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Adult Arc - Part 3

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Adult Arc - Part 3

North Lhant Road

After the scenes, Sophie will acquire the One and the Same title. Make your way back to Lhant Hill. Along the road, you'll find a Watermelon attachment. Equip it in the Status menu. Continue along the road and enter Lhant Hill. Head to the flower meadow for a short conversation. Make your way back to Lhant.

After the scene, head to the manor and talk to Hubert in the study. After the scene, Asbel will earn the Brother's Keeper title. Leave the mansion then head to the plaza to meet up with your other team mates. Next, you'll have to look for Cheria. Cross the bridge south of town to trigger a skit. (A Name to be Feared) Continue to the west road.

West Lhant Road

Approach the savepoint for a skit. (A Name to be Treasured). Continue along the road. Like before the chests you looted before were restocked so head up to the tree and loot the Scale from the chest there.
Continue along the road for a scene with Cheria. Defeat the beasts to rescue her.

After the scene, Cheria get the An Old Friend Returned title while Pascal will get the Adolescent Girl title. Cheria will rejoin the party as well. Before heading back, you can check the cottage for some Rice. Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Like Old Times)

Look for the chest by the seashore to get some gald and another chest containing Peach Gel x2 under a tree south of the cottage. Make your way back to Lhant afterward.


Return to the manor and head to the 1st floor guest chambers. Before leaving, head to the second floor to find a floating star. This will trigger a short scene between Lady Kerri and Hubert. Approach the savepoint for a skit (Lucky You) then save your game.

You need to go to the West Lhant Road but before leaving, you can visit Cheria's home to find another floating star there. Examine it to view a scene between Sophie, Asbel and Cheria. Continue examining it so Sophie can plant the various seeds you have collected so far. From hereon, you need to plant any new seeds you'll find in this flower bed to complete a sub-event.

You can also make a quick detour to the Lhant Hill Meadow. Examine the floating star by the tree to find a letter. This is also part of a request in Lhant so make sure to talk to the maid when you go back to get your rewards. After getting the letter, Cheria will also get the Sympathetic Soul title.

Head to the West Lhant Road when ready.

West Lhant Road

You need to travel all the way to West Lhant Road. A scene will trigger after reaching the seaside. Continue along the road, loot the chest to get a seashell. Enter to the port. Once there, approach the savepoint for a skit. (What Real Women Eat) Board the boat when ready.

Oul Raye

After the conversation, Malik will earn the Erudite Fellow title. Talk to the turtlez tot being bullied and agree to help. You'll receive a Turtlez Tot Note containing some coordinates. (X:366, Y:172). Next, head inside the cottage to find a chest containing some rice, and a pink cat which you can feed with fish.

Continue to the right to find a chest beside the turtlez transport. Open it for Magic Carta No. 32. Continue to the left and talk to the man sitting in front of the inn to receive Onion x3. Approach the savepoint for a skit (Never Surrender) Save your game then talk to the woman in front of the inn. Check out the new requests as well.

Check the password protected chest to the left of the savepoint and enter the password “turtlez”. Obtain the Book of Sustenance from it. C

ontinue downstairs to the left and right before the exit, there should be a new discovery you can record. (No. 31 Stone of Truth). You'll also obtain a Truth Salt from it and play a new skit (The Sweet Taste of Deceit). Exit the town when done.

Strahta Craglands

Approach the savepoint for a skit (What's a Rockgagong?) Keep heading west and don't wander off to the Uncharted Sandstretch as the enemies there will instantly destroy you. Loot some gald from the chest by the cactus, right after your pass the fork in the path.

Continue heading west and you'll spot a group of giant cacti with two NPCs. Examine it for a new discovery. (No.32 Strahtan Cacti) You'll also obtain Strahtan Cacti x3 and play a new skit. (Survival Skills)

Continue to the left and loot a Pretty Scarf from the chest. Talk to the scholar ahead as well to receive the Book of Rare Creatures. The two recent items you have can be turned over to the inn in Oul Raye to complete their respective requests, if you like.

Continue west until you find another chest containing a Soaring Crystal. Move along until you find a cacti with a chest beside it. Open the chest for a Titanium Anklet. Continue forth until you reach the town.

Sable Izolle

Cross the foot bridge and talk to the scholar behind the house with the green roof to get Spice Set x3. You can also talk to the Carter in the middle to have a conversation about Magic Carta. Its really just about remembering the quotes from each character and picking the correct character. It will be worth reviewing the carta cards you have and reading their quotes since they're the ones that will be used in the game. If you win without him scoring, you'll win an item and additional titles. The difficulty will increase as you collect more cards. For now, you can win Asbel's Dark Enforcer title with a flawless victory.

Cross the bridge to the left and you'll find a password-protected chest due north, up the ramp. Enter the password “rockgagong” to obtain the Book of Restraint. Continue up the ramp for a scene. After that approach the savepoint for a skit (The Spice of Life)

Talk to the kid to the right of the savepoint to obtain Magic Carta No. 16 and 19. Check the large book in between the kid and the savepoint for a new discovery as well. (No. 33 Daunting Book) A skit is playable as well. (Handle with Care) You'll get a Torn Page as well. There's also a cat you can feed to the left.

Enter the research tower and examine the star there for a short scene. Pascal will get her Water Summoner title afterward. Check out the machine to the left for a new discovery. (No. 34 Somnosphere). You can play a new skit as well. (The Eye of Snorin') Exit the tower afterward.

Continue to the left  and talk to the chef. Bring him a potato, carrot and onion to create a veggie set. Check the ramp to the right of the chef to find a chest containing Magic Carta No. 33. There's also an inn to the left. Check it out for some new requests. Once ready, continue heading west to exit the town.

Strahta Desert East

Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Longin' for a Ga-gongin') Continue along the desert until you find a desert cottage. There's a chest inside containing some Cheese and a turtlez merchant outside. From the cottage, head north to find a chest to the right, between a rock and cactus. Open it for Spice Set x2.

Continue heading west of the desert cottage to find another chest behind some cacti, near some ruins. Open it for Eleth Bottle C. Head to the open area for a scene.

Inside the Rockgagong

Start by saving the game. Approach the savepoint for a skit. (All Roads Lead to WHERE?) Be careful when stepping on the violet fluid as it will damage your party. There are a couple of chests to the northeast but you won't be able to access them yet. Continue to the left to fight the first of the Visceral Parasites in this dungeon.


Before heading to the house, use the stones to the left and hop to the other side to find a head of a statue. Examine it to record a new discovery. (No. 35 Golden Smile) Another skit will be triggered if you get near it. (T.M.I)

Return to the previous area then make your way to the swallowed cottage. Don't enter it yet; approach the savepoint for another skit (That House Over There) and a chest with x2 Life Bottles. Go past that chest to find a narrow walkway leading to a chest containing a Fangtear Crystal. Enter the house and check it until you find a flute. After obtaining the Rockgagong Flute, a turtlez merchant will be available and will offer inn services as well.

Use the stones northwest of the house to get to the next dry land. Hop on the stones to the left until you reach a lone chest containing a Book of Preemption.

Backtrack to the main path then continue north. Hop to the west to find one of the parasites. Backtrack then head east this time.

After reaching the area with the second savepoint, head north and defeat another parasite. Approach the savepoint for another skit (The Same Frequency) Hop on the stones to the right to find a giant green ball. Examine it for a new discovery. (No. 36  Enormous Egg) Another skit will be playable. (Egging Her On) Backtrack to the previous land then go down. You'll find another set of stones. Hop on these until another parasite ambushes you.

Hop on the stones to the left then head south. You should be able to cross a shallow path that leads to chest containing a Blue Ribbon. Backtrack a bit then hop on the stones to the left to find another parasite. Defeat it and grab the chest containing 405 units of eleth. Backtrack then hop on the stones going east. You should find a lone chest there containing Peach Gel x3.

Backtrack and you should be able to use some rocks to return to the house. Heal up, restock and save as necessary. Once done, make your way to the second savepoint and you should be able to hop on the stones to reach the next area. You'll have the face the boss next.

Boss: Entrails Parasite

This battle shouldn't be that hard. Just keep attacking, preferably just before the combos of your allies end so you can continuously deal damage. Keep hitting the queen until it divides to five smaller parasites. Concentrate on your current targets and use AOE attacks to get rid of them quickly.

The entrails parasite

After defeating the boss, you'll be back outside. From this area you can summon the Rockgagong to enter the dungeon again or fight it. For now, don't do so; wait until you're a lot more stronger.

Strahta Desert East
Head to the cottage for a new skit (Just a Tourist?) Continue heading west. You should find a chest a beside a cactus containing Veggie Set x2. From there, just head north to find another chest containing Syrup Bottle x2. From there, head left to find another chest with some gald. Backtrack south then continue west.

Grab the Blazing Crystal from the chest behind the Strahtan soldier.  Examine the tree beside it for a new discovery. (No.37 Desert Bananas) You can play a new skit as well. (Private Lessons) Continue further and you'll finally reach the capital.

Yu Liberte

Before heading to the palace, there's a lot of stuff to do here. Let me list down what you can do/find so you can check them out in any order you please.

Head to the commercial district and continue upstairs to the left to find a luxurious inn. Check the snowman in the far left of the inn, just across the counter to record a new discovery. (No. 39 No-Sweat Snowman). A skit will be available. (Climate Controlled) You can check out new requests as well.

In the commercial district, there's some stairs between the equipment and item shops. There's a hidden path to the left of the stairs that will lead you to the chest on the side. Open it for a Magic Carta No. 34.

In the residential district, you'll find the Oswell Manor. There's a shining object in the planer so grab it first then enter the manor. Examine the shining object on the table to get the Water Googles attachment.

Enter the White Wine Estate to the left. Obtain Cheese x3 from the drawer and a cat you can feed by the stairs.

Enter the Red Wine Estate and grab Onion x3 from the drawer near the door. Talk to the maid to get some Cheese.

Head north to the governmental district. Head east to reach the north gate. Go right to find a turtlez merchant then south to the small dock. You'll find a chest to the right containing a Ba'ul Plushie.

You can ignore the West Gate so just continue north to the presidential palace. As soon as you pass the water arc, a skit will be available. (Leadership Qualities) Walk a bit until you can examine it as it is a new discovery as well. (No.38 Great Fountain) A skit will be playable, as always. (Fountains of the World, Part I)

Enter the palace and approach the guard. Enter the presidential room once ready. After the audience with the president, check the password-protected chest behind the board and enter the password “duplemar” to his left to get the Book of Restriction. Exit the room to meet up with your teammates.

After the scene, you can view a new skit. (Big Trouble for Little Brother) Exit the palace then continue south for a scene. Continue to the residential district. You'll find some people talking in the middle as you go south. You can also enter the Oswell manor to watch a minor event.

Head to the commercial district this time. You'll find more people talking. Take the boat back to the governmental district and you should find two NPCs talking in the middle. If they're not there, exit to the residential district then come back again. Once they mention something about the west gate, head there for a scene.

After that you'll receive Pascal's Diagram. Head to the presidential office and show it to the president. Before leaving the inn, you can trigger another skit. (Drawn Together) After taking the diagram to the president, you'll receive an ID Card. Exit the room to regroup. Make your preparations then leave through the west gate.

Strahta Desert West

Approach the savepoint for a skit (No Sweat) . The path is pretty straightforward. Just keep hugging the walls north and you'll find a chest to the far left containing some gald. After finding this chest, continue head west while following the wall and you'll find another chest beside the cactus. Loot the Silver Scabbard from it.

Continue along as the path turns south to find a turtlez merchant, an NPC and some weirld looking statues. Examine it for a new discovery. (No. 40 Sand People) Play a skit as well. (No Words) Continue forth until you reach a savepoint. Continue south and you should find a a chest in the middle containing an Orange Ribbon.

Follow the path then once you reach a split, take the upper one. You should find a chest beside a pillar containing a Stone Charm. Head down (southeast) to find another chest near the sand wall. Open it for a Bluster Crystal.

Continue west and some pillars will start sprouting from the ground, blocking your path. Just go along the path. Grab the Upper Quarry Stone from the chest along the way, and find another chose to the south containing a Core Fragment. Move along until you reach a savepoint. Enter the ruins once done saving.

Strahta Desert Ruins

After the short scene, a skit will be available. (Full Steam Ahead) The path is straightforward and you need to defeat a few monsters and solve color puzzles to reach the valkines. Head to the right then up to find the first set of colored blocks you need to solve. Step on the yellow block first, then blue. A skit will be unlocked as well. (Step by Step) Continue past the solved puzzle then go downstairs east.

Grab the Red Scarf from the chest in the upper path, then continue to the east to find another chest containing a Freeze Charm. Go downstairs south next. Take the one to the right as the left one is broken. Grab the chest to the left containing a Possessed Crystal.

Head to the left and you'll find another puzzle. Step on the following blocks: yellow, red and blue. Continue to the left along the torch-lit bridge. Before crossing it, there should be a discovery (No. 41 Ancient Embers) and a new skit (A Serious Matter). You'll also get a Torchflame from it.

Continue to the left to find yet another puzzle. Step on the following blocks to solve it: red, blue, yellow. Open the chest on the other side to get a Battle Tunic. Continue to the left and take the stairs north for now. The chests further left are inaccessible at the moment.

Head north to find the last puzzle. Step on the  red, blue, yellow blocks to solve it. Continue to the right and grab the gal from the chest before reaching the savepoint. Approach the savepoint for a skit (Scene Stealer) then save your game. Head to the valkines for a scene and a boss battle shortly afterward.

Boss: Dispater x2

Double trouble

These two enemies are notorious for primarily targeting your spellcasters, especially your healers. For the first part of the battle, concentrate on one target. Setting your strategy to have your teammates attack the leader's target will make it easier for you to focus fire on one target at a time. Later in the battle, they'll be using a very wide AOE attack, as well as some mid-range, medium-sized AOEs. Your healers will be smart enough to move away from danger and they'll be more effective if you'll prioritize keeping them alive using recovery items. If you have upgraded Cheria's healing artes and supported it with healing-boosting gems and equipment, then you won't have that much trouble keeping the team afloat throughout the entire battle.

Since the enemies are flying, it will be a challenge for some of your combos to hit or connect. Compensate by using Attack and Burst artes in tandem, especially if this will stop them on their tracks.

Defeating these enemies within 60 seconds will unlock a corresponding trophy.

After the scene, Sophie will earn the Independent Thinker title. Before leaving, stand in front of the cryas for a new discovery (No. 42 Duplemar) and skit. (Pitch Black)

You can leave by going south directly however don't do so yet. Go back to the underground ruins to the left so you can loot the two chests you can't access before.  They contain the Book of Duplication and 435 eleth.

You can take the Turtlez transport back to the capital but before doing so, exit the ruins and approach the savepoint for a skit. (Keeping it Together)

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