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Grade Shop

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Grade Shop

Once you finished the game, you have the option to start New Game or continue with the Future Arc. Starting in New Game allows you to carry over some data to your new save file. Your grade will depend on how well you performed in the previous save file, such as completing requests, titles acquired, highest combos performed, number of book entries, etc.

Take note that Grades don't carry over per playthrough. If you have excess grade left, it won't be added to your total grade the next time you start new game again. The categories which you are graded are found below:

Clear Bonus
Based on the number of times you have completed the game

Skill Bonus
Number of skills you have learned during your gameplay.

Book Completion Bonus
Number of books you have completely filled during play.

Combo Bonus
Highest combo you have performed.

EX Dungeon Bonus
How far you managed to get into Zhonecage.

Unyielding Bonus
Complete the game without anyone getting KO'd.

Save the Gels Bonus
Complete the game without using any gels.

Title Bonus
Bonus based on the number of titles you have acquired.

Arte Usage Bonus
Bonus received for any artes used 9999 times during play.

Side Quest Bonus
Based on the number of sidequests completed.

Technical Bonus
Based on the number of tech bonuses you earned during gameplay.

Speed Bonus
Based on how many hours it took for you to complete the game.

Exterminator Bonus
Based on the number of Soul Orbs you acquired during gameplay.

Enhancement Bonus
Based on the number of armanents you have enhanced to their maximum level.

The list of bonuses you can purchase with your grade and their corresponding costs are found below:

Inherit Titles (30)
Inherit all titles to the adult portion of the story.

Inherit Skills (2500)
Inherit all the skills you've learned.

Inherit Gald (270)
Inherit half of your current gald.

Inherit Arte Usage (50)
Inherit the number of times you've used each arte.

Inherit Eleth Mixer (70)
Inherit the current eleth and item capacity and have access to it from the start.

Inherit Stamps (30)
Inherit all stamps you've received from all stores. Very convenient as it allows you access to each store's hidden inventory from the start!

Inherit Books (10)
Inherit the data from all your books.

Inherit Battle Items (60)
Inherit all your combat-use items. (Hourglass, All-Divide, Elixir, etc)

Inherit Shards (90)
Inherit all your unused shards.

Inherit Herb Bonuses (70)
Inherit all bonuses acquired from using herbs (Verbena, Savory, Camomile, etc)

Trade EXP for Gald (50)
Exchange all your EXP for half a gald each.

Double Experience (90)
Earn twice experience in normal battles. This is stackable with 5x Experience

5x Experience (400)
Earn five times experience in normal battles. This is stackable with 2x Experience

Half Experience (10)
Earn half experience in normal battles. Cannot be used with the other two Experience bonuses.

Double SP (200)
Earn twice the usual SP in battle.

Triple SP (1000)
Earn three times the usual SP in battle.

Mastery Bonus (20)
Earn twice the usual SP for titles you have mastered on your previous playthrough. Stackable effect with Double SP.

Double Item Drops (120)
Doubles the chance to receive dropped items from enemies.

Upgrade Eleth Mixer (50)
Increases the odds that your mixer will generate consumable items.

Dualize Discount (100)
Dualize cost -25%.

Expand Inventory (100)
Allows you to carry up to 30 of each consumable item.

Maximum Speed (50)
Increases field movement speed

Chain Capacity 1 (30)
Adds 1CC to your base capacity.

Chain Capacity 2 (250)
Adds 2CC to your base capacity.

Double Critical (30)
Doubles the critical rate for both allies and foes alike.

Double Damage (30)
Deals two times the damage to both allies and foes.

5x Damage (150)
Deals five times the damage to both allies and foes.

Double Gald (70)
Earn twice the amount of gald from normal battles.

Unlock Qualities (50)
Allows for new qualities that weren't previously possible.

Maximum Eleth 500 (100)
Increases the Eleth Mixer capacity by 500

Maximum HP 1000 (150)
Begin the game with your maximum HP boosted by 1000

Skip Childhood (10)
Start the game in the adult portion of the story.

Inherit Carta Cards (200)
Inherit all the carta cards you have collected.

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