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Adult Arc - Part 5

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Adult Arc - Part 5

Zavhert Port
Head to the inn for now.

Once you reached the inn and spend the night there. Sophie will leave the party for now. Exit the room the head to the savepoint inside the inn to trigger a skit. (She'll Always Be Sophie). Head to the port for a scene. After that, Malik will earn his Pensive Sage title. Sophie will rejoin your party but as a benched member. She'll still earn EXP and SP as you go.

Before leaving the port, you can make a quick detour to the Fendel Research Laboratory to trigger a sub-event that will enable you to a material to create Pascal's comedic weapon and the chance to get a request item for an Amarcian Enclave request. Once ready, talk to the ship captain in Zavhert port to travel to Oul Raye.

Fendel Research Laboratory
Head to the Fendel Research Laboratory and take the elevator near the entrance to B5 (Fourier's room). Exit through the door to the south then go to the right to find a floating star. Examine it to trigger a scene. Defeat the enemy and you'll get Pondslopper.

Examine the barrels behind the chests to get the Gauss's Seal. This is a request item in the Amarcian Enclave inn.

Oul Raye
After arriving, Cheria will earn her Embracer of Truth title. Next, talk to the nearby sailor for a sub-event. While on the ship, you'll have to fight a few enemies. Defeat them all and you'll receive the request item Sunken Cargo which you can turn in the Oul Raye inn. Once you return port, Asbel will earn his Expert Scrubber title.

Head to the savepoint to play a new skit. (Outside the In-Joke). Turn over the Sunken Cargo request as well then use the turtlez transport to Sable Izolle.

Sable Izolle
If you're after yet another skit, do not approach the entrance of the tower as doing so will trigger the story scene and will eliminate the chance to view the following skit. Exit to the east of the city to the Craglands first. Approach the savepoint there to trigger as skit. (Needs More Fiber)

Also, you can challenge the Carter in the eastern part of the town to get new items and titles, as long as you have collected more Magic Carta cards. There is really no shortcut way of winning other than practicing. One effective tip is to remember a unique keyword for each character card you have in your possession and of course, remembering their faces. It may take a few tries but it is doable.

Normal Mode – Race to 200 points
Winning but the opponent has a score (1st time) = Book of Cuisine
Winning flawlessly = Sophie's Great Pirate title

Hard Mode – Race to 300 points
The challenge in this level is that several cards are on top of each other and you have to carefully but quickly select them without accidentally selecting the cards above them. This is a bit frustrating, especially when the opponent AI doesn't make this mistake. Also it pays to hover your cursor to the bottom cards so you can identify it beforehand.
Winning but the opponent has a score (1st time) = Nature's Scarf, Carta Shark title for Pascal, Busybody title for Cheria, skit (A Winning Combination)
Winning flawlessly = Cheria's Magical Bee title

Head to the front of the research tower for a scene. After that, go to the savepoint for a skit (Heightened Senses) Go inside the tower and take the central elevator down. Enter the archive and approach the panel for another scene. After that, head outside.

After the scene, go to the savepoint for a new skit. (The Tenderness of Youth). Use the turtlez transport to go back to Oul Raye.

Oul Raye
Prepare to depart then talk to the president when you're ready.

South Velanik Port
As soon as you disembark, a new skit will become available. (The Other Side of the Sky). You can't use the transport to go anywhere for the meantime so hit the road follow it until you reach the split path. Follow the road south to reach the Border Fortress. Exit there and continue to the Seaside Cavern.

Seaside Cavern
Enter the cavern and jump in the water. Go to the savepoint to view a skit (The Weight of Existence). Examine the strange wall to the east to open a new path. Enter it to find the shuttle. After the scene, exit the room. After the scene again, go to the savepoint for another skit (Brotherly Love). You'll have to leave to Lhant immediately.

After the scene, head to the manor to meet with Lady Kerri and Frederic. Go inside the manor and head to Asbel's room. Head out of room then go to the savepoint for a skit. (Still Falling Short) Head to the study to meet up with Bailey. Return to the bedroom once more then exit the manor again.

You'll obtain different dishes as a parting gift from Lady Kerri. Hubert will also get his Ambivalent Son title. Before leaving, you can trigger a sub-event and a skit. First, head to Lady Kerri's room and talk to her. Exit the manor and head to the bridge for a skit. (A Few of His Favorite Things) Once those are done, you can now talk to the turtlez merchant and use the transport to go to Velanik.

Fendel Mountain Pass
Continue to the mountain cottage and go to the savepoint for a skit. (Treading the Untrodden) You can take the path east now but go to the left path first and continue past the frozen tree to find an NPC. Talk to him to receive a request item Spade. This is actually the very request item posted in the Velanik inn.

If you've been following this walkthrough then you should have acquired the drill earlier from Fourier's room. If not, you'll have to wait a little later since the boat going to Zavhert is currently grounded. If you already have it in your possession, talk to Scoop again to give him the drill and complete this sub-event. Cheria will earn her Dutiful Daughter title afterward.

You can turn over the spade to complete the corresponding request in Velanik then proceed to the eastern mountain path. Obtain the Eleth Bottle C from the chest along the path then exit to the next area.

Untrodden Snowfield

Continue along the snowfield for a scene. After the scene, take the path to the right to find a chest. Open it for Milk x3. Continue to the next forth then open the two chests to the left to get a Green Scarf and Rune Anklet.

Continue following the path until you reach the cannon. After the scene, go to the savepoint to view a skit. (The Will to Persevere). Go to the left to find a chest containing a Sharp Claw and turtlez merchant. Before heading inside the ruins, take the path east. Continue following the long winding path until you reach a fork. Take the path north and you'll find several chests there. Loot them for Veggie Set x3, Seal Charm and 5400 gald.

After looting the chests, go to the right then instead of going north, go south first. You'll find another path going further east which leads to two more chests and a new discovery. (No. 61 Ice Drop Flowers) A skit will be available, like always. (Holding it Together) Loot the chests for a Pointy Fang and Hyper Scabbard.

Return to the previous forth then take the road further north. Grab the x2 Syrup Bottle from the chest along the way. Further along the road is a dead end so return to the savepoint in front of the ruins for now. Enter the ruins once ready.

Snowshroud Ruins

As soon as you enter, a skit will be viewable. (Am Not. Am too!) Enter the small room in the middle to power up the area. Exit the room and you have to turn the devices so they power up the doors. Just keep rotating them until the wires and doors lit up.

Start by powering and entering the door to the left. You should find a chest containing Grape Gel x3 inside. Next, power up and enter the room to the right. Examine the red glyph on the wall for a new discovery (Yearning for Home) and skit (Hometown Hero). Enter the large door in the middle to proceed.

Go left before taking the stairs to find a chest containing Tiger's Essence. Rotate the device so it powers up the door upstairs to the right. Check the room to find a Mythril Tunic from the chest.  Return to the previous room and rotate the device so it powers the northern door. Enter it.

Continue past the corridor until you reach a room with two doors. Power up the door to the left first, then power up the next door to the left again. Enter the room to find a Curse Charm. Return to the split path and power up the door to the right this time. Power up another door to the right. Check that room to find a chest containing a Dangerous Liquid.

Return to the previous room and power up the door the upper left this time. Continue past the corridor to reach a room with stairs. Grab the Googles from the chest beside the stairs. Take the stairs to the right. In the next corridor, you'll find two doors again. Grab the 660 units of eleth from the chest to the right then press the switch in the middle to power up both doors.

Enter the door to the left then power up the next door to the left again. Enter the room to find a new discovery. (No. 63 Mechanical Scrapyard). You'll also obtain a Rare Metal and another skit. (Bonus Goal).

Return to the previous room and redirect the power to the upper right door. Enter that door then rotate the device to power the next door north. Follow it again and you'll find a large door. You need to power both sides so redirect the power from the left conduits for now, then backtrack to the split.

Take the door to the right this time and power up the next door until you reach a room with two doors again. Power up the one to the right first and loot the Earthen Pot from the chest. Go back to the previous room and power up the upper left door this time. Do the same and route the power so the other side of the large door gets powered up. Once the door opens, head to the next area.

There will be multiple devices you need to operate in this room. Head to the savepoint first for a skit. (Not Exactly Our Forte) Save your game afterward. Power up the room to the right first so you can loot the Magical Ribbon from the chest. Return to the previous room and find another chest in the lower left corner. Open it for the Book of Growth. Don't power up the room to the left since its empty. Route the power to the main door to open it. Save the game once more if you want, then select your best party. Engage the boss when ready.

Boss: Polycarpus

Mechanical Guardian

This boss isn't that hard. You can't juggle it to the air but its attacks are slow and predictable. Avoid attacking it head on. It is recommended to attack it from the side and rear. It has a few long-ranged attacks and will mostly stick will short and mid-ranged attacks. This will give Malik or Pascal more than enough time to chain devastating artes that will break the boss' guard and make it vulnerable for your own devastating combos. Aside from its long-ranged attacks, it won't give effort to chase and corner your spellcasters so they'll be in a relatively safe distance from its attacks.

You have to defeat it in a minute for a trophy though I'll suggest attempt doing this on New Game where you have the option to purchase damage multiplier upgrades. Use the warp afterward.

Untrodden Snowfield

As soon as you exit, you'll have to fight a few more monsters. Go to the savepoint for a skit. (It's a secret to Everybody)

Before leaving, you may want to enter/exit the dungeon again to gather Rare Metals. It is vital for several new materials, most of them are required for creating request items. You may want to put it also in your mixer, no matter how small the chances are, you'll still have the chance to have it created artificially. Having the Book of Duplication equipped at all times helps as well.

When ready, use the transports to return to the Seaside Cavern. You can turn over some requests in Velanik just in case. Otherwise, you can just use the transport to reach North Lhant Road.

Seaside Cavern

Go to the savepoint for a skit. (Fodrabound) Head to the shuttle. After the scene with Asbel and Cheria, head back to the shuttle again. You'll have to repel the monster attack as well. Exit the launch chamber and check the large cavern north of the savepoint. Defeat them then head back the shuttle.

Watch the following scenes. After this, this chapter is completed.

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Sep 17th 2012 Diztortion
"If you've been following this walkthrough then you should have acquired the drill earlier from Fourier's room. If not, you'll have to wait a little later since the boat going to Zavhert is currently grounded."

How long exactly do I have to wait? I should've followed this walkthrough from the start... Now I'm stuck in Port to Zavhert :/

Thanks for the help!
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