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Adult Arc - Part 6

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Adult Arc - Part 6

Exit to the next room. The machine there functions as both the item and equipment shop as well as an inn. The stamp level is the same as well. Exit the shuttle.

Region 13
After the conversation, Pascal will earn her Reverent Sister title. Start by opening the chest nearby for Minced Meat x2. Head back to the shuttle and check the cockpit for a skit. (A Question of Priorities)

Save the game then take the path down south. Open the chest along the way to get a Magical Scarf. Continue further to the right to find a new discovery (No. 69 Secret Fort) however, if you're a religious collector of skits, don't examine it yet since its corresponding skit is still not available. For now, collect the Tofu x2 from the chest beside it and just come back to re-discover it later.

Backtrack to the split then go uphill this time and grab some gald inside the chest there. Backtrack to where the shuttle is then take the path west. Grab the Secret Seed from the chest along the way, then go downhill north. Open the chest hidden behind a rock to your right to get Finest Fur. Backtrack again then continue west.

Follow the path then grab the Holy Bottle x3 from the chest along the way. Continue to the savepoint for a skit. (No End in Sight) Save your game then use the warp.

Telos Astue

You can head to the vending machine in the northwest should you need to restock or dualize. There are new requests here as well. You can also rest in the inn to watch a scene. Go to the savepoint for a skit. (Sticking Together)

Go upstairs north and examine the large mechanism for a new discovery (No. 64 Tempus Aeturnum) and a new skit (Ghost in the Machine).

Continue further east then go upstairs to the storehouse. Examine the large wooden tub for another discovery. (No.66 Giant Tub) This discovery will cough up three different ingredients, one of them is miso. If you have read the Tales of Graces forums regarding the mixer or anything related to it, chances are you're already aware of its importance. The Miso Stew was agreed to be the best dish you can cook and to effectively increase your eleth mixer capacity quickly. Fortunately, you can just keep buying/selling/dualizing from the Telos Astue store until you reach LV8 and you'll be able to purchase Miso for 3800 gald each. For now, trigger the skit that came along with it. (Still Rancid After All These Years)

Go back to the main floor then go to the southeast to find a lift. Operate it and go to 2F. Enter the Records Room to the north to find another discovery (No. 65 Emerald Hope) and skit (A World Without A Pulse)

Now take the lift and go to B1. The person you saw is standing by the stairs in the living quarters to the west. Before going there, go north and examine the shining object right of the stairs to find the Nameless Flower Seeds. Use the warp there to reach the shuttle bay.

In the shuttle bay, you'll find a password-protected chest to the right. Enter the password “ephinea” to obtain Book of Enthusiasm. Return to the previous floor and head to the living quarters and watch the scene.

After the scene, open the chest beside Emeraude's bed to get Magic Carta No. 39. If you head to 2F, you should find a humanoid that sells titles for each of your characters. The prices will go up as you purchase them. These are basically the same titles (Eleth Mod) but with different parameter bonuses. You can also view a skit by going to the savepoint in 1F. (The Knowledge to Save) Once you're ready, leave the city.

Region 13
Return to the intersection then proceed north. Approach the warp for a scene. Go back the savepoint to play a skit. (The “It” Factor) 

Humanoid Research Center
(1F) Start by heading to the right. Go past the next warp and continue to the gate to trigger a skit. (The Control Device) Take the warp next then use the control panel to the right to open the partition.

Take the warp back then continue to the right. Enter the first door and grab a charged battery from there. Go back to the corridor and continue going to the right. Ignore the second door and continue until you reach the lift controls. Before checking it, go to the lift for a skit. (What Are We Missing?)

Swap the charged battery there to power the lift. You'll need to do the same process from hereon so expect a lot of backtracking. Before taking the lift, return to the first room and grab the another battery there. Take the lift down.

(B1 South)
Go to the right and enter the first room. You'll find a chest here containing Grape Gel x2. Examine the star for a sub-event. You'll acquire the Drive Unit request item and Hubert's Lover of Lhant title after this. Exit to the corridor and follow the path to the next screen.

From there, you'll find a split. Take the path down as it leads you to a room. Enter the room and loot the chest for the Book of Exchanging.

Return to the split and take the path to the right this time. Continue there until you reach a warp. Use it then go to the left to find a chest. Open it for an Eleth Bottle C. Defeat the enemy to the right this time and activate the panel to remove the partition. Use the warp again and continue to the right to find another unpowered pedestal. Swap the battery to power it up. Use the lift to go back to 1F and grab a new battery. Use the same lift to go to B1 first then to B2 South.

(B2 South)
Go to the right and enter the first room to find a chest. Open it for a Rare Scabbard. Follow the path until you reach a savepoint. From there, follow the path down again to find a room with an All-Divide inside. Backtrack then take the door to the right this time.

After the scene, don't leave yet. Approach the toy blocks on the floor to the right for a new discovery (No. 67 Old Toy Blocks) and skit (Cornell's Legacy). Go right for another scene. Asbel will earn his Host to the Light title after this. Exit to the right this time.

Take the path up and follow the corridor until you reach a room. There's a chest inside containing and Elegant Feather. Backtrack then take the path down this time. Head right again then enter the room along the way. Loot a Golden Bough from the chest there. Continue forth and you'll reach the next lift and its unpowered controls. Swap the battery then ride the lift again to 1F to get the last change of batteries. Use the same lift to go to B2 first before reaching B3 South.

(B3 South)
Go to the right and enter the room to find another chest. Open it for 705 eleth units. Exit then when you reach the split, take the one down first. Loot the Misty Anklet from the chest inside the first room and another discovery in the next room. (No. 68 Tarlow-X) A skit will be available afterward as well. (Merely Old Junk)

Return to the split then head up this time. Use the warp again to remove the partition. Keep moving forth and power up the lift controls. Go to B4 this time.

Approach the savepoint for a skit. (The Origin of Amarcians) Prepare your party then save your game. Enter the next room and watch the following scenes. Examine your party member's visual form, then examine Richard's next to trigger a boss battle.

Boss: Lambda

Lambda Incarnate

His attacks can poison your characters but that shouldn't be a problem. Lambda's attacks can also cause petrification and freezing so pop your Panacea Bottles if needed. Other than that, just keep attacking until it goes down. You'll receive a trophy by defeating the boss within 60 seconds.

Go back to the savepoint to the left for another skit. (The Reason Why) Exit to the right of the room and follow the path to reach the lift. Use it to reach B2. Head to the left to reach the laboratory earlier. Watch the next scene. After that, Sophie will rejoin the party as a combatant and also get her Pact Maker title. You can now use the lift to go back to 1F and leave the dungeon.

Region 13
Go to the savepoint for a skit. (Sophie's Parents) You can head back to the city to complete some requests and  dualize some new stuff. Otherwise, return to the intersection in the road then continue east. You can now examine the discovery you found earlier when you landed. (No. 69 Secret Fort) This time, you should be able to trigger a skit. (Traces of Humanity) Backtrack to the main path and continue heading east until you reach Region 66.

Region 66
Head to the savepoint for a skit. (Your Bird Could Not Be Completed). Head to the right a bit then go north. You'll find two chests to the left containing Ancient Cloth and Life Bottle x2. Return to the split and continue east.

Follow the path as it turns north and grab the Elixir from the chest along the way. From there, continue north to find another split then check the left path to find two more chests. Open them for Natto x2 and Amazing Bone x1. Backtrack then check out the northern path this time. You'll find a chest at the end containing Emperor's Claw x1.

Return to the original path and follow the path all the way east and you'll eventually reach a new discovery (No. 70 Unsettling Garden). This will allow you to harvest Lump of Clay, an uncommon material needed for making several new items. Equip it to your mixer now in hopes to reproduce it in the long run. There's also a savepoint and merchant nearby so you can just dualize, save and load to produce various items and keep a good stock of it as well.

You'll be able to trigger a new skit as well. (A World Run Dry) Don't forget to grab the Rice x2 from the nearby chest as well. Backtrack then take the path uphill to the north. Continue heading east until you find a floating star near the savepoint. Examine it for a cutscene. Sophie will earn her Stirred from Detachment title and you'll also get the Broken Brooch request item. Just beside the warp is a humanoid that acts as the Telos Astue shop and a chest containing some gald.

Bathus Citadel
After entering, warp out and approach the savepoint for a skit. (The Ultimate Weapon)

(1F) Head east and enter the next room. Grab the Monocle from the chest. Examine the block there and choose to move it to the right. A skit will be playable afterward. (Intruder Defense) Continue moving both block lines to the right to create a path. Move along and exit to the next room. Keep going right until you reach an elevator.

(2F) Continue east until you reach the second set of blocks. Don't move anything yet; instead, take the lower path to reach a chest containing an Hourglass. Move the blocks to the front to move forward then continue to the right to the next screen. Use the next elevator afterward.

(3F) After reaching the split in the path to the east, take the path south then use the lift to 4F. Just go to the right again and enter the next room to find a chest containing Decaying Sword x1. Backtrack to the split and continue east to the next room.

(3F-4F) Loot the chest to get a Mastery Tonic C. Examine the block and move it twice to the left. You should be able to see the door above open and its corresponding platform move. You'll also get a skit to view. (Simple Enough) Exit to the door to the right and use the lift.

(4F) In this room, move the northern blocks to the right then the west block to the front to open up a path. Take the door to the left this time and examine the new discovery. (No. 71 Military Insignia) A skit can be viewed as well. (My Responsibility) Enter through the door to the north next.

In the next room, open the chest for another very useful item that should always be in your mixer. The Book of Fortune doubles the success rate of generating items in your mixer which should help a lot in getting those rare and uncommon materials.

Move the yellow blocks to the left and blue ones to the right. You should get a message that a door has opened above. Open the nearby chest for Panacea Bottle x3. Exit to the next room then take the lift.

(5F-6F) Open the chest for a Strange Gear. Now move the blocks to the left. Exit to the right first then take the lift to 6F. Continue to the left this time until you find a chest near a savepoint. Open it for Debonaire Dandy. Backtrack to the previous floor.

Go to the left this time and exit to the room south. Open the chest there for some gald. Move the upper blocks to the right and the blue blocks all the way to the left. This should open a door in the upper floor. Use the lift again to reach the upper floor.

Move the block to the left back, then enter the door north. You'll find a chest here containing 750 units of eleth and another discovery (No. 72 Amarcian Key) A skit will be available as well. (It's Gotta Fit Somewhere) Don't forget to pick it up. Move the upper block to the left and the lower one to the right. Now go back to the room to the south and exit east of the path you opened earlier.

Approach the savepoint for a skit. (If Anyone Can Do It). Prepare your preferred battle party and head out to battle.

Boss: Centurioid

Humanoid keepers

This boss is simply a buffed-up version of the humanoids you have faced up to this point. He'll have two minions but you can just deal with them first so your allies can focus-fire on the boss without too much interruption from their long-ranged attacks. The boss doesn't have any problematic attacks that may threaten your party to get wiped out. Just keep Cheria away from him and you should be fine.

After the battle, you'll get a title for everyone:

Asbel – Enlightened Swordsman
Sophie – Protos Heis
Hubert – Enlightened Gunner
Cheria – Enlightened Healer
Malik – Enlightened Bladeranger
Pascal – Enlightened Shotstaffer

Before taking the warp, return to the savepoint for another skit. (Where's My Ring?) Use the warp inside the chamber to exit the dungeon.

Region 66
Approach the savepoint for a new skit. (A New Kind of Terror)

Region 13
Go to the savepoint by the warp leading to Telos Astue for a new combat skit. (Show Me Your Resolve). This time you have to fight Malik. This can be an easy or hard fight, depending on the skills you have equipped. The trick here is to keep close to him and don't let him move away. He will remain on a defensive while you keep attacking and when he starts to run away to gain distance, your CC will recharge as well.

His ability can also inflict Slow on you which can be problematic since he can easily move away and cast his multi-hit spells. Asbel's Plasma Shock works well against Malik since its combination of attacks can stun and juggle him in mid-air. After winning against Malik, he'll earn the Inveterate Teacher title.

Telos Astue

Go to the savepoint for a skit. (Someone Has a Secret) Go down to the basement and head to the shuttle bay. You can now leave to the next dungeon. However, don't leave yet. We have to trigger yet another sub-event before leaving. Besides, you can't leave the next dungeon without completing it. Check out any available requests here as well.

Head to the living quarters and talk to Psi. Exit the room then check the floating star to the right of the stairs leading to the shuttle bay. Next, defeat the humanoid to get its part. Turn it over to the vending machine > inn option to get your reward. You'll also get an Epic Neck material.

Next, head to the right of the savepoint to find another humanoid with an emoticon icon. Talk to it for another sub-event. Next, head to 2F and go inside the Records Room. Examine the floating star there to continue the sub-event you triggered. You'll receive the valuable item Memory Core after this. This item will also allow you to unlock a title for Pascal later on, allowing you to obtain a new, amusing arte for her.

Once you're done, talk to Emeraude to leave the city.

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