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Lineage and Legacies

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Lineage and Legacies

This is a continuation of the main story so unless you wanted to continue from your previous save, I'll suggest starting New Game and get the bonuses like double XP, item drops, damage and such. Since you're basically loading the cleared savegame file, all additional data like completed requests, new book entries, earned shards and such will be added to your grade evaluation.

In this mode, you're basically continuing your last saved game so the pending requests, acquired title, level, skills and gold carry over. Take note that the weapon requests given by a particular ???? seems to be unavailable. The shuttle is also available from the start so use it for your convenience. Telos Astue however, won't be available in this mode.

After the scene, Asbel will get his Lord of Lhant title and Sophie will get her costume title Toast of the Town. Before leaving, examine the grave behind you for a new discovery (No. The Lords' Memorial) and skit. (Six Months Later...)

Exit south to the town. Head to the manor for a scene. Before leaving, go to the study and approach the table for a skit. (Cry Harder)

There's also an event star by the cabinets. Examine it for a scene about Asbel's parents. After this, go upstairs to Asbel's room. Approach his table for another skit. (Half-Hearted Proposals) Head to East Lhant Highroad next.

East Lhant Highroad
Use the shuttle to travel there and you should find the monsters in front of you. Engage and defeat them. You'll have to return to Lhant for now but you can visit the Turtlez HQ first for a minor sub-event while you're at it.

Turtlez HQ
There's a sub-event here. Talk to the turtlez near the cottage and give them an apple, banana and peach to complete this sub-event. This will enable the turtlez transports again.

Head to the manor for a scene. Enter the manor for another scenes. The next day, check the guest room in the first floor to check on Sophie. Since she's not there, exit the town to the east.

East Lhant Highroad
Approach the savepoint for another skit (Flying Solo). After viewing it, use the shuttle to fast-travel to Barona.

Head to the castle to meet with Cheria. After this scene, Cheria will earn her Traveling Healer title. Head to the throne room to continue with the story. Hubert, Malik and Richard will join the party afterward. They'll also get their new titles respectively. (Eradication Director, Special Attache and King of Windor)

You can set up Richard since its been a while since you used him. Approach the savepoint outside the throne room for another skit. (The Odd Man Out)

Exit the castle but don't use the shuttle yet. Go to the valkines for another skit. (Brother from Another Mother) You have to go to the Barona Catacombs next but you can stop by Lhant for an optional sub-event.

Go to Cheria's house to find an event star. Examine it for a sub-event. After viewing this, use the shuttle to go to Barona Catacombs directly.

Barona Catacombs

The layout is still the same but there will be new treasures to find. Go past the stone door to find a chest. Open it for an Arcane Bottle. The path down leads to the warp to the monster's nest but go past it for now and continue following the path. Open the chest along the way to find some grape gel. Enter the hidden room where the previous discovery is to find a chest containing All-Divide.

Enter the room where Lambda's relic is to find another chest. Open it for an hourglass.

Return to the path where the soldier is and go down. The chest to the far north contains a Gnome Cloak for Richard. Approach the entrance of the ruins for a skit. (Wise Words) Enter the ruins afterward.

Gustworks Ruins
Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Fames Sans Fortune) Save the game and continue forth a boss battle. You'll only able to use Malik, Cheria and Hubert in this fight.

Boss: Plumpsap Treant
This is basically the same boss you fought in Ghardia Shaft: Center before. Malik and Cheria will do a great job in pummeling it with their more powerful offensive attacks while Hubert can keep the combos going. Overall, there shouldn't be a major problem dealing with this boss.

Three is still a party

After the scene, you'll be controlling Asbel and Richard at this point. There's a savepoint and shop to the right (counts as a Telos Astue shop as well). Recharge your mixer and rest if needed. Head to the left for a skit (Gentlemanly Behavior) then save your game.

Continue forth. After riding the stone to the right, take the lower left stone first to reach a Sylph Cloak. Backtrack and head to the open area for a scene.

After the scene, go up and examine the orange device. The control switches over to Cheria's party. Go up then ride the stone to the right. Before going up, ride the stones to the lower left and lower right to reach the chests containing Dangerous Liquid and Lavender respectively. Continue up to the next open area for a scene.

There's a shop nearby and another skit by going to the left. (The Marrying Type)

Ride the stone up, then go to the right. Ride the stone to the upper left so it hits the orange stone, sending it down. Return to the previous platform and continue up. Ignore the switch for now. Instead. Continue to the right, then down and further right to find two orange blocks. Ride the stone to hit it down.

Ride the stone up to reach a platform with a chest. Open it for a Verbena. Backtrack to the orange device and switch to Asbel.

Go to the right then ride the stone up. This should bring you to a platform near an orange stone.

Ride the stone to the right to send the orange stone up then return to your previous platform. Ride the stone to the right this time. You'll find yet another device. Switch parties this time.

As Cheria's party, go right then down again. You should see the orange stone stuck neatly beside the red stone. Ride the stone up to disembark there. Ride the stone to the lower right then go down. You should find a chest containing Magic Carta No. 70. Ride the stone to the left so it hits the orange stone down.

Go up past the orange device again and ride the stone to the right. This should lead you to a platform with a chest containing an Elixir. Backtrack to the device and switch parties again.

As Asbel, the path up should be accessible now. Head to the left first, then down for a new discovery (No. 80 Eloquent Stone) and skit. (Renewing the Past)

Backtrack and continue to the right. You should reach a platform with another switch and a chest. Open it for Needle of Extinction. Continue up then ride the stone to the right so it hits another orange stone up. Ride the stone down to reach a chest containing Suspicious Powder x5. Backtrack to the switch and change parties.

As Cheria, go up then ride the stone to the right so it stops by the red and orange stones. Ride the stone down then left so you hit another orange stone.

Go back then ride the stone to the right. You should reach another switch. Nothing much you can do here so switch parties again.

As Asbel, ride the stone up then the other stone down. Disembark from the orange and red stones, then ride the stone to the right next. Continue up then ride the stone to the right to bump up the orange stone.

Ride the other stone to the right of the device then ride up to find another chest containing a Killer Fang. Backtrack to the switch and change parties.

(Cheria) Continue up, left and up again. Ride the stone to the left to reach a chest containing Magic Carta No. 71. Return to the previous platform to the right then ride the stone to the right again to bump an orange stone down. Take the green stone down and use the device there to change parties.

(Asbel) Ride the stone to the right then up. Follow the path and you'll regroup with the others. Once ready, go to the left for a skit. (The Necessary Motivation)
Go up then take the green stone up. In the upper level, don't take the stone in front but ride the left one instead. In the next screen, continue up for a new discovery (No. 81 Gustworks Core) and skit (The Atmosphere Between Them) You need Pascal to operate this device and reach the chests in the other side so you have to come back later.

Backtrack then take the left stone this time. You should find a chest containing Magic Carta No. 72 from the chest here. The stone down leads back to the entrance so instead of taking that, ride the stone back to the right twice then take the green stone again to descend.

Ride the stones up to reach platform with two more stones. The stone north will lead to a savepoint. Take the south one first to reach a chest containing 1000 units of eleth. The stone south of this will lead you to the shop and another savepoint. Backtrack and proceed to the next savepoint.

Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Growing Old) Save your game, prepare your team and take the green stone down.

Boss: Legendary Wyvern x3
Just fight them normally until the battle ends automatically. After the scene, you'll have to form a party with Asbel as a fixed member. Once done, exit out of the screen and proceed with the real fight.

In this battle, Asbel will be able to use his Accel Mode. He'll also get his Accel Force title.

Accel Mode activate!

Like when you're fighting multiple enemies, avoid staying in between them. Move away and attack outside the group to maximize your damage and lower the chances of you getting pummeled in between. With Asbel's Accel Mode, you should be able to deal more damage, even more when connecting with combos. Just concentrate with one target and evade their attacks. Malik and Richard will do a great job in providing crowd-control spells while Cheria of course should keep the party alive.

After the scene, a skit will be playable. (The Most Dangerous Game) Go to the right to find a chest containing Radiant Howl. It's weaker than the Excalibur but can boost Accel Mode's time. Go back up and save the game. We can now head outside.

From the savepoint, ride the stone south, then east (based on the compass) twice. Take the green stone up next. In the upper level, go left and left again, past the discovery we visited earlier. From hereon, it should be straightforward. Just ride the platforms and you'll eventually reach the exit.

Barona Catacombs
After the scene, Cheria will earn her Reader of Hearts title. As you walk out, a skit will become available. (One More Communicator) Make your way out to the Sanctuary.

As soon as you exit, another skit will be playable. (Sentimental Journey)

Your next destination is the Amarcian Enclave but I'll strongly suggest taking some detours first for some additional titles (which will unlock new artes) for Cheria and Malik.

A skit will become available after using the shuttle. (A Night at the Inn)

Head to the inn to find an event star there. After this event, Cheria will earn her Bluter of Truths title, which will allow her to learn a new mystic arte.

Go to the savepoint in the inn for a skit. (Crisis of Leadership)

There's also an event star by the counter. Examine it for a scene. You need to trigger this event in order to enable the next event in Zavhert, necessary for Malik's new title.

Head to the inn for a skit (Reforming Zavhert)

If you triggered the event in Velanik, an event star should be in the plaza. After this scene, Malik will earn his Retracer of Paths title. Like Cheria's, this will allow him to learn a new mystic arte.

After these, you can proceed to the Amarcian Enclave next.

Amarcian Enclave
A scene will take place as soon as you arrive. You'll have to go to Fendel Glacier Ruins next but go to the savepoint by the inn to trigger a skit. (A Simple Courtesy)

Fendel Glacier Ruins
You need to make your way to the valkines. The layout is still the same but there will be new items to loot. In the first room with an ice block, there's a chest to the southeast that has a Sage. A chest containing a Symphonian Spectre is also found before the exit to the next screen.

There will be new enemies here that can drop new materials so you can farm some of them while you're at it. Continue to the second chamber with ice blocks. To the far left is a chest containing Scars of Eternia. There's also another chest to the east containing a Magic Carta No. 60.

Exit to the next corridor. There should be another chest in the western cavern containing Magic Carta No. 61. Continue forth until you reach the third chamber with ice blocks. Once there, follow the path near the wall to reach a chest containing the Tempest Bringer.

There's also another chest in the middle of the room. Open it for 500 units of eleth. Exit this room and head to the second savepoint. Touch it for a skit. (Half-Cocked)

Go to the valkines for a scene. Select your combat party and engage the boss afterward.

Boss: Titan Beetle x4
This battle should be easy enough, especially when you have accel mode already. The only challenge is that some of your attacks won't connect considering that they're flying. Other than that, this battle is pretty much a straightforward one, without any special tactics necessary.

Rescuing Pascal and Sophie

After the battle and scene, Pascal will get her Same Old, Same Old title. Before leaving, go to the savepoint for a skit (Friends Again) then enter the opening to the left. There should be new items there.

From the first split, go to the right to find an Efreet Cloak. Equip it for a skit. (A Kingly Cloak) In the second split, loot Verbena x2 from the chest. Go further to Kurt's grave to find a Magic Carta No. 62 from the chest. Return to the warp and leave the place. Head to the Amarcian Enclave next.

Amarcian Enclave
Head to the Overseer's Chamber to find Fourier and Poisson. After the event, Pascal will get her Big Sister Type title. A skit will be playable as well. (A Guilty Conscience) Make your way to the exit for another scene. The girls will stay behind. Malik will also get his Leader of Men title after this.

Go back to the plaza for a skit (Untrusted Sources) Note: It seems that this skit will only become available if you walked in front of the crater in Fendel Borderlands. You can just travel there via shuttle, walk in front of it, then fast-travel back to the Enclave to activate this skit.

Yu Liberte
Skit in the main entrance (Jewels in the Sand)

Walk in the middle of the two fountains in the residential district for a new skit. (Catching Up with the Oswells)

Head to the presidential palace for a scene. After this event, Hubert will get his Contrarian title (Accel Mode). A skit will be available as well. (Filial Piety)

After viewing this skit, head to the Residential District and enter the Oswell Manor. Talk to Oswell for a sub-event. Hubert will earn his Legion Commander title after this. (New Mystic Arte)

Go back to the presidential palace and enter it for a scene. After this, Richard gets his Eradication Commander title. (Accel Mode) Head to the Strahta Desert Ruins next.

Strahta Desert Ruins
As soon as you arrive, you'll be thrown in an immediate battle. After defeating the enemies, a skit will be available. (A Girl in Every Port)

There will be new enemies, treasures and you'll need to solve the puzzles again to navigate the ruins. Before moving forth, check the entrance of the ruins for a chest containing Rosemary x2.

Warrior's Roost
Skit at the savepoint. (The Mask of Justice)


... To be continued.

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