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Adult Arc - Part 2

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Adult Arc - Part 2

North Lhant Road

You'll finally make it outside. Save the game then check the seashore to the right to find a chest containing 720 gald.Follow the road and continue up to the enemy encampment. After the scene and before returning to Lhant, check the tents to the right first. There should be a new discovery (No. 18 Vestiges of War) and chest with Fur. A skit will be available as well. (A Hopeless Cause) Use the savepoint if you want then make your way back to Lhant.

Grab the Shattered Bone from the chest along the path and take a long trek back to town. When you reach town, an event will trigger. You'll have to defeat a few more riflemen with Hubert. This should be an easy battle so no special tactics are necessary. Watch the following scenes.

In Lhant's Defense


After the scenes, you'll be back in the manor. Talk to the maid and check the available requests. Enter the manor study next. After a short conversation, you'll be fighting Hubert. You don't stand a chance against him so just let him beat you for now. Watch the following scenes.

East Lhant Highroad

Once in control, Sophie will join the party. Save your game then make your way back to Barona. On your way to the open area with the cottage, more scenes will take place. After those, make your way to the port then catch a ferry to Barona.


Continue to the castle and the same guys will stop you. After hearing the news, you'll have to search the town for Richard. You may head to the inn to save and complete some tasks as well. Talk to the knight near the town's wind cryas to receive an Exceed Shard. Once done, head to the Sanctuary and sneak inside. Enter the secret passageway you took before.

Barona Catacombs

A skit will be available as soon as you get in (Where All Was Lost). Save your game and follow the path until you find Richard. Defeat the two enemies to continue with the story. After the conversation, Richard will join the party and earn the Long-Lost Friend and Benevolent Prince titles.

You can backtrack and save or just continue forth. Once you've reached the stone door, a skit will be triggered. (Sweet Revenge). You can't go past the door yet so push it back and continue following the path until you reach a large skeleton along the way. This will record a new discovery in your book (No.19 Massive Skeleton) and a skit (Time and Tide) Continue along the path and until you find the exit.

South Barona Highroad

Open the chest to get a Red Ribbon then save your game. The cottage is located to the left but you can take the road north to Barona to find a new discovery (No.20 Puffpetal Down) by examining the glowing flowers to the left. Like usual, a skit will trigger as well (A Place to Belong). There's also a chest beside the savepoint to the far north of the road. Backtrack to the cottage.

After a short conversation, more enemies will appear. Take them out.

[video = 09_PrinceEscort.avi title=The prince's escort]

Once done, don't leave yet. Check the cottage to trigger a skit (Class Dismissed). There's also a turtlez merchant and a chest beside the cottage containing a Paralysis Charm. You can also find Pasta x3 inside the chest in the cottage. Restock, sell and dualize if you want then take the road to Gralesyde.

Just continue along the road and another scene will trigger. You'll meet Pascal for the first time. Before taking the narrow dirt road, open the chest nearby for a Rusted Nail.

Continue down the path for another scene. Pascal will be joining the party as well. A chest containing some gald is nearby and you can view another skit as well. (Bilateral Alliance) Activate the warp to enter the ruins.

Wallbridge Ruins

After the event, Pascal will earn the Ruins Spelunker title. For now, this is just a straightforward path so just ride the stones until you reach a green stone which leads you down.

Save your game then ride the stone to the right so it bumps the orange stone up. Take the green stone back up then backtrack to the platform where there's an orange stone gap. This should lead you to two chests containing Scarlet Aroma and 255 eleth.

Return to the lower level and save your game. Proceed to the platform to the left and approach the panel for a boss battle.

Boss: Mercurius

This boss can be a bit problematic since it hits hard and can petrify your characters with an AOE attack. You'll know when its ready to release its petrification attack when it starts to charge and an aura appears around it. When this happens, stay away and use Panacea Bottles on your team mates. It will be helpful if you'll switch characters and use ranged attacks. Don't hesitate to use gels and life bottles as necessary.

[video = 10_vsMercurius.avi title=Petrifying reptile]

After the scene, Sophie will earn the In the Flesh title. Examine the panel for a discovery as well. (No. 21 Projection Device) and skit (Takes One to Know One). Once done, you can save the game then continue to the left then ride the stone up.

[For the directions, I'll refer to them based on the in-game compass, located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.] Ride the stone to the left (south) and open the chest containing a Hyperdense Crystal. Ride the next stone as it hits a purple stone. Backtrack and ride the next stone east.

Ride the stone south as it is stopped by the purple stone you pushed earlier. Continue following the straightforward path, then grab the Floral Anklet from the chest along the way. Ride the stone to the next platform, where you'll find two green stones. Ride the one to the left first (south) In this platform, you'll find the Book of Maintenance from the chest. Return to the previous platform and descend using the stone to the right (north) this time.

Follow the path and you'll be able to reach a chest containing a Steel Tunic. Head to the next platform. You'll find two more blue stones; just ride the one far down (east) so that it bumps to an orange stone. Ride the other stone then use the green ascending stone in the next platform.

In the next platform, open the chest for Life Bottle x3, then continue down (east) the descend. Continue following the path until you encounter a large floating boulder with some pink lights. Examine it for a new discovery. (No. 22 Silent Stone) A skit will be available as well (Gut Archaelogy)

Continue forth until you reach the second save point, then use the platform again to ascend. The next platform should have the warp exiting to Gralesyde Highroad to the left. Before taking that, ride the stone to the right first  to explore the area more.

In the next platform, you'll find two stones going up (west) and right (north). Take the stone to the right first then ride the upper right stone. There will be two stones going up (west) Ride the one to the right so it bumps the purple stone along the way. Take the next stone this time and move along so you can reach the platform with the chest on it. Loot the Panacea Bottle x2 from it.

Follow the straightforward path until you reach another platform to the right with a chest containing a Burn Charm. You can now backtrack to the exit to Gralesyde.

Gralesyde Highroad

Continue down the road and save your game. There's also a turtlez merchant nearby so restock/dualize if needed. Continue along the road for a scene. After the scene, continue along the road until you find a patch of potato plants with a signboard. Approach it for a skit (Settling for Number Two) Examine it for a new discovery (No. 23 Potatoes) and skit. (Risk Management) You'll also receive some potatoes as well. There's also a chest nearby with some gald.

Continue heading west until you find a fork in the road. Take the left first to find a chest there. Loot the Moist Crystal from it. Return to the fork and continue up the grassland to the right side of the road. There should be another chest in the far edge of it. Loot the Peach Gel x2 from it. Continue along the main road until you reach the savepoint just outside town. Enter the town to continue with the story.


Enter the storehouse to the left of town to find a Magic Carta No. 31. You can also head to the inn to start / complete some requests. There's also a skit available if you approach the savepoint inside. (Who You Are) There's also a stash in the inn's rear entrance that contains a Best Princess Stories book. If you want, you can actually complete the last two, high-SP yield requests by exiting the town west.

Old Grale Highroad

Continue along the road and grab the chest along the way for 1500 gald. Follow the road as it turns north, then open the chest under the tree to get an Overgrown Crystal. Continue up the road and keep talking to the bandit in the middle of the road to incite a fight. Defeat them all and return to the innkeeper later on for our reward. After the battle, Pascal will earn the Wind Summoner title.

Approach the carrot patch not too far for a new discovery (No.26 Carrots ) and skit (Weird Science) Continue up and you'll find another chest containing Mariner's Musk.

Continue further north to find yet another chest containing a Slow Charm. Continuing further north will lead you back to the East Lhant Highroad, just a short walk away from Lhant. You can't enter it anyway so don't waste your time going there for now.


Once done, check the alley behind the inn for another discovery. (No. 24 Bells of Glory). A skit will be available as well. (That Would Explain a Lot).

Once done, head north of the town to reach the manor. Before going to the manor itself, turn left at the red signpost to find a secret chest containing an Imp Plushie and a young man who will sell you the Book of Dissolution for 3000 gald. (He will originally request for 50000 but just turn him down once to lower the price)

Continue to the manor and watch the following scenes. After the scenes, Asbel will earn the Sword of the King title. Before leaving, you can backtrack to the manor to explore it. Go upstairs and find the password protected chest near the secretary. Enter the number “4” to get the Book of Wealth.

Return to the ground floor and exit using the door to the right. Follow the path and you'll find the Magic Carta Maid looking at the sea. Talk to her to receive the Magic Carta No. 22, 23, 26 and 27.

Continue following the path until you reach the seashore. Examine the floating bottle there for a new discovery and skit. (No. 25 Message in a Bottle) (Jealous Much?) Exit the town and return to the Wallbridge Ruins.

Gralesyde Port
If you can spare some time for a detour, head to the Gralesyde Port first then feed the cat in the eastern side of the port. There's also a chest containing some Pasta beside the lamp post to the right.

Wallbridge Ruins
As soon as you enter the ruins, a skit will be available. (Touching the Head) Ride the blue stone to the right then take the one heading up (west). A skit will be available as well. (Inside the Ruins) Take the green stone to ascend and you should be able to find the portal leading to Wallbridge.

Save your game then head out. Continue to the next room and grab the Elven Cloak there. Use the ladder in the middle to climb up. Ignore the second floor and continue to the third floor. Descend there since the top floor is a dead end. Exit through the northern door first, defeat the guard outside and enter the next tower. Use the stairs to go down to the bottom floor.

Ignore the lever there then  exit through the door north again. Enter the next tower (Perimeter Tower NW B1) to find a large barrel. This is a new discovery. (No.27 300 Year-Old Barrel) A skit will be available as well (Windor Rising). Return to the main tower and activate the lever to raise the bridge.

Climb the ladder to the top then enter the Main Tower NE to the east. Continue to the bottom to find a turtlez merchant and 285 units of eleth from the chest.  If you continue to the tower north of it (Perimeter Tower NE), you'll find a chest to the left containing a Book of Talent and an alternate mechanism for the north gate. Exit to the top and head to the next tower (Perimeter Tower NW) and loot the Darkshine Crystal from the chest to the right.

Make your way to the Central Tower which is outside Main Tower NE and Main Tower SE. Enter it for scene. After that, Richard will get the Belligerent Prince title. Open the chest beside the stairs to the right to get the Titanium Scabbard. Exit the tower then find the second levers for the southern gate. One should be located in the lowest level of Main Tower SE and the other one is in Perimeter Tower SW. You'll also find a chest in Perimeter Tower SE B1 containing Apple Gel x4.

After raising the bridge on the southern gate, watch the following scenes. Exit the room and you'll encounter Captain Malik. You'll have to defeat him and his knights.

Boss: Malik

He is dangerous especially in Eleth Break mode. You may want to have Sophie assist on healing while keeping your team afloat using consumables. Malik can also cause Burn status ailment so be careful not to keep its effect prolonged. Take out his minions first before concentrating your attacks on him. Once his knights are down, you should be able to close in and prevent him from casting his artes.

[video = 11_vsMalik.avi title=The bladerang master]

After the battle, Malik will leave the team. Save your game then look for Cheria next. Just enter any of the Main Towers and exit through the ground level. You should find Cheria tending to the wounded. Once in control, head to the left of the crowd to find a turtlez merchant and a chest containing some gald. Enter one of the main towers to the east then go to the central tower.

In the central tower, approach the two guards to trigger a skit (The Price of Violence) Head to the rooftop to find Richard. Approach him for more scenes. Cheria will now join your party. Make your way to the northern gate next.

South Barona Highroad
You need to make your way back to Barona. As soon as you hit the road, a skit will become available. (Hard to Justify) Continue following the road and talk to the soldier along the way to receive Peach Gel x3.

Once you reached the cottage, talk to the soldiers again to receive various recovery items. A skit will become available as well. (Going Commando?) After talking to the soldiers, head to the savepoint to trigger a skit (A Seven-Year Blur) Save your game and head to the Barona Catacombs.

Barona Catacombs

Backtrack till you get out of the stone door. Instead of walking back to the Sanctuary entrance, continue forth. The chests you previously opened are all stuffed now so don't forget to grab them. Start by grabbing the Book of Perfection from the chest on the broken bridge. Continue forth and take the lower path to loot Cored Dust and Mysterious Liquid.

Return to the main path and pick up the Panacea Bottle x2 along the way. Continue until you reach another split in the path. Taking the upper path will allow you to open another stone door and find a chest with 240 eleth at the end of the path. The path behind the second stone door leads to the same secret passage to the castle.

Before entering the castle and before reaching the savepoint, there's another stone door to the right. Push it open to find a chest and a new discovery inside. (No. 28 Graves of the Unsung) You can play another skit as well (Burial Plans). Loot the chest for 1800 gald.

Enter the castle when ready.

Barona Castle – Secret Passage

Richard will join the party as a reserve unit. Climb the stairs up north to find Peach Gel x2 in the next room. Backtrack to the starting point then continue to the right. Pull the block away then continue arranging the blocks as you move from floor to floor.

After the scene head to the next floor. Take the stairs north to find a Mastery Tonic C. Go back then head left and you should find a new discovery there. (No. 29 Twin Vases). A skit will trigger as well (Separate Worlds)

Continue further left and you'll find a savepoint. Go south of it first and arrange the blocks for you to cross then go south to find a Wriggler Crystal in the chest there. Go back to the previous room then continue north again. Head left and arrange the blocks so you can cross and open the chest containing a Book of Suppression.  Backtrack to the savepoint and enter the castle interior.

Barona Castle – Interior

There's a turtlez merchant so restock/dualize or sell items as necessary. Head to the right then go north up the corridor. At the end, enter the room to the left to find a chest with Life Bottle x3. (The blocked path later will be unlocked. You can check the rooms inside for an Elixer and a considerable amount of gald)

Backtrack and take the bottom right path. Continue to the right until you reach a corridor going down. Head south then take the corridor to the right again to find a Rune Tunic. Proceed to the left this time to find a savepoint.

Examine the painting on the wall north of the savepoint for a new discovery (No. 30 First Flag) A skit will be available as well. Continue to the left and defeat two more enemy groups. Heal up then approach Major Victoria up ahead.

Boss: Victoria

The beautiful knight instructor

This is a bit challenging battle especially that she can perform Mystic Artes and well as initiate eleth breaks frequently. If will be helpful to change Cheria's strategy to heal frequently, as Victoria hits hard and can quickly land fast combos. Her spear also provides her with a wide-reach, capable of hitting multiple characters in front of her. Sophie can provide backup healing but she can be more efficient offensively. Just land hits and perform your own Mystic Artes whenever possible. Using consumables to keep your party afloat is a good, safe strategy as well.

After defeating her, return to the save point and heal up. Go past Victoria and head right to find the same turtlez merchant earlier. After dealing with him, return to the previous corridor then head to the left this time. Continue along the corridor then enter the third room. You'll find a chest inside containing 315 eleth. Continue further to the left and you'll find another save point. Approach it for savepoint for a skit. (Slay the Usurper) Save the game, then continue upstairs.

Boss: Cedric

Battle to reclaim the throne

Cedric also has his own Mystic Artes. His attacks are a combination of fire and lightning, which will occasionally cause paralysis or burn. He prefers close range combat though his attacks have a wide arc and can damage multiple characters at once. Like before, set Cheria to heal as often as possible, preferably as soon as somebody's health goes below 50%. Provide backup healing with Sophie and with some consumables as necessary. He will tend to target Cheria often and interrupt her healing so do your best to attack him and get his attention. Sophie's fast combos and Pascal's damaging long-ranged spells will really help in keeping Cedric's attention off Cheria.

After the scene, you'll have the meet up with Richard. Head to the throne room. After learning your next objective, return to your team members. Captain Malik will also join the party. He will also gain the Prisoner of War and Dismissed Captain titles. To exit the castle, return to the throne room entrance. Approach the save point for a skit (A Touching Moment)

Head to the Inn first to find two new requests. Approach the savepoint for a skit as well. (Eye to Eye) You can now head to the port and travel back to Lhant.


You can't go through the gates so you can just enter through the canal. Head to the manor and talk to the maid to check to check some requests, if you missed any. Once done, you can save your game and head to the study. Head outside after the conversation.

After the scenes, you'll have to fight Richard. He'll have a Nova Barrier so use Asbel's Lightning Strike, Hubert's Scarlet Salvo or Sophie's Sword Assault and Dagger Splash. If you're using Sophie, I suggest changing characters as she's be more effective when used by an AI. Remember to move back after performing a combo against Richard since he can retaliate with multi-hit attacks or a short-range AOE attack. Hubert will do a great job in dealing damage from a safe distance.

Boss: Richard

Be careful when Richard goes on eleth break as he will surely follow up with a devastating Mystic Arte. Keep him away from Sophie as she will do a great job in keeping the party alive, especially if her healing artes are upgraded at this point. Hubert can also provide backup healing as necessary. Don't forget to manually use items as necessary. Richard has a variety of mid-level, AOE attacks so it will be a good idea to evade often and try to attack him from the side or rear.

A possessed king


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