Best 3rd Generation Pokemon In Pokemon GO

The 3rd Generation has now arrived in Pokemon GO, bringing along with it some of the most popular and powerful Pokemon known to man. Players have already begun scavenging to the ends of the earth in hope of filling up their newly expanded Pokedex, looking to build their inventories with the strongest Pokemon the Hoenn Region has to offer. And because of this very thing, we here at SuperCheats have decided to compile a list of the better 3rd Generation you can add to your evergrowing party.

We would like to note that the Pokemon listed throughout this article are not being ranked amongst themselves, but rather are the best of the 3rd Generation and are in no specific order of greatness. Legendary Pokemon originally found in the Hoenn Region will also not be included in this list. Legendary Pokemon have always been overpowered when compared to most regular Pokemon, and the same remains true, outside of a few exceptions, in Pokemon GO. We will also be including our thoughts as to why each Pokemon are among the best of the 3rd Generation found within this very game.

If at any time you would like to voice your thoughts on this list, you can do so in comment section provided below each and every page of this here article. Whether you think we hit the nail on the head with one of our selections or you think we missed a great Hoenn Pokemon, you can tell us about it in this given area below. No matter what you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! And while you are here, why not also take a look at what our great site has to offer? From great forums with the best people you will ever find to thousands upon thousands of video game walkthroughs, videos, and more, we literally have everything you could ever desire to find.

So without another moment to lose, here are the best 3rd Generation Pokemon you can find in Pokemon GO. We truly hope you enjoy!


If you’ve ever played Pokemon GO, odds are you would’ve quickly discovered that bulkier Pokemon usually are the best you can find within the game. During the 1st Generation of Pokemon GO, the likes of Vaporeon, Exeggutor and Snorlax dominated the game. All three Pokemon are on the bulkier side, and thus have better overall stats within Pokemon GO. This same thing can now be seen in Swampert, another bulkier, defensive Pokemon that is at the top of the 3rd Generation of Pokemon GO and who is no doubt the best Hoenn Starter found within the game. Topping in at over 2800 Maximum Combat Power, Swampert not only loves to withstand blow after blow, but it also has a enough offensive power to cause some real damage.

Posted: 26th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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