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Goldenfish Opportunity
Monster Hunter Tri

Goldenfish Opportunity

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Goldenfish Opportunity

Gathering Quest: Deliver 3 Goldenfish

Reward: 1500z
Contract: 150z

Area: Deserted Island
Time: 50 min.

Subquest A: Deliver 2 Small Goldenfish
Reward: 600z

You must catch and deliver three Goldenfish to complete this quest. The aptly named Goldenfish Bait, produced by combining a Firefly and Snakebee Larva, is the best bait for catching Goldenfish. Speak to the Carefree Lad by the bridge to Moga Woods and the Future Alpha Male by the steps that lead up to the bridge to gather these ingredients. The Carefree Lad will give you two Snakebee Larva and the Future Alpha Male will give you two Fireflies.

If your hunter is wearing the full Chainmail set, you'll have the Fishing Expert skill. This skill causes fish to take bait on the first bite, making the Chainmail armour set ideal for this quest.

Goldenfish can be fished along the shoreline in Area 10. There is a secret passage at Base Camp you can use to skip right to Area 9. Collect the Map and five Worms from the Supply Chest first, then To find it, walk down the steps straight across from the red Delivery Box and dive into the water. Continue swimming north through the underwater passage to reach Area 9.

Move through Area 9 and enter Area 10. There is a fishing spot at the east end of the shoreline in this area. The Goldenfish's golden colour makes it easy to distinguish from the other fish in the water. If you don't like the current selection of fish in the water, simply dive in to scatter the fish and different fish will spawn in their place shortly after you hop back out.

Combine a Firefly with Snakebee Larva to make Goldenfish Bait.

Fishing is simple: throw in a piece of bait on the line and wait for a fish to tug the bait underwater, then press the A button to pull it in. You have to be quick; wait too long and you'll be left with no fish and no bait. Press the A button as soon as the bait dips underwater to catch the fish.

Only Goldenfish will go after Goldenfish Bait. Don't fret if you run out of Goldenfish Bait, as Worms are suited to complete this quest. The only problem with using Worms is that the Goldenfish will have to compete against the other fish at the fishing spot. You can control which fish takes the bait by pulling the line out of the water when a non-golden fish is nearing or nudging the bait. You can continue doing this until the Worm catches a Goldenfish's attention and the Goldenfish is close enough to get to the bait before the other fish.

If you run out of Worms, there is a gathering spot in Area 10 that yields an unlimited number of Worms and Frogs. The gather spot is by the large log in the southeast end of the area (near the fishing spot).

Completing the subquest requires you to deliver two Small Goldenfish, which spawn at the same spot as the larger Goldenfish in Area 10. Small Goldenfish are somewhat rarer than the standard Goldenfish. Small Goldenfish look like Sushifish and Whetfish but are gold, so they're quite easy to spot.

Once you've caught three Goldenfish, continue fishing until you're satisfied with your haul (or until the quest time is almost up). Excess Goldenfish will be sold and added to your quest rewards. They go for 500z a piece, so it's definitely worth sticking around and catching more than three.

Catching three Goldenfish

Make your way back to Base Camp when you have at least three Goldenfish and deposit them in the Delivery Box (remember: subquest items first!) to complete the quest.

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Comments for Goldenfish Opportunity

6 comments, latest first.
ID #631485 | Dec 6th 2015 Guest
How to acuire fishing pole
ID #143118 | May 18th 2012 Guest
One might also add that you can't get the Goldenfish until you're actually in the quest. As for the Small Goldenfish... you can fish in the same spot beforehand and get lots of Small Goldenfish, then you will still have them to turn in for the subquest when you start the quest.
ID #103007 | Jan 5th 2012 Guest
you already have the pole all you have to do is have bait walk up to the fishing spot and you will have the option to fish ;)
ID #100903 | Dec 30th 2011 Samwhitty
exactly where do you get a fishing pole?????
ID #50328 | Jun 19th 2011 Guest
where do I get the fishing pole?
ID #11136 | Sep 2nd 2010 Scythesofwar385
How do you get SMALL goldenfish?????

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