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Route 5

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Walkthrough: Once you've finished up with the Trainers in Paniola Ranch, you will proceed to Route 5. This route leads straight to Brooklet Hill, where your next Island Trial will begin. However, on your way there, you will run into Hau battling a mysterious trainer. He goes by the name of Gladion, being the newest member of Team Skull. He will challenge you to see if you know what strength is.

Island Scan Pokemon:


Wild Pokemon:

Area 1

Initial Pokemon (Levels 13-16): Fomantis(20%), Grubbin(20%), Pikipek(20%), Lillipup(20%), Caterpie(10%), Metapod(9%), Butterfree(1%)

SOS Pokemon #1 (Levels 13-16): Butterfree, Fomantis, Grubbin, Pikipek, Lillipup

SOS Pokemon #2 (Levels 13-16): Fomantis, Grubbin, Pikipek, Lillipup, Caterpie, Butterfree

Area 2

Initial Pokemon (Levels 18-21): Fomantis(30%), Grubbin(20%), Trumbeak(20%), Caterpie(10%), Bonsly(10%), Metapod(9%), Butterfree(1%)

SOS Pokemon #1 (Levels 18-21): Fomantis, Butterfree, Grubbin, Trumbeak, Sudowoodo

SOS Pokemon #2 (Levels 18-21): Fomantis, Grubbin, Trumbeak, Butterfree, Sudowoodo, Caterpie

SOS Pokemon #3 (Levels 18-21): Fomantis, Grubbin, Trumbeak, Caterpie, Happiny, Butterfree

SOS Pokemon #4 (Levels 18-21): Fomantis, Grubbin, Trumbeak, Caterpie, Bonsly, Butterfree

Rustling Spots (Levels 18-21): Diglett(100%)

Berry Trees (Levels 13-16): Crabrawler(100%)


Preschooler Nico - Level 15 Petilil

Preschooler Isa - Level 15 Cottonee

Pokemon Breeder Yuka - Level 16 Morelull, Level 16 Ledyba

Rising Star Justin - Level 17 Rufflet

Rising Star Lauren - Level 17 Vullaby

Pokemon Breeder Cory - Level 16 Paras, Level 16 Spinarak

Youngster Caleb - Level 20 Charjabug

Ace Trainer Alexis - Level 22 Goomy, Level 23 Sylveon

Hiker Gabriel - Level 21 Makuhita, Level 21 Mudbray

Trial Guide Bronson - Level 24 Slowpoke, Level 24 Mr. Mime

Team Skull Gladion - Level 17 Zorua, Level 17 Zubat, Level 18 Type: Null


Super Potion - Near Pokemon Breeder Yuka

TM41 - Eastern Rockface

Revive - Defeat Gladion

TM96 - Defeat Trial Guide Bronson

Hyper Potion - Near Ace Trainer Alexis

Full Heal - Near Hiker Gabriel

TM59 - Northern Route Near Hiker

Super Potion - From Fishman Near Pokemon Center

Revive - Southern Route

Cheri Berry - Berry Tree

Pecha Berry - Berry Tree

Persim Berry - Berry Tree

Rawst Berry - Berry Tree

Lum Berry - Berry Tree

PP Up (Hidden) - Inside Northern Rock

Nugget (Hidden) - Outside of Small Hole In Rockface

Star Piece (Hidden) - In Rockface To The East

PokeMart Items (Throughout Game Progression):

Poke Ball - Great Ball - Ultra Ball - Potion - Super Potion - Hyper Potion - Max Potion - Full Restore - Revive - Antidote - Paralyze Heal - Awakening - Burn Heal - Ice Heal - Full Heal - Escape Rope - Repel - Super Repel - Max Repel - Honey - Poke Toy - Adrenaline Orb

X Speed - X Attack - X Defense - Guard Spec - Dire Hit - X Accuracy - X Sp. Atk - X Sp. Def

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