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Ultra Recon Squad

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During your second journey through The Alola Region, you will encounter a new group of characters called the Ultra Recon Squad. These people come from an area in Ultra Space, one where Necrozma stole the light. They presently have Necrozma under control; however, they have come to the Alola Region in case Necrozma should ever one day come to it. You will cross paths on a number of occasions.

Ultra Recon Squad Encounters

Encounter 1 - Iki Town: You will first meet the Ultra Recon Squad directly before the Iki Town Festival. They will question as to why you are celebrating, quickly leaving after being baffled by the idea. After the festival concludes, they will appear again, commenting on your battle with Hau. They will also talk about the Blinding One and how to potentially use the content of The Alola Region to stop and restore it.

Encounter 2 - Route 2 & Verdant Cavern: You will next meet the Ultra Recon Squad on Route 2, where they will be detecting the Blinding One's Power nearby. You will then see them in Verdant Cavern following your first Island Trial. They will mention their curiosity regarding both Z Crystals and the aura surrounding the Totem Pokemon. They are a little surprised by the Poke Balls you use to capture Pokemon and the act of battling as a whole, quickly leaving you to further investigate Z Crystals.

Encounter 3 - Seaward Cave: While looking for Nebby in Seaward Cave, you will again come across the Ultra Recon Squad. They will mention how they a searching for a someone strong enough to protect the Aloal Region from the Blinding One, before challenging you to a battle after now having exploring the usage of Poke Balls. After defeating them, they will mention how Cosmog has the power to open Wormholes that could bring dangerous Pokemon to the region before leaving once more.

Encounter 4 - Paniola Ranch: After completing your second Island Trial, the Ultra Recon Squad will appear once again in Paniola Ranch. They are shocked by how Sudowoodo wasn't really a plant, expressing how fascinated they are by how unique Pokemon in The Alola Region are. They will then battle you with a Pokemon they are accustomed to (Poipole).

Encounter 5 - Dividing Tunnel & Route 8: The next time you will find the Ultra Recon Squad is in Dividing Tunnel between Route 7 and Route 8. Here, they will explain how the aura readings in the area have now become high with your presence. They will then ask you if you are in control of the aura coming from Z Moves, and if you hope to master the practice. They will then mention how their world once had the same light of Z Moves, quickly leaving after they do as they have a meeting. You will then see them having a meeting with Colress on Route 8, hoping he can help them create various machines.

Encounter 6 - Aether Paradise: After defeating the Ultra Beast in Aether Paradise, the Ultra Recon Squad will appear without their masks on. They will explain how they came from a world where Necrozma, the Blinding One, stole the light. They will then inform you how they are working with the Aether Foundation with their research into Ultra Beast, reassuring you that if Necrozma or any other Ultra Beast should come to The Alola Region, then they will help protect the region.

Encounter 7 - Tapu Village: The next encounter with the Ultra Recon Squad will be further down the line in Tapu Village, noting this is the remains of the village where Necrozma last came to The Alola Region. They will tell you how they have Necrozma safely captured for now in Megalo Tower, and that they are there to learn of new ways to defeat it since they cannot contain it forever.

Encounter 8 - Aether Paradise: While searching for Lillie in Aether Paradise with Gladion and Hau, the Ultra Recon Squad will appear and battle you. They believe they are doing the right thing in letting Lusamine control Cosmog to open a Wormhole to stop Necrozma. However, after Lusamine enters Ultra Space alone with Guzma, the Ultra Recon Squad will reappear. They are shocked by her selfish intentions not to stop Necrozma in order to help them, but rather for her own satisfaction. They also tell that if Lusamine awakens Necrozma, that it could come to The Alola Region and steal Alola's light.

Encounter 9 - Vast Poni Canyon: Still angered by Lusamine's motives, the Ultra Recon Squad will appear outside Vast Poni Canyon. They will mention how you are still not strong enough to defend the world from Necrozma and that they will do it instead, ending by battling your player once more. After defeating them, they will question if you could actually have enough strength to defeat Necrozma when the time comes.

Encounter 10 - Altar of the Moone: After Nebby evolves into the Legendary Pokemon you were searching for, Necrozma will appear and overpower it, fusing with it before returning to Ultra Megalopolis. After it does, the Ultra Recon Squad will appear and allow you to use their Legendary Pokemon to explore Ultra Space in hopes of finding and defeating Necrozma once and for all.

Encounter 11 - Ultra Megalopolis: After reaching Ultra Megalopolis, you will meet more members of the Ultra Recon Squad. After defeating Ultra Necrozma, these different members of the Ultra Recon Squad will gift you with a Poipole of your own. Once you return to The Alola Region with the weakened Legendary Pokemon, the Ultra Recon Squad will grant you permission to continue using their Legendary Pokemon to explore Ultra Space as a thank you gift.

Encounter 12 - Poni Grove: The final encounter you will have with the Ultra Recon Squad will take place in Poni Grove after you have defeating the Pokemon League and have entered the Post Game. Here, they will ask of your assistance with capturing the Ultra Beasts said to be inhabiting the area.

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