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Follow the dark path or use the light


Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chests Passwords
(Enter these without the quotation marks)

Barona, inside the knight academy – “treasure”
Lhant, inside the Lhant Manor study room – “aston”
Gralesyde, Duke Dalen's office - “4”
Oul Raye, beside the inn - “turtlez”
Sable Izolle, in a ramp past the bridge near the tower - “rockgagong”
Yu Liberte, office of the president, behind the chalkboard - “duplemar”
Warrior's Roost – beside the registration booth “riot peak”
Velanik, backstage of the inn - “strahteme”
Zavhert, inside the far left room of the inn - “ironspike”
Amarcian Enclave, Fourier's house - “gauss”
Telos Astue, in the shuttle bay - “ephinea”
Katz Korner - “foselos”

Turtlez HQ
Check the northern part of the green mountain range east of Velanik to find this location. (X: 334.633, Y:180.499)

Talk to the Turtlez near the entrance. He'll offer Aston's Sword for 120,000G. You can buy it now or just wait until you clear the game for a sub-event when you can get it for free. (You need to talk to Victoria in the Knight Academy first to trigger this event. In that scene, Asbel will mention that he sold his father's sword to a turtlez merchant)

Talk to the turtlez in the middle to get the request item: Businezz Application and Sophie's Gothic Lolita costume title.

Approach the wavin' turtlez to the northz to trigger a skitz. (Sup, Peoplez?)

Seaside Cavern
Continue following the path until you find an unopened chest. Open it to get the request item Tuning Fork.

Continue to the savepoint for a skit. (...And Back Again)

Go to the savepoint in the inn for a skit. (Where Credit is Due)

Turn over the Tuning Fork to the innkeeper for a sub-event. You'll get Cheria's Amber Vestments and Emotive Pianist title after the event.

Head to the Knight Academy and talk to Victoria for a sub-event. (Talk to her if you haven't yet; this is required for a particular turtlez merchant in the Turtlez HQ to sell you Aston's Sword or get it later.)

Enter the residence near the Sanctuary and talk to the man there for another sub-event. You'll obtain the request item Treasured Picture from here. (Don't turn this over yet)

If you head to the valkines, you'll find a floating star. Do not examine it yet since this will bring you to an optional boss fight against Gloandrake. Its a LV82 dragon that's an incarnation of the wind Valkines. And yes, there are two others found in the Water and Fire valkines respectively. You can attempt to fight it and if you're powerful enough to defeat it, you'll obtain Malik's Dragon Tooth weapon and Gloandrake's Cryas.

Dragon of the Wind Cryas

Head to the castle and go to the savepoint for a skit. (Single Entendre)

If you have Aston's Sword, go to the throne room and talk to Duke Dalen. After the conversation, Asbel will earn his LV3 Mystic Arte through the title “Inheritor of Excalibur”

Return to the main hall then keep going right until you reach a corridor going up. Go up then left twice until you reach a corridor with two kids and another hallway going up. Go up then head left to find a new unopened chest. Open it to get the request item: Pearl Windthread

Barona Catacombs
Head to the savepoint leading to the secret passage in Barona Castle to trigger a skit. (It Happens to Everyone)

Head to the next room and check the shining object in the rubble to the left to get the request item: Ship Model.


If you've been collecting seeds and planting them in Cheria's flowerbed whenever you have the chance, they should be fully bloomed now. Otherwise, plant the remaining seeds in your possession and come back after a few sub-events. Once done, examine the floating star again. After this Sophie will gain her Flower Girl title and a skit. (The Mystery Seed)

Turn over the ship model to the maid in the Lhant Manor for Asbel to get his costume title Honorary Knight.

Go to Asbel's room to view a new skit (Model Siblings)

Enter the guest room to find Joe and his siblings again. In this event, you'll receive the Requiem sword and Mabo Curry x10. Talk to them again for another scene.

After a while, look for the floating star to the side of the shops for another event. This won't appear immediately so return after a while to find it. The item vendor will start selling Melons which you can use to make Melon Gels. These nifty item will allow you to increase your characters' max hp. (During the battle only)

North Yu Liberte Port
As part of the Treasured Picture request (this is optional), go to find a sailor beside the savepoint. Talk to him for a scene. Hubert will earn his Hot-Blooded title afterward. Now you can turn the request in to get your rewards.


Check the skit when you go to the savepoint in the inn. (Just Between Us Guys)

Oswell Family Vault
In shuttle mode, scan the narrow valley south of Oul Raye (X: 2.836, Y: -308.583) to find this area. After landing, you'll have to defeat the vault's guardian. It should be a very easy battle at this point so just defeat it with ease. After the scene, Hubert will earn his Scion of Oswell title.

It's time to loot the place. To the west, you'll find chests containing Panacea Bottle x2 and Eleth Bottle EX. Down to the east you'll find Peach Gel x2 and Life Bottle x3. Enter the vault next.

Enter through the eastern door and approach the painting for a skit. (Ill-Gotten Gains) Continue to the left to find several chests for the taking:

White Wine x3
Peach x3
Arcane Bottle
Beef x3
Imperial Crest
Syrup Bottle x2
Sea Blue Vestments
Red Wine x3
Mastery Tonic EX
Bizarre Clump
Drop Bottle
Seablue Statue (Request Item)
Toxic Fluid

Go to the savepoint for a skit (Fire in the Hole)

Check the backstage and talk to the playwright to make a new request available. The locations of the five Best Princess Stories books are found below:

Barona – Inside the closet in one of the rooms upstairs the inn.
Lhant – Inside the bookshelf in the Study Room.
Gralesyde – Inside the chest in Gralesyde Inn's rear exit.
Velanik – Found inside a chest in the backstage of the inn.
Zavhert – Check the residence near the turtlez merchant to the west part of the city. It is inside the drawer

Turn them over for a really amusing play. After that Malik will earn his Best Supporting Actor title. Head back to the backstage to play another skit. (They're So Method)


Check the savepoint inside the inn for a skit (The Smell Test)

You may complete some of the requests here as well. (Check the sidequests section for the complete walkthrough of completing each quests)

You can now create two new plushies for Lara. If you've been following the walkthrough, then you should have given her six before reaching this point. The other plushies location are found below as well:

Moji-kun Plushie – Barona, beside the bar
Nolo Plushie – Lhant, found outside the house beside the windmill
Imp Plushie – Gralsyde, in a chest beside the man who sells the Book of Dissolution. They're both located in the hidden alley on the way to Dalen's manor.
Ba'ul Plushie – Yu Liberte, in a chest by the boat docks in the city's northern exit.
Bush Baby Plushie – Velanik, inside the shack outside the inn
Katz Plushie – Zavhert, buy it from the kid outside Lara's house.

Prince - Lara's Beastie title
Estelle – Final scene, skit (Comprehensive Care), return to Lara's house to get Therapeutic Slicers from the chest.

Check the list below for the list of materials needed to create these dolls. Prince is also required as a request item so you'll have to create two. The core materials for the three of them are Stuffed Dolls.

Stuffed Doll  =  Puffpetal Down  Balloon Cloth
Balloon Cloth = Puffpetal Down Caustic
Caustic = Venomous Needle Hazardous Liquid
Hazardous Liquid are dropped by Ropers in the Seaside Cavern or the slimes and megastars inside the Rockgagong. Later in the game, you can also collect this from Sponge Ropers in the Fendel Mountain Pass.
Venomous Needles are drops by scorpions in the Strahta Desert.
Puffpetal Down can be harvested from discovery no. 20 in South Barona Highroad.

Estelle Plushie = Stuffed Doll Imperial Crest
Imperial Crest = Rare Metal Imperial Egg
Rare Metal = Can be harvested in the discovery point in Snowshroud Ruins
Imperial Egg = Clear Core Strange Gear
Clear Core – Uncommon drops by Mammoth Specters in Fendel Glacier RuinsCan be stolen from the Eye of Gluttony in Ghardia Shaft.
Strange Gear = Common drops by Sapphire Weapons in Snowshroud Ruins, or uncommon drops by Sensor Helmites and Automatillery in Fendel Tower.

Prince Plushie = Stuffed Doll Bizarre Clump
Bizarre Clump = Lump of Clay Soft Stone
Lump of Clay = Can be harvested from the discovery point in Region 66 in Fodra.
Soft Stone = Dangerous Liquid Earthen Pot
Dangerous Liquid = Common drops by Equitoids and Veritoids in Bathus Citadel
Earthen Pot = Common drops by Keening Golems in Bathus Citadel, Cackling Golems in Ghardia Shaft

Mizu-chan Plushie = Stuffed Doll Toxic Fluid
Toxic Fluid = Deathglow Algae Cantarella
Deathglow Algae = Can be harvested from the discovery point in the Seaside Cavern (outside the shuttle chamber)
Cantarella = Killer Needle Secret Seed
Killer Needle = Common drops by Sickle Spiders in Fodra (Humanoid Research Lab)
Secret Seed = Secret Seed = Dropped by Elder Treants and stealable from Filifolia Sprites in Route 33 in Fodra.

Head to the port to trigger a skit (If the Anklet Fits) This only becomes available if you're able to get the Lost Anklet from the old man.

Talk to the ship captain and select the ????? route. Defeat the monsters as part of the sub-event. You'll also obtain the request item: Strahta Ratchet afterward. Malik will earn his Barmaster Candidate title afterward.

After meeting the barmaster, go back to Barona real quick and go to the bar. Talk to the barmaster and agree to tend the bar for the meantime.

Fendel Tower
Go to the savepoint for a skit (Two Birds)

Use the maintenance elevator to reach B10. Talk to the spy to the left to receive the request item: Evidence of Espionage. Pascal will earn her Patriot of Fendel title. Follow where the spy went.

Activate the first two valves then continue to the right. Make your way down and grab 555 eleth units from the chest along the way. Exit to B11 then go around to the backdoor again.

Grab the Hazardous Liquid from the chest to the right then continue to B12. Open the chest to the left to get a Venomous Needle. There's also a hidden chest to beside that chest. Open it to get the Book of Expansion. From there, you can just take the main elevator to return to the entrance.

Fendel Glacier Ruins

Head to the second savepoint deep inside the dungeon for a skit. (Music Makers)

Continue to the boss room. The floating star there will allow you to challenge the third and strongest of the valkines dragons. Forbrawyvern is a LV121 (moderate) fire dragon with around 495K HP. If you're struggling keeping yourself alive in this battle, it may be a good idea to try challenging it a little later.

Defeating it will award you with Bahamut's Tear and Fybrowyvern's Cryas.

There's an opening to the left. Enter it and find an Arcane Bottle from the chest by taking the right path when you reach the fork. Continue to the left path to find another split in the road. Take the path to the left to find an Elixir. Continue forth for another split. Go to the left to find some gald inside. Continue again until you reach the last chamber with another chest containing Grape Gel x3. Examine the event star for a scene.

After the event, you'll get the request item: Kurt's Pendant and Malik's Unable to Die title. A new chest will appear as well. Open it for Malik's Abyssal Vestments.

Amarcian Enclave

Head to the savepoint for a skit. (Tall Tales)

If you have Aston's Sword and after talking to Dalen in Barona, as well as the Argo Iris dropped by the mini-boss Abysseon in Ghardia Shaft, go to the overseer's chamber and talk to Poisson and the Overseer. Aston's Sword will be repaired and will become Excalibur.

There are new levels in the Shot Cube mini-game. Completing LV3 will award you with a Mythril Shotstaff. Completing the final challenge will award you with a Rare Shotstaff, as well as the request item: Winner's Trophy. The solutions for each puzzles can be found below:

Rank 1, Stage 5

Rank 1, Stage 6

Rank 2, Stage 7

Rank 2, Stage 8

Rank 2, Stage 9


Rank 3, Stage 10

Rank 3, Stage 11

Rank 4, Stage 12

After that, a new skit will be playable. (Puzzle Master)

Beach Resort
You can find this hidden location in these coordinates (X: -367.196, Y: -159.583)

Check the starfish plushies to the right for a discovery (No. 77 Sunscreen Rangers) and skit. (The Beach Brigade) Talk to the receptionist to the left and choose to use the pool. Watch the following scenes. After that, Cheria will earn her Alluring Temptress title.

Enter the resort area using the door to the left. Check the shark floater to the right of the pool to find the request item Shark Fin.

Check the shining object in the middle of the tube floater to the left of the water slide to get the Inner Tube attachment.

Exit back to the lobby and approach the floating star for a sub-event. You'll now have the option to search your character swimsuits over Strahta.

Sable Izolle

View the skit in the savepoint (Midnight Ramblers)

Check the counter behind the item shop to find Cheria's swimsuit. Purchase it for 100,000 gald to recover it. Cheria will acquire her Seaside Angel title.

Also, you can challenge the Carter in the eastern part of the town to get new items and titles, as long as you have collected more Magic Carta cards. There is really no shortcut way of winning other than practicing. One effective tip is to remember a unique keyword for each character card you have in your possession and of course, remembering their faces. It may take a few tries but it is doable.

Normal Mode – Race to 200 points
Winning but the opponent has a score (1st time) = Book of Cuisine
Winning flawlessly = Sophie's Great Pirate title

Hard Mode – Race to 300 points
The challenge in this level is that several cards are on top of each other and you have to carefully but quickly select them without accidentally selecting the cards above them. This is a bit frustrating, especially when the opponent AI doesn't make this mistake. Also it pays to hover your cursor to the bottom cards so you can identify it beforehand.
Winning but the opponent has a score (1st time) = Nature's Scarf, Carta Shark title for Pascal, Busybody title for Cheria, skit (A Winning Combination)
Winning flawlessly = Cheria's Magical Bee title

If you talked to Justin in North Yu Liberte Port, you'll find him near the inn. Talk to him to receive Carbon Rod.

Yu Liberte

Talk to the man near the entrance to retrieve Malik's Swimsuit. He'll get his Lifeguard title

Head to the savepoint for a skit. (What Goes Thump in the Night)

Oul Raye

Head to the savepoint for a skit. (The Troll Still Burns)

Check the vase to the right of the item shop to find Asbel's swimsuit. (Vest-Dressed title)

Inside the Rockgagong

Head to the southeast portion of the dungeon to find a Felonfake enemy. Defeat it to get Hubert's swimsuit (Six-Eyes)

If you haven't done it yet, it will be a good time to attempt and steal the Rockgagong Fur from no other than the Rockgagong itself. You have a 25% chance to steal it. First, you have to prepare. Asbel, Sophie and Pascal have moves that has a chance to steal. I'll suggest using Sophie since you can just spam her B-Arte, Sword Assault. The following titles and books will also help:

Sophie's Pilferator title (Steal probability up) – Mastering it will boost the effects
Book of Finesse  (Doubles the odds of stealing items) – Acquired from the password-protected chest in Zavhert
Book of Serendipity (Doubles the odds of gaining items you haven't acquired yet) – Inside a chest in Fendel Research Laboratory

Basically what you want is to steal the fur and run away as fast as you can. Take note that taking a direct hit from the rockgagong's attacks will result to an instant death. When you see it raising its arms, hold your guard and continue attacking. After getting the fur, you have to escape. Do this by running outward the battle area's blue ring until you see the escape gauge.

Steal and Run

Strahta Desert Ruins

Head to the savepoint for a skit (Evenly Matched)

Go to the valkines and check the chest behind it to find the request item: Liquisilk Fabric

There's a floating start in front of the valkines where you can fight an optional boss, the dragon called Duplewyrm. This is a LV104 dragon (moderate) / LV95 (normal) so unless you're near that level, I suggest avoiding fighting this boss for now. If you're able to defeat it in battle, you'll receive Dragonbone Darts for Cheria and Duplewyrm's Cryas.

Dragon of the Water Cryas

Go to the underground ruins and go to the southwest and fight an enemy called Torch Elemental. This looks like an ordinary fire elemental so just engage them and defeat them until you recover Sophie's swimsuit. (Beach Kitty title)

Uncharted Sandstretch
Exit from Oul Raye then take the path to the right to reach this new area. You should be able to handle the enemies now though you should still be careful since they still hit hard. Follow the straight path and you should find a chest to the left. Open it for a Mastery Tonic C. Further along the road, there's another chest containing some gald.

Continue along the path and you'll encounter some Blast Helmites. Defeat two waves of them to obtain the request item: Abandoned Cargo and Pascal's Free Spirit costume title.

Grab the Arcane Bottle from the chest near the turtlez merchant then save your game. Check the green slot on the large entrance then insert the Amarcian Key you acquired earlier in the Balthus Citadel.

Sandshroud Ruins
Go downstairs and enter the first room north. Examine the panel to power the place up. Before entering the room to the right and routing the power, go downstairs to the left and approach the savepoint for a skit. (A Show of Gratitude)

Engage the Pooka Helmet north and defeat it to finally get Pascal's swimsuit title. (Deep Sea Diver) Enter the room north and approach the rotating object ahead for a skit. (That Old Familiar Feeling) Open the chest to get Life Bottle x3.

Backtrack to the stairs and enter the room to the right. There are two doors here so route the power so it reaches both doors to the right. If you route the power to an empty square, it could make an item or enemy appear. In this room, routing the power to the two squares nearest to the doors will reveal two chests containing an Eleth Bottle EX and Crystal Seashell. Enter any doors to the right.

Rotate the switch to route the power to the unpowered conduit and exit to the next door. This time, you'll be in another room with more switches. This “puzzle” is rather very simple so I won't be spoon-feeding you the details. Let's start on the right side of the room. Check the image below to know where the chest is located (the other squares contain enemies) and how it should be routed. Open the chest in the middle for 900 units of eleth.

On the left side, open the chest for Grape Gel x3. Continue south once both powers are routed.

Before taking the stairs, continue to the right to find a chest containing some gald. Go downstairs and follow the path until you reach a door. Exit to the west and you'll be in another large room with a similar setup. The square to the northeast has an enemy while the one in the middle right contains an All-Divide. The chest to the middle left contains a Clear Core and the lower left square contains an Elixir.

Once you have routed the power to two doors, enter the door to the north first. Use the savepoint here if you want, then loot the Hourglass from the chest. For now route the colored lines so that they'll merge and create a purple line. Route the purple line to power up the door.

Enter the corridor then enter any of the doors to the left. Here's you'll find a larger version of the colored panel puzzle you encountered a few moments ago. In this room, you'll have to direct the colored lines so they'll pass through all panels with the corresponding color. If two colors pass through the same node, it will create a new color. All panels must be lit and the door powered up before it can be opened. The puzzle's pretty easy. Still, the solution is provided in the video below. Don't forget to deliberately pass the lines in the empty squares to make the two chests to the northeast and middle left appear. Open them for 1 Gald (Yes, seriously) and the Book of Solitude. Continue to the newly opened door.

First colored puzzle

Examine the artifact in the corner for a new discovery and skit. (No. 76 Heat Ray Cannon B) (Patching the Cracks) You can take the portal to warp to the entrance and restock. Otherwise, just backtrack to the savepoint then back to the large room. Take the door to the south this time.

Enter the next room to the right and you'll find three doors with colored conduits. Enter through any of the rooms to find a larger and intimidating version of the colored puzzle room you encountered earlier.

In this room, you'll have to direct the colored lines so they'll pass through all panels with the corresponding color. If two colors pass through the same node, it will create a new color. In the areas with eleth lines of three colors, a single line can contain two colors maximum. If three colors pass through the same line, all lines will be reset and you'll have to start over. You may check the video below to learn what colored lines should pass to what switch and panel.

Second colored puzzle

After the door opens, defeat the enemy guarding the two chests and loot them for a Mastery Tonic EX and Hero Staff. You can now use the portal to return to the entrance.

Shuttle Crash Site
You'll find this in this coordinates (X: -381.555, Y: 129.488)

Approach the crash site for a skit. (Belated Apologies)

Go to the right of the crash site and you should find a hidden chest in the far end. Open it for Sophie's Silver Vestments.

Equip your best armor and damage reducing titles before checking out the floating star. You have to attack this humanoid until you deplete its HP. Once its HP is drained and it becomes a “?”, brace yourselves and guard against its explosion. If the explosion kills you even when you're guarding, you'll need to come back later when you're a bit stronger or when you have better equipment. Or you can simply set the difficulty to easy mode and guard once it raises its Nova barrier. Take note that it can still kill you if the explosion caught you off guard.

After the battle, you'll obtain the request item: Proof of Another World.

Lambda's Cocoon
The dungeon's layout is now different from before. From the shuttle, go to the right, then enter the room to the southeast to find a red chest. Open it to get a Book of Audacity.

Enter the hole then go left twice. You'll find a chest to the south containing Rare Tunic. Examine the floating star for an event. You'll obtain the request item: Data Recorder. Sophie will gain her Version 6.1 title.

Continue to the left and you should find a savepoint. Open the chest to the northwest to get a Drop Bottle. Other than those changes, the rest of the dungeon is pretty much the same so you can now leave.

Telos Astue
Skit by the savepoint (Target Practice)

Humanoid Research Center
There's a skit in the savepoint outside the laboratory in B4 (Just Between Us Gals).

Continue to B2 and before you reach the laboratory room, there should be a path going up. Take that and follow it as it turns to the right. Enter the room you'll find and you should see the floating star.

This will only become available after getting the memory core during a sub-event in Telos Astue (you can trigger it before leaving using the shuttle for the first time) Now you'll have to collect the necessary materials. You'll need two each of the following:

Soaring Crystal (Pretty Feather Torn Page)
Overgrown Crystal (Anonymous Seed Torn Page)
Formless Crystal (Hazardous Liquid Rare Metal)
Hyperdense Crystal (Dangerous Liquid Lump of Clay)
Artificial Crystal (Working Gear Rare Metal)
Moist Crystal (Water of Absolution Common Metal)

Here's the general list of the base materials needed:

Torn Page = Harvested from Discovery No. 33 Daunting Book in Sable Izolle
Rare Metal = Harvested from Discovery No. 63 Mechanical Scrapyard in Snowshroud Ruins
Lump of Clay = Harvested from Discovery No. 70 Unsettling Garden in Region 66, Fodra
Common Metal = Random pick-up item. Once you got it, you can reproduce it by using the eleth mixer.
Water of Absolution = Discovery No. 11 inside Barona's Sanctuary
Pretty Feather – Drops by Desert Eagles in Strahta Desert West, Harpies in Fendel Borderlands
Anonymous Seed = These can be stolen from Filifolia Cacti and rare drops from Mandragora.
Hazardous Liquid = Common drops of Red Slimes and Mega Stars inside the Rockgagong, or rare drops by ropers in the Wallbridge Ruins.
Dangerous Liquid = Common drops by Equitoids and Veritoids in Bathus Citadel

Examine the floating star again once you have the materials. Mecha-Sophie will be born and Pascal will get her Brainiac title.

Balthus Citadel

Skit at the savepooint near the boss room (A Desolate World)

Enter the boss room and examine the floating star there. You'll get the request item: Drill and Malik's Model Soldier title.

Katz Korner
If you're able to feed all the hungry cats you came across, you'll be able to access this secret place by talking to the last cat that will appear in Lhant before heading for Ghardia Shaft. From hereon, you can access this by talking to any cat you have fed before. In case you lost track, here are the cats' locations:

Barona – outside of the royal sanctuary
Gralesyde Port – found in the eastern side of the port.
Oul Raye – Inside the cottage near the port
Sable Izolle – To the left of the tower's entrance
Yu Liberte – Inside the White Wine Estate in the residential district.
Warrior's Roost – Its by the docks to the right and really hard to miss.
Velanik – Inside the house just outside the inn where you'll find a plushie and a kid who makes seafood sets
Zavhert – Inside the house where you'll find (Discovery No. 50 Doll-Within-A-Doll)
Amarcian Enclave – Outside Pascal's house
Lhant – Found in the plaza, available only after clearing Lambda's Cocoon the first time.

Chests: Magic Carta No. 40
Skit: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Cat Pine Seeds
Password-protected Chest: (foselos) Hourglass
Discovery: No. 78 Catnip, Skit: Raining Cats and Dogs

Cat-Crazy Coot's House
(X:332.000, Y: -392.000)

Head to this location to get the Katz Decoder. In case this location doesn't bring up anything even after scanning it, you need to visit the Katz Korner at least once and talk to the old man there to get the coordinates. This will allow you to communicate with any Katz especially those tending the shops in the Katz Korner. You'll also get a Katz Klothez armor. Loot Milk x3 from the chest before leaving.

Alright, that's all the pre-ending extras you can check at the moment. If you want to view more skits, here are the available ones:

Sandshroud Ruins (Cool Composure)
Snowshroud Ruins (A Mother's Pride)
Orlen Woods savepoint, near the village (Cheria's Awakening)
Wallbridge, perimeter tower SW B1. (Ulterior Motives)
Wallbridge Ruins, second savepoint going to the Gralesyde Highroad exit. (The Abridged Version)
Border Fortress, in the middle. (Kicking Butt, Taking Names)
Lhant Hill, meadows, by the tree. (All Class)

Warrior's Roost
You can already make your way to the top and challenge the champion, Viegue if you want. Defeating him will allow you to get his sword, the Laevatein (Excalibur is much stronger than this) and will open up a new request in the inn.

Riot Peak Guardian

After the battle, you'll also get the Victor's Badge and unlock a new skit as well. (Cry Babies)

The Riot Peak Master Class will become available as well. In this mode, you'll fight without items and players will be swapped per round. When you reach the top floor, you'll be fighting Veigue again but on a one-on-one battle.

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