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How do you get more LP?

Question asked by Guest on
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Question for The Sims FreePlay

How do you get more LP? I only have 10 and I need 20.

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The Sims FreePlay Guide

dainaluvsuju answered:

*complete Quest
*build new Houses, Business or workplace
*buy them with real money

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Guest said: 27th Jan 2017 | REPORT
Where do I find this
Guest said: 12th Feb 2017 | REPORT
Cook! I built a house with 10 ovens & toasters, have everyone cook the 1minute meal (i foget what it is, something like egg on toast?) repeat this until all cooking hobby items are collected completing this first gives you chopping boards, but completing it after gives you 5lp each time you fill it. Took me 10minutes to get 5lp i dont clean the dishes until i reach 20lp then have all 10 sims mass clean (tajes a while but worth it)
Guest said: 21st Jan 2018 | REPORT
So not helpful ahhhhh!
Guest said: 19th Feb 2018 | REPORT
You can flip the toaster 180 degrees or when you’re placing the toaster make sure it’s not accessible so they don’t spend time walking over to the toaster but it will still be in the room get the toilets ten ovens ten counter tops with ten coffee machines and ten refrigerators so they can get inspired
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:

1. Complete the tasks that it asks you for
2. Level up by reaching exp benchmarks
3. Reach town networth benchmarks by building stuff
4. Random finds by your dogs
5. Buy it with real life $ (not recommended)

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Guest said: 29th Jul 2018 | REPORT
I’m on 10
Guest said: 3rd Sep 2018 | REPORT
I'm on 33
Guest said: 1st Oct 2018 | REPORT
What are you talking about?
Guest said: 10th Nov 2019 | REPORT
I’m on 34
Guest answered:

The dog doesn't really give you any it's mostly money you get from the dog and it's the odd time you get one. I need some as well anyone know how to get them.

It gives you tasks and you need LP to do the tasks but you have none so how can you move up a level and get more

I'm on level 11 and it's the one where it asked you to get the boat and it's 50 LPs

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Guest said: 9th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Just do one at a time
Guest said: 29th Jul 2016 | REPORT
How can I get lps without using real money$ or Facebook 'cause I don't have Facebook. Please help I'm in desperate need!!!
Guest said: 25th May 2018 | REPORT
I can't have a pet I don't have the pet store
Guest said: 27th Sep 2018 | REPORT
Guest answered:

Sometimes, when my network is failing, I can buy LP and money for free (0.00 $!), but it has only happened to me twice...

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Guest said: 23rd Mar 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 8th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 21st Aug 2015 | REPORT
Hi steamy I'm a big fan I don't have an Xbox.....I don't need one either and why do u eat cake for breakfast every morning
Guest said: 12th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Maybe he likes it........ Everyone knows he loves it!
Guest answered:

This worked for me this morning but can't get it now (seen it on youtube)

Click on the Social Sims app, click on the purple icon to buy simelons or LP and immediately click back button (circle on bottom of iphone) to go back to home screen displaying all your apps.

When you reload the Sims app click on the purple icon again and it SHOULD come up with everything you want to buy at 0.00$ I did this this morning and now have over 4000 LP's and millions in coins. This did work for me and didn't get asked to put my paypal password in as I would do for any other purchases of "an amount" on my iphone.

Hope this works for folks, give it a try but please double check that it's saying 0.00$ and not the actual prices.

Good luck!! Xx

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Guest said: 27th Jun 2016 | REPORT
sunkanmi said: 18th Aug 2016 | REPORT
He is right
Guest said: 3rd Jan 2020 | REPORT
Lol I’m reading these in 2020 but really need help to get 3LP in less then 4 hours to quicken a building time for a limited time quest!!!!!!!
Guest said: 14th Dec 2020 | REPORT
Sameeee XD if only these still worked ;-;
Guest answered:

That doesnt work :(

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Guest said: 24th Oct 2013 | REPORT
How do you buy a car do you buy a car dealership :-/

Guest said: 5th Nov 2013 | REPORT
U can also double tap houses and/orwoks and any thing else that gives you Simolens or xp and you will get double just make sure that u don't go into the house the job icon doesn't come up, and that you don't go into the mysterious island.
Guest said: 16th Jul 2015 | REPORT
I will try
Guest said: 30th Jun 2018 | REPORT
When you finish the raiders of the lost quest you get 5lp and $15,000
Guest answered:

For the engagement ring usually the game will give you the 20 LP, I'm on
Level 24

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TrevorEakin said: 29th Jun 2015 | REPORT
But how/where do you sell it?
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:

3 Star Car gives you LP the fastest

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Guest said: 13th Aug 2014 | REPORT
How can I get a 3star car
Guest said: 15th Aug 2014 | REPORT
Get one from the car dealer
or build a mansion, it comes with a free 3star car (better deal in my opinion)
Guest said: 21st Aug 2015 | REPORT
I have a luxury car that is three star and it gives u play really fast Ip got 13 lp in one drive
Guest said: 25th Jan 2017 | REPORT
Whatttt this doesn't work please someone help me
Guest answered:

What I do is Finish some Goals and don't spent any of the life Points! If you can't wait for something to load, then just click home, double click home for history, then hold down on the app until the RED delete button shows up. Not the black. Then delete the Sims freeplay one IN HISTORY. Then you go to settings and fast forward your time a day or two. Then go back to your app and your item will be loaded. Do this instead of paying LP's for it. So just save up and do Quests

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Guest said: 2nd Mar 2013 | REPORT
It won't work for me?
Guest said: 6th Jan 2014 | REPORT
People say you have to have an apple product I only have a tablet so.......
Guest said: 18th Mar 2014 | REPORT
It won't work
Guest said: 1st Feb 2015 | REPORT
I have an iPod touch and I have tried it many times, but it doesn't work on mine.
Guest answered:

Ok guys I know how to get LP first you have to get red sedan then go for a drive then collect when it horns I have iPad 2 I hope it's working

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Guest said: 20th Jan 2014 | REPORT
You are better off with a 3 star cat...
Guest said: 13th Nov 2014 | REPORT
It just gives you simoleons, not lp
Guest answered:

I really did help, it's too hard mines is all dying!

Maddyrox88 answered:

All of the above ways are hard and take sooooooo long...
1.) Gather all of you Sims in one house.
2.) Make all of you Sims do something that take a really long time.
3.) Push the home button once.
4.) Push the home button two more time quickly.
5.) Hold down the Sims Free Style app until a red circle with a minus in it.
6.) Push the red circle (this will not delete the game).
7.) Then go to your iPod, iPhone, iPad's settings and change the date (not days but years).
8.) Then change the time (not by minuets but by hours).
9.) Go back to the Sims Free Style app and all of your sims will be finished with what ever task they were set to do.
This will give you XP and if you made your Sims grow plants or bake something, you will earn coins as well!! Once finished with this process you can repeat as many times as needed. I did this about seven times and got thirty, thousand dollars and leveled up twice! I hope this was as helpful to you as it was to me.
Farewell for now,
Maddy Siebs
Age 7

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Guest said: 28th Jun 2014 | REPORT
It does NOT delete the game!!! U r just erasing its memory!!! No problem at all. I have tried this a million times be4 always work
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2015 | REPORT
Omg guys! The whole point of the game is to have fun and complete quests! Not for you to cheat for LP!!! Why don't you try doing the game properly and earning the LP! I have some tips.. So bassicly the game isn't fun if your using cheats so why don't you try working for money so you can buy animals to dig up LP and also you could work for simoleons and become less of a noob because if you have a lot of money then you become more popular to the game and get more LP! One last tip: do quests and complete challenges. Hope this helped!!!
Guest said: 10th Aug 2015 | REPORT
There's no realistic the t asks in the time given unless you have LP which I cannot buy. It shouldn't take 21 hours to hibernate,10 and a half hours to.rescue a cat, then another 4 and a half hours to dance at the villa when I have 12 hours left... I started finishing my tasks right away and still won't be able to.make it.. used 4LP to finish HIBERNATING, and it didn't even count towards my dance to remember quest like I had hoped, so had to hibernate again. Ridiculous. And to finish the tasks, no one has time to work and earn towards the next quest/property to buy.
Guest said: 6th Mar 2016 | REPORT
Ikr...trying to complete puppy quest. Takes frickin forever. Part I'm on on has 7 hours. I have no lps. Used all of them to finish last part. Now if I could get 3 for the last three hours that'd be cool. But then there'd probably be another ridiculous step that. Takes 24 hours. You need puppy quest for soany other places. Crazy.
Guest answered:

Finish Goals, increase your Town Value, dog digs them up...

Guest answered:

Keep planting pumpkins and fast forward the time and you will level up and gain LP

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Guest said: 21st Aug 2015 | REPORT
I do that all the time but the cheat doesn't work any more
Guest answered:

Make a purchase.

Guest answered:

Right now theres an update and when you update your game you will recive 20lp's for free

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Guest said: 28th Dec 2014 | REPORT
how do u update the game if i am using an ipod touch 5th generation?
Guest answered:

A way to get money (Simoleons) is by gathering all the Sims at one house with enough patches for everyone to garden. Make sure you gave at least 1000 dollars to do this. Then make everyone patch the beans (you can pick something else but beans give you the most money) so then press the home button, then press it twice quickly, the press on the sims freeplay at the bottom for a long time till a red minus pops up. Press it and then go to settings. Go to date and time and change the year to a year back... And the time a minute forward and if it's at a.m. Put it at p.m. Or opposite. Then go to sims freeplay and you'll see the sims still working. Then go to settings again and change the time again a minutes forward and the a.m and p.m.. Then go back to simsfreeplay and you sims will finally be done. Redo to get a lot of money. Hope it works out for you Smile but I'm still trying to find a cheat for lifestyle points :(

Bye and Thanks for readingSmile

Age: 12
Unknown lol

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Guest said: 27th Nov 2014 | REPORT
I need lp so bad help me now!!'
Blkroze35 answered:

To earn money fast. Have all Sims garden at the same tome (beans...they give the most money 840). Once they have started gardening exit the sims game and go to your settings (I'm playing on m iPod touch). In the general settings go to set date/time. Change your date by two days (ex. If today is Wed. Aug 15th change the date to Fri. Aug 17th). Power down your iPod and then turn it back on and go to your Sims game. All plants will be ready to harvest. This also works on baling Items and when your adding a new building/Sim to your community.
To get free LP I usually watch the videos they offer when you go to the free and you can choose to watch a video for 1LP.
I hope this works for all who will read this. It works for me and I cheat every!!!

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Guest said: 28th May 2014 | REPORT
Beans give you 1,260 or something like that when your sims are inspired when you are inspired all the money you get (except revenue) goes up tomatoes go up to 3,000 etc
Guest answered:

First watch your dog until he digs up LP then praise him. Wait again until he digs up lp and praise him once again. Now keep doing that until he only digs up lp. The more dogs the better! Also you should send some Sims to work and others can garden so you get lots of money. Also once you get 20 low you should buy the sins cinema and sell everything and you'll have tons of money. Also gaining levels is a good way to get low you just need to fill a sims needs like cleanliness a good way is just keep washing their hands. Once you fill up a need they will get five XP and you should build up sons relationship s to get lots of xp soon you will have lots of money. And lp hope. This helped!

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Guest said: 21st Apr 2014 | REPORT
I praised my dog when it digs up LP but he didn't dig LPs afterwards? Why's that?
Guest answered:

On the pre teen update you can't use some Cheats. But this one always works for me on anything! Make sure the Sims freeplay is not in your to setting and click date and time. Then turn OFF set automatically change the date to 23 DECEMBER 2013 go to the sims freeplay and all of your sims will be inspired and your simeleons go up quite a bit of your things building and stuff will be completed too. I have used this cheat lots and it still works, but make sure to click set automatically back on Smile

Guest answered:

It takes quite a long time but it works! - get all your Sims gathered at ONE house. Make sure you have the same number of garden patches you have sims, once all your sims are at one house click on the garden patch and select beans. Do this for each sim. Once you've done that, press the middle button or home button of your apple product. After that double click the home button, it will come up with your recently closed apps. Place your finger on the sims free play and hold until all the apps start to wiggle. A red circle with a Bar will appear. Press it. This will temporally close the sims. After this go to settings > general > date and time. Slide "set time automatically" to off. Then press set date and time underneath timezone. Change the date to a year forward (ex. October 4th 2013) press home button go back on sims free play and WALA! The beans have grown. Click on the bubble that appears above the garden patches. You will receive a lot of money and XP. Once you have done this enough times the XP will build up and you'll reach a new level where you then receive an LP point. It does take a long depending on how much LP you want/need! Hope this helped.

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Guest said: 2nd Jan 2013 | REPORT
does this work on android to?
Guest answered:

The Party Boat sometime gives you LP more Facebook friends that play the more Neighbors you get the better chance getting LP

Guest answered:

There are some old Fashion radios in the Social tab in the home store and all you do is empty your house and fill it up constantly with them until your town worth levels up. When your town worth gets to 1 milllion and up you get 5lps at a time!! I do it as much as I can. REALLY WORKS!!

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Guest said: 1st Jan 2013 | REPORT
Omg it works! Thx SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Smile
Guest said: 21st Jul 2014 | REPORT
What radios? Were?
Guest said: 3rd Sep 2015 | REPORT
At the store. Where u buy electronics, or I don't remember which catogery, but in store where u buy things for Ur sims home
Guest answered:

Just skip the level if you need more LP and you have 5.I'm going to try and get my town worth to1 million

Guest answered:

Tap the task box, then double tap to the little number of LP in the bottom you will get that nr of lp

Guest answered:

Dogs can dig up LP,So you can do that until you have 20 LP.

Guest answered:

ONLY IF YOU HAVE The Nightclub!
1. Gather all your Sims in The Nightclub
2. Make one sim become DJ
3. Make all the other Sims Dance
4. This will make all their friendships improve and every 10-20 seconds you will get either a 100xp or a 200xp
5. Keep doing this until you level up.

When you level up you get LP ;)

Guest answered:

Please, don't do Cheats to get LP. Official Sims cheats? They have none. Homeade cheats that include deleting your game and jacking up The Party Boat? Please don't.

An easy way to get LP is to finish your Quests. If you're stuck, you can always garden, which is the most efficient way to get experience for me. If you have a few hundreds of Simoleons willing to give to gardening, please do. It's fun, you can do it overnight and make cash, and depending on the plant, a lot of experience.

The best way for LP in conclusion is probably levelling up which is easy with Careers, gardening, hobbies, and definitely Relationships.

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Guest said: 5th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Your probably one of the sims creators well just to tell u make it better!!
Guest said: 14th Jul 2015 | REPORT
It's true. A friend of mine used the time cheat for a while but later it messed her game all up. It would cost YEARS (!!) for her to do a new bingo game, for example, or she would NEVER get the option to get her mail again! Her game later went super slow and things didn't work anymore. Eventually, she had to delete her game. She then started over with the whole game and here we are, I'm at level 41 and she's at 14...
Guest answered:

This actually works!, a way to get money, it may take long but better than nothing!Smile okay so make sure you are logged in on Facebook and have at least one neighbour, go to the store, then Social and buy the Items, they don't cost money, you get them for free depending on how many neighbours you have. Buy as much social items, log out of your facebook (by clicking on town and the green ...) then log out and sell the social items! Good luck!!

Guest answered:

If your dog digs up a lifestyle point praise him afterwards, your dog knows that if he digs lifestyle Items priced so that he will he will return a lifestyle point excavate

Molliemoo answered:

An easy way to get LP and money is ...
-1st buy gardening patches and bring at least three Adult Sims too garden
-2nd then grow pumpkins ,leave the app and make sure that in your task Bar you only have freeplay
-3rd now go to settings any date in December of the year that your in.-4th leave settings and delete them both from the tasks Bar and there should be nothing !!!!! SO WHEN YOU GO ONTO Sims FREEPLAY THE PUMPKINS SHOULD HAVE GROWN MAY ONLY WORK FOR IPAD 2 AND 3 !!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:

1. Have Facebook
2. Have at last 1 vriend that also play he Sims
3. Log in on Facebook at Sims
4. Buy the Facebook item you want as much as possible
5. Logout ( from face)
6. Sell all he Items you buyed enjoy!!

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Guest said: 8th Mar 2015 | REPORT
I want to have three hundred seventy nine LP , but I don't know how to have that
Hannah4049 answered:

There is a way to get small amounts of LP free on the Sims freeplay without using Cheats that could mess up your game. First go to the in-app store, where you can buy LP and simoleans. In the top left corner of the screen there should be a blue shape with the white outline of a diamond on it. The diamond should say free in the middle. Click on it and you will be able to see some offers from advertisers. Sometimes you will be able to watch an ad and you will get 1 LP or something. I'm sure you could find some cheats on this website that could help you gather a larger quantity of LP to.

cableguykev answered:

Make sure your Sims are rated high in hobies and Jobs, then build competition centre, if you win you get 3 life points. I have just won 3 with my mayor. Trying now to get high Fishing rating, you get this by fishing in the Park, stick with the same sim each Hobby, also Fashion and Diving, you will need the Swimming centre, Warning it does take ages, but worth it.

Guest answered:

I only know 1 way
1 get every1 in you're town grow whatever gives you the most money then double click home button and hold onto the freeplay app press the minus
2 go on settings,and change the year one year forwards
3then when you go one freeplay get everything and buy lots of buesness and workplaces this will give you 5 LP

Guest answered:

Step1. Click purple shopping cart at the bottom of the screen( where you can buy Simoleons and LP).

Step2. In the left hand corner there is a blue button that says free. Click it.

Step3. Do what they say to get free LP.

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Guest said: 21st Jul 2014 | REPORT
I don't see a blue button.
Guest answered:

If you have a teen sim, click on a Car (the more stars it has, the more money and LP's you get) make sure you have an Adult spare as one of these is needed too. It's basically the same as the adult 'go for a drive' task but takes 6 hours. You don't need to stick with it all the time, just check in on it every hour or so. I have found this gives you about 5 LP and if you do this every day, it'll soon add up! Happy Driving Smile

Guest answered:

You can build places which will give you higher Town Value which will give you LP. Also some Quests lead to getting LP. Don't try getting the free LP in the store because even if you watch the video it doesn't give you the LP. I should of gotten 3 LP once but it didnt give me any.

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Guest said: 21st Jul 2014 | REPORT
I don't see any videos
Guest answered:

If your dog findes any lifestyle points praise it, then it will know that it's good

Guest answered:

His s what you do you have to be lvl 7 go to your garden change you language then click on you garden exit ot click it again repeat that intil you see the LP plant if it says 0.99 change you language again to english on click on it and this time in the box it's should say nothing click on it then you get tons of lp hope it works if it doesn't I'm srry don't blame me !

Guest answered:

Go to the home store. Wait for like 5 secs then I thing with pop up at the bottom saying give me free LP. Click it.

Guest answered:

Once you unlock the store for the Children (I know it's quite far on) but you then get loads of the things that are free . Check at the bottom it says 0 then your town's value goes up and you get LP at each goal

Guest answered:

So you can:
-Build Houses
-Lvl. Up (Have Your Sims Work, Plant, Cook, And Fish)
-Build Places(Promotions Are Us, Supermarket,Competition Center etc.)
-Collect Revunue
-Build The 'Car Dealership' Buy A Car (They Can Find LP)

Guest answered:

** Get a house set up with 10 stoves, 10 counters and 10
** Bring 10 Sims to house
** Make all 10 COOK cheese on toast (only takes 1 min)
** keep doing this until all Items in Hobby are found.

**This will give you 5lps each time and usually only takes 10 - 15 mins to achieve.

Guest answered:

Its quick and easy it might not work but is might. Shake your device for four seconds stop do it again and keep doing that for a while (you have to have only a crib in you inventory) and it should give you 65999 cribs they each sell for 200 yes it works on kindles. I think it works because it work on mine and 5 other of my friends devices other wise get the competition centre . Good luck 😊

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Guest said: 21st Oct 2015 | REPORT
Which part is the crib in?
Guest answered:

Whenever the boy with the red jacket appears in front of your house click on the circle above him.
Click on the tasks button and in the top left corner there will be a on the rectangle and watch videos.

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Guest said: 26th Jul 2017 | REPORT
Thank you! This helped a lot. I appreciate your answer and hope you read this comment.
Guest answered:

Okay, so you are trying to get more lifepoints. The truth is, it is not easy. Here are some ways to earn them for free:

1. Dog or cat finds
2. Watching videos from the ad guy that appears in front of.
your house at random times
3. Building buildings ( hahaha)
4. Upgrading the town( by building Houses/ buildings)
I hope this helped. For some reason, I had 0 lifepoints, and then the next time I opened Sims Freeplay, I had 10!

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Guest said: 14th Jan 2018 | REPORT
Or also you can go to tasks and hit the video button on left hand corner or level up
Guest answered:

My answer is that all you have to do is get your Sims into a Fishing Hobby, then sometimes when you done a you click the exclamation point on top of your sim, a huge greenish brownish fish will eat you, and when it jumps in the air and there's a ! Point. There is a chance you could get LP.

Guest answered:

Buy a dog!!! Dogs can dig up money and LP have fun!

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Guest said: 3rd May 2020 | REPORT
But I need LP to buy one

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