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Harvest 'Shroom
Monster Hunter Tri

Harvest 'Shroom

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Harvest 'Shroom

Gathering Quest: Deliver 5 Unique Mushrooms

Reward: 500z
Contract: 0z

Area: Deserted Island
Time: 50 min.

Subquest A: Deliver 2 Ripened Mushrooms
Reward: 500z

Subquest B: Deliver 1 Choice Mushroom
Reward: 500z

As the Guild Sweetheart explains, there are three objects of interest at Base Camp: the red Delivery Box, the blue Supply Box and the bed. The blue Supply Box holds supply items you can keep with you until the end of the quest, such as a Map and Rations. It's always a good idea to grab the Map, Rations and First-aid Meds at the least. Grab the Torch too if you anticipate doing any spelunking while out in the field.

You can deliver requested items to the red Delivery Box. For this quest, you can deliver Unique Mushrooms, Ripened Mushrooms, and one Choice Mushroom. Deliver five Unique Mushrooms to the Delivery Box to complete the quest. If you're interested in completing the two subquests, hold off on delivering the Unique Mushrooms until you've delivered the other mushrooms

Nap on the bed to restore lost health. You can also use the bed to return to Moga Village after completing one or more subquests.

Gather at mushroom gather spots for a chance to find a Unique Mushroom.

There are at least two mushroom gathering spots at the north end of Area 2. That's certainly a good place to start. You'll likely have at least five Unique Mushrooms after gathering at these spots. If you want to go on to complete the subquests, you'll have to venture a bit further into the area. There are one or two more mushroom gather spots in Area 3, both at the west end of the area. The more Unique Mushrooms the better, as any extra you have will be turned in for extra zenni at the end of the quest.

Choice Mushrooms are quite uncommon. These mushrooms can be found at common mushroom gather spots, but come more easily from gather spots that look like a patch of white toadstools. Spent gather spots will reappear eventually, so just keep checking Areas 2, 3 and 7 for them.

As for Ripened Mushrooms, there's a chance Altaroth that have a large, blue abdomen will drop one when killed. The abdomen of Altaroth swell when they feed at a gather spot. Hang around Area 2 long enough and you may see these Altaroth. After killing an Altaroth that has a large, coloured abdomen, gather at the glittering spot that appears on the ground to collect the item the Altaroth dropped.

Completing these subquests yields only an additional 500z per quest and some minor loot, so don't fret if you're unable to find these rare mushrooms.

Altaroth that have a large, blue abdomen will sometime drop a Ripened Mushroom when killed.

Return to Base Camp when you're satisfied with your mushroom haul. Always deliver any subquest items first, because delivering the main quest items first will end the quest.

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ID #577156 | Jun 29th 2015 Guest
ID #315476 | Oct 20th 2013 Guest
finnally. This game is hard. You EARN what you get! Reveiws dony lie.
ID #106189 | Jan 15th 2012 Guest
not really very unique are they?
ID #15483 | Oct 17th 2010 Guest
Thank you, I have been wondering where the mushrooms were... all along they were just in Area 2. I ventured to the far reaches of Area 11 and 12...