Farm Aid

Hunting Quest: Slay 5 Jaggia

Reward: 800z
Contract: 100z

Area: Deserted Island
Time: 50 min.

Subquest A: Slay 10 Jaggi
Reward: 600z

Jaggia are the female version of the Jaggi. They are much bulkier and slower than the Jaggi and can often be found lounging about. You must slay five Jaggia to complete the quest and 10 Jaggi to complete the subquest. You must kill the 10 Jaggi before killing the fifth Jaggia, as the quest will end as soon as you make the last kill.

Slay five Jaggia to complete this quest.

Start by killing the two Jaggi in Area 2. There are two more Jaggi and one Jaggia in Area 7. Move from Area 7 to Area 6 and kill the three Jaggia and the three Jaggi there. More Jaggi will spawn after you've killed the first set, so remain in Area 6 and continue killing the Jaggi that spawn until you reach 10. Exit to Area 5 and kill the one Jaggia there to complete the quest.