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Follow the dark path or use the light

Adult Arc - Part 4

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Adult Arc - Part 4

Yu Liberte

Report to the president and Hubert will finally join the party. He will also get the Dutiful Brother title afterward. After getting Hubert, you'll have the chance to make some detours before heading to Fendel. It's also time to check out some new requests. (Check the Requests section of this guide to find the list of requests and how to complete them)

Head to the residential area and find a maid in the left side which an emoticon above her head. Talk to her for a mini-event. This will become an official request afterward. (This can be completed immediately; refer to the requests section for a more detailed guide)

Head to the commercial district and find another person with an emoticon to the left. Talk to Marian to open up another official request. After completion, Marian will now open a gem polishing shop in the commercial district. This will also give Hubert his Steadfast Denier title and a new skit. (Burning Questions)(This can be completed immediately; refer to the requests section for a more detailed guide)

Gem polishing will allow you to leave an unequipped gem to Marian so she can polish it and increase its stats for a fee. You can also make her work faster by giving her different pies.

If you head to the inn to check the new requests, a skit will be playable by approaching the savepoint. (Twenty Minutes)

You're practically free to roam anywhere so you can also visit Gralesyde and Barona to complete some quests. If you missed any discoveries, you can also backtrack and check them out (though some of the skits associated with them won't trigger anymore)

You may check the Requests/Sidequests section for more information.

[Note: This is a missable sidequest; you must complete this before visiting the last dungeon (Ghardia Shaft) for the first time] Head inside Cheria's house and examine the floating start to trigger a sub-event. This will also open a new request in Lhant. (Beloved Handkerchief)

Check one of the rooms in the inn to find Fiery Joe. After this event, Sophie will get her Heavenly Emissary title.

Talk to Duke Dalen inside his manor to enable a request. (Wallbridge Evidence) See the Requests section to know more.


Head to the central tower and talk to the maid there. You can play hide-and-seek with the kids. You can do the following after starting this mini-game.

Head to the roof and buy a corquette from the turtlez merchant.
Perimeter Tower NW: Talk to the soldier searching under the bed. Agree to lend him the money to get Hubert's Major Splurger title. All your money will be taken away but don't worry; you'll get it back later.
Perimeter Tower NE: A kid is hiding behind the ladder, beside the lever.
Make your way to the perimeter tower SE B1 and you'll find a soldier blocking the path. Trade 3 Life Bottles for a Feather Badge and continue south. You'll find a child along the corridor.
Continue inside the perimeter tower SE B1 next and talk to the crouching soldier. This time, you'll get all your money back. Talk to the kid hiding between the beds.
Exit and find another kid behind the turtlez transport
Enter the Main Tower SE and head to the rooftop to find a soldier lying down on the floor. Talk to him and give him the croquettes you bought earlier to remove him out of the way. Continue to the right and you should find another kid beside the crates.
Head to the Main Tower NW and find a kid hiding behind the crates to the left.
From there, exit north and keep talking to the guard until he leaves. Find the child behind him.
Enter the Perimeter Tower NW B1 behind the last child and you should find the last kid behind the large barrel (Discovery No.27 300 Year-Old Barrel)

After finding all the kids, you'll get the Hide and Seek Honcho title for Cheria and a skit as well. (War Games)

After meeting Fiery Joe in the Gralesyde Inn, go the inn and check one of the rooms there to find him and Annie. Talk to them to trigger a sub-event. You'll receive Salisbury Steak x3 afterward.

Oul Raye

After meeting Annie and Joe in the Barona Inn, you'll find them with the third weirdo in front of the inn. Malik will earn the “Winged One” title after this sub-event.

Continue near the Truth Stone to find a floating star. Examine it and watch the scene. Hubert will get his Keeper of Secrets title afterward as well as the Investigation Report, a request item in Sable Izolle.

Sable Izolle
After meeting him, Annie and Kaz in Oul Raye, you'll find Joe and Kaz near the west exit of the town. After this you'll obtain Pork Curry.

Yu Liberte
After the scene with the three weirdos, you can find them inside the inn. You'll obtain a Battle Sword afterward.

When ready, exit using Yu Liberte's north gate.

Strahta Desert North

Check the western side of the desert to find a chest between two cacti containing some gald. Head north to find a well. Examine it for a new discovery. (No.43 Dried-Up Well) and skit (Fight Me, Brother). You can also gather Truth Salts from here.

Take note that activating the skit will pit Asbel against Hubert. You'll get different skits if you win or lose the battle against him. He's not that hard at this point but you still have to be careful with his attacks. After the skits, he'll get his Restorer of Pride and Sophie's Gossip Lover titles.

Check the chest behind the discovery to obtain a Moon Anklet. Continue east and you'll find another chest along the way, along the crevice to the south. Open it for a Silver Frames. Continue east and approach the savepoint for another skit. (Furtive Glances)

North Yu Liberte Port

You'll find White Wine inside the port cottage. Approach the ferry's captain for a scene. You'll get a new skit afterward. (Piercing Glances)

Warrior's Roost
After the scene, check the shining object to the right to get Daphne Seeds and a chest containing Red Wine. There's also a cat you can feed and a sub-event (floating star) to trigger. This event will feature the three weirdos again. You'll also gain x3 Sweet and Sour Eels afterward.

Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Observing the Observer) There's a chest north of the savepoint containing Magic Carta No. 35. The inn here will feature new requests as well. There's a new discovery to the right of the stairs. Just examine the torch with the metal emblem. (Discovery No. 44 Annals of Victory) You can also play a new skit afterward. (Knight Moves)

Continue upstairs to the reception area. There's a password-protected chest to the right. Enter “riot peak” to get the Book of Metabolism from it. (Tip: To get the space recognized when inputting the password, enter the blank spaces)

Ready your best team and equipment then challenge Riot Peak. You need to get to the 5th level to continue with the story. You'll have to defeat the same soldiers earlier. This battle shouldn't be that hard so there's really no special tactics required to defeat them. After defeating them, Hubert will earn The Youngest Lieutenant title.

Return to the savepoint and approach it for a skit. (En Guardian) Save the game if you want. If you wish to continue with the story, talk to the spy you rescued.

You can head back to Yu Liberte real quick and visit the Oswell manor to trigger a sub-event (005: Mr. Oswell's Secret 2)

South Velanik Port

You can find x2 Crabs in a chest inside the house. Other than that, there's really nothing else to do here so just exit.

Fendel Borderlands
Grab the Fancy Fur from the chest along the way. Continue ahead and you'll find a large tree. Examine it for a new discovery. (Discovery No. 45 Peach Tree). You'll obtain X3 Peaches and a skit. (Just Peachy)

Continue until you reach the fork in the road. Take the southern path first to find a chest along the way. Open it for a Anonymous Seed. A bit further down and you'll find a chest with Seascale Crystal to the right. If you continue further down, you'll find a Fendel checkpoint. Approach it for a skit. (Border Crossing) You can bribe the black Turtlez to cross the border and just board the ships to return to Fendel.

Return to the fork and head north to find a crater. After the scene, get near it to trigger a skit. (Just another Coinkydink) To the left of the crater is a chest. Open it for some gald. Continue up and you'll find another chest to the left side of the road containing a Green Ribbon. Continue following the road until you reach the town.


Deal with the merchant if needed then continue north. There's a chest behind the kid containing Magic Carta No. 36. You can also loot a Veggie Set from the drawer inside the residence along the way. If you have collected around 5 Strahteme Horns on your way to the village, avoid head east past the turn in the path as this will trigger a scene that will proceed with the story. If you're after some sub-events, head straight to the inn first.

Once inside the inn, you'll find the weird trio again. Talk to them to trigger an event. You'll obtain Battle Knives after this. Next, approach the savepoint for a skit. (Misery Loves Company) You can also view a sub-event by resting in the inn.

Go to the stage and enter the backstage to find a password-protected chest. Enter the password “strahteme” to obain the Book of Deduction.  Open the chest beside it to find a Best Princess Stories book. Examine the large book behind the chest for a new discovery (No. 46 Kaigar's Script) and trigger a new skit (Bananas for Bananas). You can also check the shining object to get some Niferum Seeds. The inn will offer new requests as well.

Outside, you can check the nearby residence to find a milk from the drawer. The kid there can create a seafood set for you, and there's another cat you can feed as well. There's a chest inside containing a Bush Baby Plushie.

If you continue to the right, you'll find a kid named Connor. Loot the chest to the far right to get the request item Spoon. Unfortunately, the brat won't allow you to leave without paying him money.

You can find the extorting kid behind the well up north. Talk to him to get your money back. Enter the nearby residence to find Connor inside. Talk to him several times and give him all the amount he asks. This will complete this sub-event and will award Cheria with the Good Samaritan title.

When you're ready, find the two kids in the far right in the middle of town. You'll be surrendering the strahteme horns if you have enough horns. Cheria will get her Kind-Hearted title after this scene. Approach the inn for more scenes.

After the scenes, approach the savepoint for a new skit. (Who-knows-what)

Fendel Mountain Pass

Continue along the path and turn to the right to find two chests. Open them to get Dark Bottle x2 and Platinum Tunic. Head north to find a savepoint and mountain cottage. Approach the savepoint for a skit (The Cold, Hard Truth). Check the mountain cottage to find a chest containing Suspicious Powder.

Continue west then take the southern road to find two chests. Open them for Syrup Bottle x2 and Leafy Balm. Continue along the main road until you find a white tree. Examine it for a new discovery  (No. 47 Frozen Tree) and skit (What Lies Ahead) There's also a chest behind the tree containing some gald.

Continue along the road and check the northeast part to find a chest and a shortcut to the mountain cottage. Open the chest for Grape Gel x2. Exit to the highlands to the west next.

Fendel Highlands

Talk to the researcher outside for a scene. This will open a sidequest in Zavhert which will require you to bring back Rockgagong fur. Continue forth and grab the Weak Charm from the chest. Continue ahead and you should find another chest to the east, by the open area. Open it for a Gold Scabbard.

Continue due north and you should find a cabbage patch. Examine it for a new discovery (No. 48 Cabbages) and skit (High-Risk Highlands). You'll also get x3 Cabbages.

Return to the main path then continue forth. You should find another chest due north along the way. Open it for some gald. Continue following the road then approach the savepoint for a skit (False Pretenses) Enter the port next.

Port to Zavhert

Near the port, you'll find a chest behind a tree. Open it for Salmon x3. Approach the savepoint for a scene. If you have cooked Crablettes (Crab Eggs), then you'll be able to view a new skit by the savepoint. (National Crablette Day)

Zavhert Port

Upon arriving, Sophie will earn her Prone to Worry title. Talk to the Elderly Man near the stairs to show him your magic carta cards and earn rewards based on how many you have collected. Showing him more than 20 cards will give Asbel his Carta Collector title. Enter the building past the stairs to find a chest inside containing Pie Sheet x3. Continue following the road until you reach the city.


After arriving, you can explore the city and discover stuff.

Follow the road north and talk to the kid near the stairs to buy a Katz Plushie from her.

Talk to the soldier by the equipment shop to make him leave. It's not open yet so just come back later. Head to the inn. Two skits will become available as soon as you enter. (No More Suffering / A Surprising Theory) You can also check the inn requests available at this moment.

Check the trash bin beside the innkeeper to throw the trash there. These trash are collected randomly by picking up the shining objects along the road. Once you have thrown a total of 15 trash, a sub-event will be completed and Malik will earn his Environmental Minister title.

Enter the room to the far left to find Fiery Joe and a password-protected chest. Enter the password “ironspike” to obtain the Book of Finesse. Talk to Joe next for another sub-event. After this, Hubert will earn his Senior Younger Brother title.

Check one of the upper rooms, to the right and examine the drawer to get Rice x2. Pick up the shining object to get Bloody Rose seeds.

Head west from the inn to reach the other part of the city. Continue following the street until you find a residence near a Turtlez merchant and right before reaching the exit to Mt. Zavhert. Examine the drawer inside the house to get another Best Princess Stories book.

Head outside and go downstairs. Talk to the disgruntled soldier to make him leave. Continue to the right until you find another residence. Go inside to feed the cat. Also, examine the doll on the drawer for a new discovery (No. 50 Doll-Within-A-Doll) and skit afterward (The Dubious Man). You can also find two Crabs inside the gray chest to the left near the door.

Head outside then continue south. Examine the large pipes for another discovery (No. 49 Bottomless Pipe) and skit (Piping Up)

Continue downstairs and you should find a chest by the stairs. Open it for Magic Carta No.37. Keeping heading to the right and you'll finally be back in the city's entrance. Enter the residence there to find a bed-ridden child. Talk to her for a sub-event. You can now bring plushies to Lara. You need 9 plushies but if you're using this walkthrough, you should have six of them already. (See the Pre-Ending Extras to learn more about what these plushies are used for)

After that, return to the inn to find the same soldier outside. Talk to him to continue with the story. After the scene, Pascal will earn her Real Amarcian title. You can head back to the inn real quick to trigger a skit (All in the Timing) Follow the street west then exit the city.

Mt. Zavhert

Continue up the mountain to the west. Look for a chest near the cliff. Open it for x2 Life Bottles. Continue following the path until you reach a fork in the road with a sign.

Go to the left first until you find another split in the road. Take the lower path first until you reach a chest. Examine it to fight it. Defeat it and watch the next scene. Pascal will earn her Fire Summoner title and you'll also get the Raw Materials needed for the request in Zavhert.

Backtrack to the split then continue up this time (west). You should find another discovery along the way (No. 51 Radishes) and play a skit (Dear Diary).

Continue to the left and grab some eleth recharge for your mixer then approach the savepoint for another skit (Gone Astray) There's a turtlez merchant ahead so you can deal with him to replenish your supplies. After that, backtrack all the way to the first split (with the signpost) then continue up the path.

Continue along the road to find a chest containing x2 Grape Gel. Continue until you reach another fork in the road. Take the one to the right then grab the Fine Wood from the chest along the curve. Continue to the right, past the snow goblin to find another chest. Open it to get Hubert's Gold Frames.

Continue to the save point for a skit (Winds of Change) From the savepoint, head left then take the path down until you find a new discovery (No. 52 Pumpkins). You'll also get Pumpkin x1 and a new skit to view. (Short and Sweet)

From the pumpkins, continue to the left to find another chest along the curve. Open it for a Pretty Feather. Continue along the road then take the road up, past the snow goblin to find yet another chest by the bushes. Open it for Pascal's Blue Scarf. Backtrack to the savepoint then continue moving ahead.

When you reach another fork, take the left one first to find a chest with some gald. Continue to the right, next and make sure to heal up since there's a boss battle ahead.

Boss: Bladehorn Boar

Wild beast

This boss is not that hard. After a few seconds in the battle, it will call in reinforcements. Take these minor enemies out first as they can still interrupt your spells and combos at the same time make it harder for your healers to do their job. Keep pummeling it until its life becomes critical. At this stage, it will start to burrow and spring up from the ground. When it burrows, keep your guard up and wait for it to appear beneath you then launch a counterattack. It will also keep charging back and forth while mowing anyone in the way. When it does this, don't chase it; just sidestep then attack it from behind. Keep doing this and you should be able to take it out with minimal damage.

Continue ahead to find a Turtlez merchant and a chest containing a Formless Crystal. Use the warp ahead to enter the Amarcian Enclave.

Amarcian Enclave

Pascal's house is located to the east but before heading there, let's explore the area first.

Head west and talk to the guy staring at the edge to play Shot Cube. This is a mini-game where you need to push the ice blocks to the center.  If one of them flies off the square, you'll lose. Practice through three stages to play the actual game. Completing the practice session will award you with a Rune Shortstaff. There's also no time limit so you can take your time. For now you can clear up to LV2. Come back later for higher ranked challenges.

Aside from the various shotstaffs you get from the challenges, Pascal will also get her Puzzle Cracker title.
Practice =  Rune Shotstaff
Rank 1 = Battle Shotstaff
Rank 2 = Platinum Shotstaff

You can refer to the videos below for the solution of the puzzles available at the moment.

Rank 1, Stage 5

Rank 1, Stage 6

Rank 2, Stage 7

Rank 2, Stage 8

Rank 2, Stage 9

Continue heading left to reach the inn. Stand on the savepoint for a skit (The Transplanted Land)

Examine the chocolate fountain for a new discovery (No. 53 Chocolate Fountain), skit (The Fountains of the World Pt II) and get some chocolates as well.

You'll find the weirdo siblings again here as well. You'll get a Mandarin Scarf after the scene.

The inn has new requests as well. Return to the main intersection then head north to find the shops in town. Transact with them as necessary.

Head to the eastern part of the town to find Pascal's and Fourier's homes. Enter Fourier's first then examine the password-protected chest to the left. Enter the password “gauss” to obtain Book of Acquisition. Next, examine the drawer in the middle of the room, to the north to get a Drill, a request item.

Head outside then feed the cat near Pascal's house's door. Enter the room for a scene. After that, examine the drawer in the middle for Milk x3, and a chest to the left containing Magic Carta No. 38. Examine the mechanical cat to the right for a new discovery (No.54 Robo-Pet) and a new skit (Anything You Like)

Backtrack to the savepoint for another skit (Whence and Whither) Now return to the platform by the entrance then take the stairs leading to the Overseer's Chamber. After the scene, check the shining object to the right to find Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds.

Head to the exit and talk to the man there to trigger a new request. Go back to Pascal's house and examine the floating star there to obtain the request item Research Sample.  This will also unlock Cheria's Only Child title. Turn it over to complete the request. Exit the town next.

Mt. Zavhert

Head back to the savepoint down the mountain path to trigger a skit (A Lady's Prerogative). Enter the research laboratory when ready.

Fendel Research Laboratory

As you walk to the entrance, a skit will be playable (Sins of the Brother)

(1F) Head to the left then enter through the second door to find a lone chest inside containing a Working Gear. Continue to the far left then enter the door to reach the switch room. In this room. You have to arrange the four red boxes so they complete the circuit. The first puzzle is a no-brainer. Push the block and activate the switch the open the large gate outside. Go left then take the elevator down.

(B1) Go left then enter the first door there to find a chest containing Grape Gel x3. Enter the second room to find a chest with Panacea Bottle x2. Continue heading left to the next screen.

Continue following the path until you reach another closed gate. Enter the room nearby and arrange the boxes again. Open the gate then take the next elevator down.

(B2) Enter the first room to find a chest containing a Star Anklet. Check out the capsules for a new discovery (No. 55 Eleth Recharger) and trigger a skit (A Fundamental Flaw)

Enter the second room to the right to find a chest containing All-Divide. Head right to the next screen. When the path splits, take the eastern one first to find a Platinum Scabbard inside a monster-infested room. Equip it for a skit (Accessorizing with Asbel)

Backtrack to the main path and continue forth until you reach yet another gate. Arrange the boxes then take the lift down.

(B3) Continue to the right to find another fork. Continue up first to find a room with a single chest. Open it for a Orange Scarf. Return to the split then continue to the right then take the elevator down.

(B4) Enter the switch room then arrange the boxes again to open the next gate. Continue to the right to find multiple paths. Take the middle path up north first to find a chest by a locked door. Open it for a Busted Blade. Take the lower right path next then enter the room beside the elevator. Open the chest for Holy Bottle x2. Take the elevator up.

(B3) From the elevator, enter the room to the right to find a new discovery (No. 56 Profane Creation) and trigger a new skit (The Island of Dr. Fourier) Check the other room to the left of the elevator to find a chest with 525 eleth. Take the elevator down again.

(B4) Take the elevator north this time.

(B5) Continue to the right to find a savepoint. Save the game then enter the next room to fight a boss.

Boss: Veres

Biological weapon on the loose

There's nothing special about this boss, aside from the obvious fact that it hits hard and can perform various close and mid-range attacks that can stun your characters. As always, try to sidestep this guy right before its attack connects so you can freely counterattack. Be careful once it starts to target one of your characters as it will continuously attack him/her, specially if it was able to stun him/her.

It will also occasionally call out for reinforcements which are the normal enemies you have fought in the facility so far. Take out the minions to prevent further annoyance then resume focus-firing at the boss.

After the scene and before taking the elevator, examine the switch to the right to open the gate in the previous corridor. Go through the gate and enter the room to find a couple of chests. Open them for Chocolate-covered Banana and Book of Serendipity.

Return to Fourier's lab then approach the elevator to trigger a skit (Irrelevant Nonsense). Take the elevator after viewing the skit. Exit the laboratory and make your way to Zavhert.

Mt. Zavhert

Two skits will be available in the savepoint out in Zavhert's west gate. (Fatherly Advice / Practice Makes Perfect). This will trigger a friendly battle between Asbel and Sophie. You'll get different skits depending on the battle's outcome. You can also try again should you lose. After defeating Sophie, she'll get the Pact Adherent title.


Head to the inn to trigger a skit. (Plan B) You can also sleep at the inn to trigger a sub-event.

You'll find a floating star beside Lara's residence (the plushie kid), on the way to the east gate. Activate it for a scene.

Talk to the disgruntled townspeople that you find along the way to continue with the story. There's a man on the way to the inn, a couple of civilians in the main plaza and finally a middle-aged woman inside the residence where you found Discovery No. 50 and the hungry cat. After talking to her, head inside to find Fermat. You'll obtain the security pass after this event.

After viewing Malik's flashback in the backalleys of the city, head to the inn to find another floating star. Examine it to view another of Malik's flashback. Head to Fendel Tower next.

Fendel Tower

After the scene, Malik will gain the Youthful Revolutionary title. You can also head back to Zavhert inn to view a skit (Blind Eye) really quick. Return to the tower and grab Peach Gel x3 from the chest. Approach the guards to enter.

(1F) Go to the savepoint for a skit (Convincing Kurt). Save the game if you want then take the elevator under the stairs to the right. Since there's no other choice, select 39F.

(39F) Take the stairs to the left to head to the next floor.

(40F) Defeat the enemies then make your way to the upper platform. Grab the gald from the chest then make your way to the right. Exit to the next room.

Talk to the two hiding soldiers then talk to the officer blocking the next path. Choose whatever option you want to make them leave and clear the path.

(41F) Turn the valves nearby to turn off the steam vents. Ride the platform up and open the chest to get an hourglass. Make your way to the upper platform and turn off the steam again. Before taking the next lift up, a skit should become available. (Panel Discussion )

Take the lift up and defeat the enemies. Operate the valves again to clear your path then take the platform up. Ignore the chest for now as you have no way of reaching it for the meantime. Examine the nest for a new discovery (No. 57 Frozen Nest) and skit (Revisionist History)

(42F) Operate the first and third valves only to enable you to cross the vents. Exit to the next room. A young man will approach you and give you two Apple Gels, one Peach gel and one Grape gel. You then need to give these to each of the high-ranking officers correctly in order to proceed. If you gave an incorrect gel, you'll have to do the whole process again. Take note that their positions will change accordingly every time you try so there's no other way than to memorize their appearances.

Continue to the next room then make your way to the upper platform. Continue to the right and you should find a chest containing Eleth Bottle C past the lift. Take the lift down twice and open the chest in the bottom platform to obtain Life Bottle x3. Return to the middle platform then continue further to the right.

In the next screen, take the lift down to find another chest. Open it to get x2 Grape Gel. Make your way to the other side of the same platform. Examine the pile of junk in the middle for a new discovery (No. 58 Treasure Trove), Common Metal and skit. (High Maintenance)

Descend using the lift then activate another skit by the savepoint. (False Bravado) Save the game then continue to the right. Defeat all the enemies then exit to the next room. Enter Kurt's office next.

Once in control, open the chest to get a Chamomile. Approach the floating star to trigger another flashback. After that talk to everybody then examine the desk again to continue with the story. Return to town after the scene.


Head to the inn to trigger another skit. (Northeast, Ho!) You can also visit Fermat for a sub-event. Prepare your team then head out to the town's east gate.

Glacier Road

In the first fork, go to the left to find a chest containing an Artificial Crystal. Continue following the path until you reach a turtlez merchant and a savepoint. Open the chest south of the merchant to get some gald. Continue to the next area.

Fendel Glacier Ruins

Head inside the glacier and follow the path until you find a chest and an ice block that you can push. Grab the grape gel x2 from the chest then push the ice block down the slope. Once done, go down the slope south to reach a nearby chest containing Syrup Bottle x2.

Push the ice block to the south slope so it hits the ice pillar along the path. This will make a footbridge for you to cross and reach the chest containing Magic for Men. Push the block up and then push it to the other slope. Do the same thing to proceed forth to the next screens.

Continue following the path until you reach another room with ice blocks. Go down the nearby ramp and examine the large, shining ice pillar for a new discovery (No. 59 Rainbow Ice Pillar), an Icicle and skit. (Running Out of Time)

To start off, pull the nearest block up the slope and push it to reach a chest to the left containing a Strong Bone. Push the block again south to reach the next part of the area. Push the second ice block south to reach a chest containing an Elemental Ribbon. Push the block to the next platform and open the nearby chest for a Whirling Seashell. Push the ice block again to create a path then continue to the next screen.

In the next screen, check the path to your left to find a cavern with a chest. Open it for a Book of Valor. Backtrack and go south. Follow the path until you reach a savepoint. You can view a skit as well. (No Lack of Resolve)

In the next cavern, you'll find several blocks and slopes. To start off, head to the center and push the ice block to the lower right slope. (west) This will allow you to reach the chest containing Panacea Bottle x3. Now push the same block up the slope again then insert it to the gap. Now reach the next ice block. If you want to view an easily missable skit, you need to push the ice block down and release it on the lower slope. This will trigger a skit. (Allow Me to Demonstrate) Once done, pull it back to its original position and then push it down the slope north so it hits and breaks the large ice pillar.

Before heading forth, pull the same ice block then push it so it slides down the long slope along the wall to the east. Push it again on the next slope so it knocks down a couple of ice pillars. Grab the Mastery Tonic C from the chest then backtrack to the large ice pillar you knocked down earlier.

Continue down and grab the 585 units of eleth from the chest along the way. Continue forth until you reach a savepoint. Prepare your preferred combat party then head to the next screen to fight the boss.

Boss: Kurt

Part of Malik's past

If you have Malik in your party, a scene will be triggered in the middle of battle.

The problem with this boss is that he has a very wide attack arc which can even damage those who are attacking behind him. It will be a good idea to guard as long as he attacks or time your sidestep between his attacks to get into a favorable attacking position while replenishing some CC. As usual, start by defeating the lesser soldiers as they can cast spells that can interrupt you and more importantly, your healer(s). These soldiers will respawn after a few seconds but while Kurt is alone, wait for him to finish his combos then concentrate your attacks and artes on him.

Defeating Kurt in 60 seconds will reward you with a trophy.

After the battle, check Kurt's body to get a Platinum Bladerang. Check the valkines as well for a new discovery (No. 60 Forbrannir) and a new title for Malik (World Seeker), if you haven't missed any discovery up to this point. After doing those, talk to everyone to continue with the story.

After the scene, approach the valkines for a skit. (Just Ask Gramps) Use the nearby warp to return to the entrance. Exit to the Glacier Road.

Glacier Road
Go to the savepoint for a skit (To the Archive of Wisdom) You can also use the turtlez transport if you're feeling lazy. You'll need to head to the Amarcian Enclave next, but you can also make some detours to complete different available requests if you want.

Enter the inn for a skit (Selective Memory).Use the turtlez transport to reach the enclave.

Amarcian Enclave
Head to the overseer's chamber and enter the archive to continue with the story. Before leaving, head to the savepoint for a skit (Connecting the Dots). Exit the enclave for a scene.

Mt. Zavhert
Instead of taking the transport, head to the savepoint for a skit. (What if He Knows? )

Head to the inn for another skit. (The Missing Pieces) Prepare your party and complete some requests if you want. When ready, head to the port and head to World's Eye.

World's Eye
After arriving, Asbel and Sophie will earn their Friend to the End and Conflicted at Heart titles respectively. Go to the savepoint for a skit. (A Near Miss?) Prepare your best party, save your game then proceed to face Richard.

Boss: Richard

Lambda's possession

Actually, unless you've been lazying about or haven't upgraded your skills and gears before this encounter, you shouldn't find this battle hard at all. He's relatively easy at this point of the game and his attacks shouldn't hurt you that much.

In any case, you'll have to break his nova barrier to be able to deal real damage to him. Once your allies' attack and spell combos connect, join the fray a second later to keep the hits coming and keep him occupied and stunned. He still has his mystic artes and his attacks are still the same. If you're having problems taking his attacks, assist your healers with recovery items as necessary.

After the battle, watch the scenes and you'll be asked to save the game. This chapter has concluded.

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