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Version Differences

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Like most versions of Pokemon Games released the same Generation, Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon each have certain aspects that differ from each other. Outside of the Version Exclusive Pokemon found in each, there are still a number of components that make each version unique compare to its counterpart. Though most of these differences are relatively small in nature, they still play a part in the storyline and time-based events.

Version Differences Between Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Time: The most notable difference between the two games rests in the fact that each are on a different time scale from the other, taking place exactly twelve hours apart. The clock in Pokemon Ultra Sun is exactly in line with the real world, where morning is morning and night is night. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, however, the exact opposite is true, being night in the morning and morning at night. Do to this, certain time-based events - such as evolving Lycanroc into one of its three Forms - is different between the two games.

Verdant Cavern Trial: Another difference between Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon rests with your Island Trial found in Verdant Cavern. In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you will chase after Yungoos and face off with Gumshoos as the Totem Pokemon. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, however, you will chase Alolan Rattata and battle Alolan Raticate as the Totem Pokemon.

Captain Mina's Trial: The next difference between the two versions can be seen during Captain Mina's Trial. In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you will battle Mallow in Lush Jungle and Sophocles in the Hokulani Observatory. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, you will bypass Mallow and Sophocles and instead face Lana in Lush Jungle and Kahuna Nanu at the Aether House.

Trial Captain Battles: During each game's Post Game, you will be able to battle many of the Trial Captains. However, in Pokemon Ultra Sun, you will have the liberty of battling Kiawe instead of Mallow. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, consequently, you will have the liberty of battling Mallow instead of Kiawe.

Totem Sized Pokemon: As you collect the Totem Stickers found throughout The Alola Region, you will obtain different Totem Sized Pokemon from Samsom Oak depending on the Version you are playing on. In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you will obtain the Totem Sized Pokemon of Gumshoos, Marowak, Lurantis, Vikavolt, Mimikyu and Ribombee. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, you will obtain Totem Sized Raticate, Araquanid, Salazzle, Togedemaru, Mimikyu, and Kommo-o.

Main Story: The Main Story between the two games is very similar; however, the Legendary Pokemon Cosmog will evolve into will differ between the two games. In Pokemon Ultra Sun, Cosmog will eventually evolve into Solgaleo; in Pokemon Ultra Moon, Lunala. This also causes the form Necrozma to turn into to differ between the two version: it will turn into its Dusk Mane Form when fused with Solgaleo in Ultra Sun, and into its Dawn Wings Form when fused with Lunala in Ultra Moon.

Ultra Recon Squad: During the Main Story, you will encounter and interact with the Ultra Recon Squad throughout your journey. In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you will meet Dulse and Zossie of the Ultra Recon Squad, the same who are looking to help stop Necrozma. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, you will meet Phyco and Soliera of the Ultra Recon Squad, the same who are wanting to have more control over Necrozma's power.

Clothing: Within each version, you will find and obtain different sets of clothing and accessories that are exclusive to each game. There are also various exclusive Dye Colors you can obtain within each Festival Plaza for each given game. However, you can obtain most of these by interacting with players from the opposite game within Festival Plaza who have said outfits and dye colors.

Festival Plaza Shops: Within each version, you will have the option of opening certain shops within Festival Plaza that are exclusive to that given game. However, like Dye Colors, you can obtain these exclusive shops from the opposite game by interact with given players in Festival Plaza.

Sandygast: Within Pokemon Ultra Sun, you will find a Sandygast that is unhappy on Route 14, earning a Stardust if you choose to move it to another beach. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, you will find a trainer with a Sandygast on Route 15, the same you will battle should you choose to interact with it.

Battle Tree: The final differences between the two versions can be found at The Battle Tree. In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you can come across and battle Plumeria, Sina, and Kiawe. In Pokemon Ultra Moon, you can battle Guzma, Dexio, and Mallow.

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