Toughest Battles In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Unlike Pokemon Sun & Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon feature a number of tougher battles for players to face during their second journey of The Alola Region. Most players were desiring this very thing after their first experience in the Alola Region; however, some of these battles are seriously more than even a seasoned veteran in Pokemon were expecting. There are so many difficult battles this time around that we here at SuperCheats have decided to compile a list of the toughest battles found in all of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

Even though we think we could rank these battles in terms of difficulty, we have decided to go ahead and not rank them in any particular order. These battles are definitely the ten toughest you will face in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, and each are extremely difficult in their own right. Some of these battles listed will be against Legendary Pokemon, while others will be against the various Totem Pokemon you will find during your Island Challenge; some will even be against the Island Kahunas themselves, while yet even others will be against the various challengers you will face at the Pokemon League. We will also be examining what makes all of these battles oh so very hard.

Should you have the desire to voice your opinions about our selections, you can do so at any given time in the comment section below each and every page apart of this here article. No matter if you think we nailed it with one of our picks or you think we missed the mark or even forgot another difficult battle, we would love to hear from you regardless. Whatever you would like to share, as long as it is in regards to the contents of this article, we hope you do so in the area provided below. And while you are on our great site, how about you stick around afterwards and get a taste of all the video game advice we have?

So, without another moment to lose, here are the ten most difficult battles you will face during Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! We truly hope you enjoy!

Ultra Necrozma Battle

When talking about the toughest battles you will face during Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, there is little doubt that most players would begin with Ultra Necrozma. For most players, the battle against both Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma were quite easy, as, in those given Forms, Necrozma will usually just attempt to heal itself instead of attacking. However, in just a few short moments after when faced with the task of defeating Ultra Necrozma, things get quite real in a hurry.

To start, Necrozma has somehow leaped ten whole levels from your first battle with it to now in its Ultra Burst Form. When you actually consider that it takes about two minutes in real time from the first battle with Necrozma to the next, two minutes where you have no other battles between and thus cannot earn any extra experience, this is quite the substantial boost. On top of this, Ultra Necrozma will have not one, but all of its stats increased by one stage as the battle with it begins. When you add this to the fact that Ultra Necrozma is already one of the greatest Pokemon (in terms of its Overall Stats), it makes things all the more difficult. If you thought the Totem Pokemon that received boosts to all of their stats were hard enough to defeat, just wait until you face Ultra Necrozma.

There is little to no doubt: Ultra Necrozma will be one of the more difficult (if not the most) players will face during their second journey throughout The Alola Region.

Posted: 27th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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