is facing your hunter's back. While stunned, the Great Jaggi will continuously swing his tail until the stun wears off, so using a Flash Bomb as a way of getting some hits in isn't the best idea.

The Great Jaggi is slow and lumbering but has a handful of damaging attacks. The least damaging is his bite; to avoid this one, just don't stand directly in front of him for too long. When the Jaggi is about to bite, he will rear his head back and to the side. His bite comes out fast, but you can dodge it with a roll if you're quick enough. He can also bite you while you're next to him. This side bite is a bit harder to avoid, so be on the ready.

Another of the Great Jaggi's attacks is his tail swing. He swings his tail twice in a clockwise direction. Keep to his right side if possible, otherwise you can block the tail swing with your shield or dodge it with a roll.

The most damaging attack in the Great Jaggi's arsenal is his hip check. This attack is the easiest to spot, however. Take note of the sound the Great Jaggi makes just before hip checking. Evading the attack isn't as easy. The Great Jaggi's body is of considerable length, so if he's coming at you with a hip check and it doesn't look like you'll be able to roll to the side to avoid it, hold up your shield and block the attack instead. The Great Jaggi lunges when he hip checks, so avoid underestimating the reach of this attack.

The Great Jaggi will limp to another area when near death.

When close to death, the Great Jaggi will limp away to another area. If you need to heal or sharpen your weapon, do so first before following him. When he uses one of the tunnels only accessible to monsters to travel to another area, the Great Jaggi will leave behind a glittering spot on the ground; gather at this spot to obtain an item.

The Great Jaggi will attempt to restore health by sleeping if you don't keep up with him. He regains health at a slow rate, so it's not a big deal if he manages to catch a bit of shut-eye before you can get to him. If you spot him sleeping, you can wake him up with a Jumping Slash and a Chop combo.

Completing Subquest A requires you wound the Great Jaggi's head. How to go about doing this should be fairly obvious. Direct your attacks at the Great Jaggi's head and his frill will soon become frayed, signifying that his head is wounded. Avoid attempting to attack his head with a combo, as doing so leaves you vulnerable to his bite. It doesn't take much to wound the Great Jaggi's head, so just hit him with a Jumping Slash or attack his head from the side and you should have this subquest done in no time. Wound the Great Jaggi's head in this way and you'll get some additional loot on the reward screen.

Subquest B, which requires you to stun the Great Jaggi, is not as easy. To stun a monster, you must attack its head quite a bit. When stunned, stars will appear above the monster's head and it will be incapacitated for a short while. Only certain attacks carry the potential to stun, and some weapon types are better capable of stunning than others. It is possible to stun a monster with the Sword & Shield using the Shield Attack move, but the Hammer is by far the best weapon type for stunning.

Hit the Great Jaggi's head enough and you'll wound it.

This is a tough fight for the beginner, but just keep at it. If your hunter falls, he or she will be returned to Base Camp and your reward will be halved. You have three lives; die three times and you will fail the quest.

When the Great Jaggi is dead you can carve him three times.

Hunting a Great Jaggi

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Comments for Big Game Hunting

9 comments, latest first.
ID #203335 | Oct 30th 2012 Guest
Online monsters are harder to kill then offline ones. The difficulty doesn't scale with how many players go into the fight but how many people that CAN go into the fight. And because you can only go into the fight with just yourself in single player the monsters are going to be easier then online mode monsters.
ID #187008 | Sep 17th 2012 Guest
ok iv'e fought 4 offline great jaggi's and they died fairly quick but the online version of the quest keep's stomping me....it's like he either has extra health or something and it's really hard to solo myself any tip's?
ID #169441 | Jul 28th 2012 Guest
The hammer is probably the best thing to attack the great Jaggi with, because its easy to hit his head with it and will occasionally stun him.
ID #46658 | Jun 3rd 2011 Guest
sorry Chipped Fang, I read the wrong name...my mistake...:(
ID #41391 | May 4th 2011 Guest
To be honest like Chipped Fang, I think that the Great Sword is the best against Great Jaggi. Though, as a Lance user myself, I can still get him within 2 minutes with a few Dash Attacks. I also think that the Barroth Arena Quest should've had a Spiral Lance- as that is what I used for him in Leading the Charge and Hunter Killer. I've just started Online too, do you have a guide for this?

ID #27950 | Feb 4th 2011 Guest
I generally prefer the Great Sword for use against creature of Great Jaggi's type; he has a relatively low flinching threshold and a glaring weakness in an easy-to-reach part of his body: the head. Also, the Great Sword is far more effective for punishing the frequent lapses in his attack pattern; whenever he raises his head to roar or lowers it to taunt, you can get in a charged draw slash if you're aggressive. A few of those to the dome and he's toast.
ID #23988 | Jan 4th 2011 chippedfang
At Added 28th Nov 2010, ID #19652, by Unregistered Viewer how did you get that weapon
ID #19652 | Nov 28th 2010 Guest
I can beat it in about 1 minute. I have the wyvern fire long sword and it has 30 affinity and 400 fire damage.
ID #7271 | Aug 3rd 2010 Guest
How do you get sword and sheild i have been trying to do this quest 4 ages thank you i mean i there lyk a science to it or somthing LOL! :D