Top 15 Pokemon That Can Use Last Resort

When most Competitive Pokemon Players think of the move known as Last Resort, they usually associate it with gimmick movesets for Pokemon. For the most part, they are right. Usually, Pokemon that use Last Resort only have one or two other moves besides it, normally ones that help boost their stats before being able to hopefully sweep with Last Resort because of it. To say Last Resort Pokemon Users are one dimensional, well, it’s a dead on, accurate statement. However, that doesn’t in the slightest mean these Pokemon aren’t as lethal, aren’t as deadly as any other! Truthfully, they should probably be feared all the more so, since most trainers never expect or plan for such things when building a competitive team. And because of this, we have decided to construct a list of the best fifteen Pokemon that can use the move Last Resort!

When it comes to this specific article, we actually won’t be rating these Last Resort Users in order of greatness. Rather, we will simply be going from the first generation onward fior our selections in this here list. For each and every Pokemon, we will also be listing exactly why they are the best of the best Pokemon that can use Last Resort. We will even describe a few movesets for these Pokemon that centers around the move Last Resort, just in case you too would like to try them out for yourselves.

If at any given time you would like to express your thoughts about out list, you can do so in the comments section below. Whether you think we hit the nail on the head with one of our selections or completely missed the mark, you can tell us about it in the area provided at the bottom of each and every page apart of this article. You can even tell us of your favorite Last Resort Pokemon users in this section as well! No matter what you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

So, without further delay, here are the top fifteen Pokemon that can use the move Last Resort! We truly hope you enjoy!


When most trainers consider using a Raticate competitively, they don’t usually think about incorporating it with a Last Resort Moveset. However, the truth is that Raticate makes for the perfect specimen for it. For one, it’s a Normal Type Pokemon, which will boost Last Resort to have a Base Power of 210 after STAB. Even though this is incredible, some trainers may say that it doesn’t make up for the fact that Raticate lacks the innate Attack Power to be an effective Last Resort User. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! You see, Raticate can have the abilities of Guts and Hustle. Both of these, under their given set of circumstances, further boosts Raticate’s Attack Stat by 50%. Trainers can then couple this with the move of Swords Dance - since you must use at least one move before being able to use Last Resort - taking Raticate to a whole new level! If set up properly, Last Resort Raticate can be a nightmare to face.


Much like Raticate, most trainers don’t think to use Linoone as a Last Resort User. This is because Linoone is usually used to as a Belly Drum / Extreme Speed abuser, going perfectly with its Gluttony Ability that sees it being able to regain some of the lost HP from Belly Drum or further increase its Speed Stat (both by the use of certain Berries). However, Linoone can use a very similar set focused around Last Resort to further cause trouble to opposing teams. In order to successfully do such a thing, all a trainer would have to do is pair Belly Drum with Last Resort instead of Extreme Speed, using the aforementioned Berry to increase Linoone’s Speed Stat (as it will need the extra speed since it doesn’t have Extreme Speed). After Belly Drum, if the opposing trainers has no Steel, Rock or Ghost Type Pokemon, Linoone will sweep everything with Last Resort.


Like the previous two Pokemon on our list, Zangoose is yet another Pokemon not really known as a Last Resort Abuser. Instead, most trainers like to pair Zangoose’s Ability of Toxic Boost with the move of Facade, as it will have its power doubled once the Toxic Orb effectively poisons Zangoose. Even though this moveset actually makes far more sense for where Zangoose is concerned, Zangoose still remains a viable option for the move of Last Resort. If you choose to run such a moveset on Zangoose, all you have to do is pair Last Resort with the move of Swords Dance. On the first turn Zangoose is in battle, use Swords Dance to double Zangoose’s Attack Stat. Once the first turn ends and the Toxic Orb poisons Zangoose, it’s Attack Stat will further be increased due to its Toxic Boost Ability. From there, attempt to sweep with Last Resort. If Zangoose is lucky enough to be faster than its foes, it has a chance to do this very thing.


Unlike some of the Pokemon on this list, Bibarel has become known one of the best well known Last Resort Users. However, unlike virtually all the other Pokemon on this list, Bibarel doesn’t pair Last Resort with just one other move, but rather a full set of three other attacks. This is because without those three other attacks, Bibarel just doesn’t have the power to be an effective Last Resort User. With that said, you will usually see Last Resort Bibarel run with its Simple Ability. With it, Bibarel can pair Last Resort with Curse, Amnesia and Double Team (along with Leftovers). Double Team makes Bibarel practically unhittable after its evasion is max out, while Amnesia and Curse makes Bibarel a bulky tank with loads of attacking power. After all of these moves have been used and have maxed out Bibarel Stats, it can sweep anything outside of Ghost Types with Last Resort.


When it comes to abusing Last Resort, Ambipom has to be one of the first Pokemon to ever effectively do so. Ever since the 4th Generation of Pokemon, players have used Ambipom as one of the ultimate gimmick Pokemon. Usually, players like to pair Ambipom with Fake Out and Last Resort while holding the Life Orb. With this set, Ambipom can and will do massive damage to any Pokemon that isn’t a Steel, Rock or Ghost Type. Now, however, some players have decided to further buff Ambipom when using it with a Last Resort Moveset. You see, instead of using Fake Out, players now give Ambipom the move called Work Up with Last Resort. Work Up boosts Ambipom Attack Stat by one stage; with it and Life Orb, Last Resort can do some serious, serious damage to opposing Pokemon. Really, even Rock and Steel Type Pokemon will take enormous damage from a Last Resort that was further boosted by Work Up and the Life Orb.

Mega Lopunny

Ambipom continues to be one of the better Last Resort Users; however, Mega Lopunny does all Ambipom does and it does it all the more better. This is because, like Ambipom, Mega Lopunny can learn the moves of both Fake Out and Work Up that it can pair with Last Resort. Fake Out gives Mega Lopunny a free quick attack, while Work Up takes its extremely high Attack Stat to an even greater level. On top of this, Mega Lopunny actually has the ability of Scrappy. With Scrappy, Mega Lopunny can hit all the Ghost Type Pokemon it wants with Last Resort. So, in essence, Mega Lopunny only has to worry about Steel Types and Rock Types when running a Last Resort Moveset. However, should you be worried about these types too, you could even give Mega Lopunny High Jump Kick. Sure, you’ll have to use it after Fake Out or Work Up before being able to further sweep with Last Resort, but it gives you the additional coverage for types that would other wall Mega Lopunny.

Porygon Z

Ever since Z Moves became a concept in the 7th Generation, Porygon Z is primarily used with Z Conversion. With it, Porygon Z can instantly boost all of its stats by one stage while still transforming into the type of its first move. Because of this, Porygon Z becomes a speedy threat that, when coupled with its abilities of Download or Adaptability, can sweep almost any foe it has the coverage for. However, believe it or not, Porygon Z can also be one heck of Last Resort Users as well if given the chance to set it up properly. Like virtually all other Porygon Z Moveset, a Last Resort Moveset also relies on it first using Z Conversion, this time to boost its rather pedestrian Attack Stat. Once it has received this boost, the plan is to attempt to sweep by using Last Resort. When it comes to its ability for a Last Resort Moveset, Porygon Z can use either Download or Adaptability: Download could see it boost its Attack Stat even further, while Adaptability makes Last Resort have a 280 Base Power.


All but one of the Pokemon on this list happen to be either a Pure or Dual Normal Type - which sees Last Resort doing all the more power due to STAB - so it’s no wonder why Arceus is also one of the best Last Resort Users. More often than not, however, Arceus is actually used as an Extreme Speed User. The move has priority, and players can pair it with Swords Dance for Arceus, making it a speedy threat that does huge amounts of damage turn after turn. With a Last Resort Moveset, the goal would basically be to do the same exact thing. Since Last Resort doesn’t have priority, you will definitely want to start by maxing out Arceus’ Speed Stat. On the first turn Arceus is on the field of play, set it up with a Swords Dance. If you think you can manage a second Swords Dance, then definitely do it. If not, proceed to absolutely wrecking teams with Last Resort. Like most Pokemon on this list, if you have already defeated all opposing Steel, Rock and Ghost Types, nothing will be able to stop this God of Pokemon.


Of all the Pokemon on this list, Stoutland is one of the more obscure Last Resort Users. This is primarily due to the fact that Stoutland just doesn’t have the sheer speed to do incredible damage to opposing teams. Because of this, if you’re looking to run a Last Resort Moveset, you will have to help it in some sort of way or make it as bulky as humanly possible. If you would like to do the former, you can actually use a Sandstorm Setter and pair it with a Sand Rush Stoutland. This would see Stoutland Speed Stat instantly doubled, allowing it to further boost its Attack Stat on the first turn it is in battle with a move like Work Up before destroying teams with Last Resort. You could even give it Z Rain Dance or Z Sunny Day to boost its Speed Stat - using a Stoutland with its Scrappy Ability since it won’t have the power a Sandstorm - allowing you to outspeed most Pokemon while using Last Resort. But if you would like to do the latter and use a bulky Stoutland, definitely have it with the ability of Scrappy (so you can hit Ghost Types) and the moves of Work Up and Last Resort.


At first thought, you might not know or even remember that Sawsbuck can learn Last Resort, That is probably because, like so many other Pokemon on this list, you never see Sawsbuck run using a moveset that revolves around it. However, just by looking over all of its moves, stats and abilities, you would know it definitely can. If you have a Sawsbuck with the ability of Chlorophyll, you can pair Last Resort with Z Sunny Day. Not only would this boost Sawsbuck’s Speed Stat by one stage when the move is used, but it would further double said stat due to Chlorophyll. If you pair Sawsbuck with a Pokemon with the ability of Drought, you could even, keeping with its ability of Chlorophyll, give it Swords Dance instead of Sunny Day in order to take its Attack to a new level. Both of these same strategies can also be used with its ability of Sap Sipper, but you will have to be wise enough to switch Sawsbuck in when you know your opponent is about to use a Grass Type Attack. If done properly, Sawsbuck will have its Attack Stat increase by one stage, even before further setting up with another Swords Dance or Z Sunny Day.


Like a few Pokemon on this list, Diggersby, if ran with Last Resort, doesn’t have that many options to pair it with. Usually, players will toss Diggersby into the battle against a Pokemon it has a favorable matchup against, using the move Agility during its first move on the battlefield to instantly double its Speed Stat. From there, the plan is usually to attempt to sweep using Last Resort. Thankfully, Diggersby has the incredible ability of Huge Power, which takes its rather horrible Attack Stat and instantly doubles it when Diggersby enters the battle. After just one Agility, Diggersby is a fast, powerful Pokemon that can wreck virtually ever Pokemon outside of Steel, Rocks and Ghost Types. However, should you be willing to take a huge risk like some players, Diggersby can also be equipped with Swords Dance to further increase its Attack Stat. Should you be will to take that chance, the goal would still be to set up with Agility and then with Swords Dance, followed by annihilating everything with Last Resort afterwards. If you have the opportunity to properly set this up, almost nothing can stand in Diggersby way.


Due to it lacking speed, Gumshoos, even though it technically is one of the best Last Resort Users, is yet still one of the more frustrating Pokemon that can be built around said move. On a positive note, Gumshoos has the ability of Adaptability, which will double the power of Last Resort if given the chance to use it. Again, the key word there is if it has the chance to use it. Unfortunately, you have to have one other move besides Last Resort in order for it to be used successfully, which gives opposing players the chance defeat Gumshoos before it even has the chance to show of its power. One the first turn after being brought into battle, most players using a Last Resort Gumshoos will use either the move of Crunch (if looking to scout for Ghost Types) or the Z Move of Breakneck Blitz (steaming from the move of Giga Impact in order to usually get a free knockout). From there, if Gumshoos is still standing, the goal would be to use Last Resort (which will have a Base Power of 280 due to Adaptability) as much as humanly possibly.


When it comes to Silvally, it is yet another Pokemon on this list that trainers don’t tend to use with Last Resort. Since Silvally is like Kingdra and has great balance across all of its stats, most players simply attempt to use moves to further boost some of its stats in order to turn it into a true sweeper. However, if you are looking to go against the norm with Silvally, Last Resort would certainly do the trick. If you are so willing to run a moveset like this, you can pair Last Resort on Silvally with either (or both) Flame Charge or Swords Dance. Flame Charge will allow Silvally to outspeed virtually all other Pokemon (outside of a few), while Swords Dance will allow it to further increase the power done by Last Resort. Since Silvally is a tad bulky, you can attempt to use both moves once before using Last Resort. This would make Silvally an incredibly fast Pokemon with loads of power, but it’s risky to run since it will give trainers two turns to attempt to defeat it. Whether you go with just one of the moves above or even both, Last Resort Silvally is always something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a great gimmicky Pokemon.


Unlike every other Pokemon in existence, Komala is the only one that can actually use Last Resort beginning on the first move it is in the battle. This is because Komala has the ability of Comatose, which perpetually keeps it in a sleepy state while yet still being conscious. Because of this, you can actually give Komala the move Sleep Talk, and it will be able use it without having to first use Rest to fall asleep. So, in essence, all you must do is give Komala the moves of Sleep Talk and Last Resort, and it will be able to use Last Resort via Sleep Talk beginning on the first move it is in play. Since Komala is able to use Last Resort with Sleep Talk from the word go, you will always want to give it the item known as the Choice Band. With it, Komala’s already impressive Attack Stat will further be increased by x1.5. There isn’t many Pokemon in the World of Pokemon that can withstand a Choice Band Last Resort coming from Komala.


Of all the Pokemon on our list, Kartana is the lone Last Resort User that isn’t a Pure or even a Dual Normal Type. Because of this, Kartana won’t be give STAB to further increase the power of Last Resort. However, in all honesty, Kartana doesn’t really need it to still demolish anything and everything in its path. To start, Kartana has wickedly good stats due to being an Ultra Beast. This alone would make up for the fact that Kartana doesn’t receive STAB for Last Resort, but Kartana actually also can know the move of Swords Dance. By pairing Last Resort with Swords Dance (along with its already impressive stats), Kartana can sweep through anything that isn’t a Ghost, Steel or Rock Type Pokemon. On top of all of this, Kartana will further have its Attack increase for every Pokemon it knocks out with Last Resort, making it and thus the move all the more powerful. Seriously, watch out for this thing.

These Pokemon Should Be Your First Resort…

Well, there you have it! The best fifteen Pokemon that can use the move Last Resort and can have competitive moveset built solely around it! From Raticate all the way to Kartana, these fifteen Pokemon give trainers the best option when it comes to move known as Last Resort! We truly hope that we have made some of you at least begin to consider using one of these Pokemon with Last Resort!

For all of those who have made it this far in our article, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts. We are especially thankful to those who read the entire article, from the first word to this final epilogue! We are even more so grateful for those who went the extra mile and voice their thoughts about this article in the comments section below. If you haven’t done so already, there is still time to do this very thing in the area provided just below!

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