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Island Trials

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Unlike previous regions that have Pokemon Gyms found throughout, The Alola Region has what are known as Island Trials to test a trainer's ability. Each Trial is designed by a Trial Captain, has a given task a trainer must perform, and a final Totem Pokemon to battle in order to defeat the Trial. There are now eight total Island Trials: one on Melemele Island, three on Akala Island, two on Ula'ula Island, and two on Poni Island. There is also an extra Totem Battle after defeating the Pokemon Legaue.

Island Trials

Island Trial #1: Normalium Z

At the end of Route 2 is Verdant Cavern, the location where your first Island Trial will take place. This is Captain Ilima's Trial that he created, one the sees you have to find Rattata hiding within rocks. Each time you find a Rattata, you will be forced to battle them. About halfway through the Trial, Team Skull will appear and battle you with their Level 11 Drowzee. After defeating them, you will be able to find the third and final hiding Pokemon, this time being a Raticate instead of a Rattata.

After defeating all three of the hiding Pokemon, you will be able to proceed to the Trial Site Area of Verdant Cavern. Here, you will battle the Totem Pokemon of this Trail, which just so happens to be another Raticate. This Raticate will be at Level 12, having its Defense Stat increased as the battle begins. During the battle, Raticate will call on other Rattata to come aid it. After defeating the Totem Pokemon and all of the Pokemon is calls upon for help, you will defeat the Trial and earn the Normalium Z-Crystal.

Island Trial #2: Waterium Z

As you arrive at Brooklet Hill, you will meet Captain Lana. This is where your next Island Trial will take place, the one set by Lana herself. During your Trial, you will descend through Brooklet Hill as you herd the Wishiwashi down into the bottom area. Each Wishiwashi can be found in the splashing water - accessed with the Lapras Poke Ride that Lana will give you - forcing you to battle them after you find them. However, sometimes the splashing water will uncover Dewpider instead. You will have to battle through these as well until you find all the Wishiwashi. At the bottom of Brooklet Hill will be where you battle the Totem Pokemon.

As you reach the bottom of Brooklet Hill, it will begin to rain rapidly as a group of Wishiwashi begin to form into their School Form in the center of the lake. However, as you surf over to them, a large shadow will appear before the Wishiwashi can become this form. The shadow will burst out from the ocean, revealing itself as an Araquanid, the same that is the Totem Pokemon for this Trial. This Araquanid will be at Level 20, having its speed increase by one level as the battle begins. It will also call upon help from Masquerain and Dewpider (all at Level 18). Defeat the Totem Pokemon and all of its SOS Partners to complete the Trial and obtain Waterium Z.

Island Trial #3: Firuim Z

Route 7 will take you to Wela Volcano Park, and at the peak of said park is your next Island Trial. This Trial is set by Captain Kiawe, having you look at two dances done by Alolan Marowak and spot the difference between the two. If you fail, Marowak will battle you and you will have to try again. If you're correct, you will battle Marowak and proceed to the next dance (throwing a Hiker into the mix as well). Correctly spot the difference between three straight dances to battle the Totem Pokemon.

In Captain Kiawe's Trial, Alolan Marowak will be the Totem Pokemon. It will be at Level 22, having its Speed increased by one stage as the battle begins. The Totem Pokemon will also call upon Salazzle for help during the battle, ones that will all be at Level 20 themselves. Defeat Marowak and all of the Salazzle to complete Kiawe's Trial and earn Firium Z.

Island Trial #4: Grassium Z

Just off of Route 8 is the entrance to Lush Jungle, the same place where you final Island Trial on Akala Island will take place. This Trial is set by Captain Mallow, the girl you met when you first arrived on Akala Island. As in Pokemon Sun & Moon, you will have to collect the ingredients to make Mallow's special dish as apart of her Trial. This time around, however, the ingredients are more obvious to find.

But there's a catch! There will be multiple options for each ingredients, and if you you pick the wrong one, you will be attacked by a Pokemon while Mallow is making her dish. In total, you could face a Level 17 Formantis, Level 20 Comfey and a Level 24 Sudowoodo if you make the wrong selection. After Mallow's Dish is prepared and you battle any and all the Pokemon that attack, the Totem Pokemon will appear.

The Totem Pokemon for Mallow's Trial is Lurantis. Not only will it be at Level 24, but it will also have its Speed boosted as the battle begins. To make things all the more difficult, it will call upon Kecleon and Comfey (both at Level 22) for help, both of which will use the move Sunny Day to give Lurantis increased Synthesis strength and no-charge Solar Blade attacks. It will be tough, but after defeating the Totem Pokemon and all the Pokemon it calls upon, you complete Captain Mallow's Trial and will receive Grassium Z.

Island Trial #5: Electirium Z

After helping Molayne feed the Charjabug on Mount Hokulani, you will earn access to the Hokulani Observatory so you can take on your fifth Trial. This next Trial has been setup by Captain Sophocles, and it has you completing puzzles using the Charjabug in order to line them up on a platform to charge the Ping Totem. As you use the switches on the platform to properly line up the Charjabug, you will increase the power of the Ping Totem in hopes of summoning the Totem Pokemon. However, you will have to battle a Level 29 Elekid and Level 30 Electabuzz after the first and second puzzles, respectively, as the Ping Totem will not have enough power to summon the Totem Pokemon.

After completing the third and final Charjabug Puzzle, the Ping Totem will begin to overload. Sophocles' Togedemaru will jump in to try to absorb the electricity, but it isn't strong enough to hold it. Before too long, the Totem Pokemon, Togedemaru, will jump in and absorb the electricity. After it does, you will go into battle with it. It will be at Level 33, having its Defense boosted as the battle begins. It will also call upon Skarmory (Level 32) and Dedenne (Level 31) for help. After defeating the Totem Pokemon and all of its allies, you will complete the Trial and earn Electirium Z.

Island Trial #6: Ghostium Z

Your final Island Trial on Ula'ula Island takes place within the Abandoned Thrifty MegaMart at the end of Route 14, and it's set by none other than Captain Acerola. This trial involves you searching through the building and taking pictures via your Poke Finder of three Ghost Pokemon. These Ghost Pokemon include Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, all of which are at Level 30.

As you take these pictures of all three Pokemon, a ghost Pikachu will slowly lead you to the backroom. At it, you will see an image of Acerola who insists you leave this place. After refusing to leave, this image of Acerola will disappear and the backroom will open. Once in the backroom, which you later learn from the real Acerola doesn't exist, you must take a picture of the Totem Pokemon in order to battle it. The Totem Pokemon is a Level 35 Mimikyu, and as the battle commences, all of it's stats will increase by one stage. Mimikyu will also be able to call upon both Banette (Level 32) and Jellicent (Level 33) for help.

After defeating the Totem Pokemon and all the Pokemon it calls upon for help, your final Ula'ula Island Trial will be complete. You will obtain Ghostium Z from Acerola.

Island Trial #7: Dragonium Z

At the end of Vast Poni Canyon, directly before the Altar of the Moone, is the next Island Trial apart of your Island Challenge. This Trial has nothing to do with Captain Mina; instead, this is the Original Trial Site where Trials first began long ago. All you must do is battle the Pokemon that appear in the path to the Dragonium Z, including Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o (both at Level 40).

As you reach the end of the path, but before you can collect Dragonium Z from the pedestal, you will be challenged by the Totem Pokemon Kommo-o, which will be at Level 49. All of its stats will be boosted by one stage as you enter the battle, with the ability to call on help from both Scizor (Level 46) and Noivern(Level 48). Defeat the Totem Pokemon and its allies to compelte the Trial and obtain Dragonium Z.

Island Trial #8: Fairium Z

After saving Nebby from the likes of Necrozma and returning the light to The Alola Region, you can finally take on Captain Mina's Trial back in Seafolk Village. Unlike every other Island Trial you faced before this, Captain Mina's Trial will begin by battling her. She is a Fairy Type Pokemon User.

Captain Mina - Level 51 Mawile, Level 51 Granbull, Level 51 Ribombee

After defeating her, you will be given the Pink Petal. However, her Trial is far from over. Instead, you must then travel back around The Alola Region, battling the previous Trial Captains in order to receive a specific colored Petal from them. You will have to start with Captain Ilima, who can be found in Hau'oli Cemetery. As you arrive, you will actually run into Hau once again, who will tell you how he continues to get stronger. You can then find Ilima by one of the graves.

Captain Ilima - Level 51 Gumshoos, Level 51 Smeargle, Level 51 Komala

After defeating Ilima, he will give you the Orange Petal and will take you to Lush Jungle. Once in Lush Jungle, you will battle Captain Lana.

Captain Lana - Level 51 Lanturn, Level 51 Cloyster, Level 51 Araquanid

After defeating Captain Lana, you will be given the Blue Petal from Captain Lana and the Green Petal from Captain Mallow. You will then be taken to Wela Volcano Park to battle Captain Kiawe.

Captain Kiawe - Level 51 Arcanine, Level 51 Talonflame, Level 51 Marowak

After defeating Captain Kiawe, you will also have to battle Hiker David once more, this time with his Magmar at Level 48. After winning both battles, you will receive the Red Petal. Once you have obtained it, you will be brought back to the Hokulani Observatory to battle Sophocles. As you arrive there, Molayne will be saying goodbye to his cousin, telling of a new adventure he is about to embark on. Due to his departure, Sophocles will merely give you the Yellow Petal. You will then be taken to Aether House to challenge Acerola. However, after you arrive, Kahuna Nanu will inform you that Acerola has left to assist Professor Kukui, leaving the task of battling you on Kahuna Nanu.

Kahuna Nanu - Level 52 Sableye, Level 52 Absol, Level 53 Persian

After defeating Kahuna Nanu, you will receive the final petal, the Purple Petal. Once you have received it, you will need to return to Captain Mina in Seafolk Village. After you do, she will use the petals you have obtained to create the Rainbow Flower. After giving said flower to you, the Totem Pokemon will arrive and battle you.

The Totem Pokemon for Captain Mina's Trial is Ribombee. Ribombee will be at Level 55, having all of its stats increased as the battle begins. On top of this, the Totem Pokemon will also call upon help from Blissey (Level 53) and Pelipper (Level 52). After defeating the Totem Pokemon and all of its allies, you will complete your final Island Trial and obtain Fairium Z.

Extra Totem Battle: Captain Ilima's Normalium Z

After defeating the Pokemon League and finishing the RR Episode, you can find Captain Ilima back in his house in Hau'oli City. If you go to him, he will ask that you return his Nromalium Z to the pedestal back in Verdant Cavern. If you so do this, you will once again face off with the original Totem Pokemon. However, it and its allies will now be at much higher leveling, and the Totem Pokemon will now have all of its stats raised.

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