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Follow the dark path or use the light

Menu and Gameplay Basics

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Menu and Gameplay Basics

The Artes Menu
In the Artes menu, you can view artes learned by your characters, and also turn on and off specifics artes for characters set to Auto. L1 And L2 To which between characters.

B-Artes and shortcuts

The artes menu allow you to set B-artes To L-analog at any time, you can also press a start  To set shortcuts R-analog these shortcuts can be used to access your current character's artes, or they can be used to order other party members to use specifics artes of your choosing.

The Items Menu

The item menu is the place to view all of the items in your possession. Items are divided into the following categories:New, Consumables, Food, Materials,Weapons, Armor, Unique Equipments, gems and Valuables. Use L1 and L2 to which between categories.

The Equip Menu
The equip menu is the place to manage weapons, Equipments and tittles. Note that not all character's can equip all type of equipments to switch between character use L1 and L2.

The Status Menu
The status menu is the place to view all character's statistics. Use L-anolog to flip through the various information panels, and use L1 and l2 to switch between character's.

The Option Menu

 The Option menu is where you can tweak game option such us volume and massage settings. Battles difficulty
 allows you to change how hard the game is; if thing are going poorly. Don't be afraid to lower the difficulty level until you get more comfortable with the overall game mechanics.

The Titles Menu

Skills are learned by Equipping Titles and then collecting SP from battles. Once a skill is learned it's remains in effect even if the affiliated titles is removed. Lower-ranked skills are easier to learned, but higher ones tend to be more useful. Swap titles often to get a good variety of skills. (see the Battle Basics section for more information about titles)
Equipped Effect
Some effect are only active when a certain titles is equipped; these are known as “ equipped Effect.” they differ from skills in that they come  into play only when the corresponding titles is equipped. Knowing which titles to equip for their equipped effect can make the difference In a battle against a tough opponent. (see the Battle Basics section for more information about titles)
Learning Artes
Artes can also be learned from titles through arte skills. Up to five different skill can teach the same arte, and you can acquire the arte from any of them. The skill stack. Too, so if you learn them more than once, the artes will become more powerful each time.

Saving Game Data
Those shiny blue and white object found throughout the game world are Save Point. Press Circle while standing on one to save your current game status, To resume a previously-save game, just choose the continue option at the title screen.

skits are short conversations that occur between your party members. To view them, press Select when the skits indicator appears on-screen in certain locations, if you enjoy viewing skits, make sure to walk all over so you can see them all!

Skits and Discoveries
Skits are often triggered when you come across a new discovery. Such skits are usually about said discovery, so   it's a good idea to watch them, as you might learn something new about the area.

The World Map

The World map shows all info, including shops, discoveries, and requests in various towns. Be sure to look into these requests, as many of them offer valuable rewards. Press R3 to bring up the World Map at any time.

Shuttle Mode
Once you acquire the shuttle, you can fly from the World Map to towns or dungeon entrance at any time, as long as you're not currently in a dungeon. You can also use R-analog to control the cursor manually. Don't be afraid to explore the map a bit; who knows what secrets you might find?!

Most inns contain requests for help from various townspeople. Once you have the desired item(s), hand them over to receive your reward. You'll also earn SP from requests, making them a great way to develop titles. Note there is no time limits for completing requests, except for some which are tied in some sub-events you manually need to find and trigger.

Stamp Cards
When you purchase, sell or dualize at a shop, you'll sometimes get stamp on the stamp card associated with that town. For every 10 stamp you receive, the town's shops will certain bargain items for purchase. Most of these are uncommon materials, equipment and battle items you won't easily find anywhere else.

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Nov 12th 2012 Guest
Before the game begins you are sent to the option menu, after you have changed the settings. How do you begin the game? What button do I push? Nothing I've tried has worked.
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