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Childhood Arc

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Childhood Arc

Lhant Hill

You'll start the game with two kids, Asbel and Hubert as your party. This is just a tutorial stage but you do keep the items you'll find along the way. If you want, you can also check the menu. More of these menus will be explained in the Basics section of this guide.

Move forth and check the chest to the right for Apple Gel x3. Engage the enemy nearby to learn more about the battle basics. Continue along the path and you'll find a well nearby. There's a skit (Wellspring of Deceit) to activate as well. Take note that you can examine the wellspring to recover your HP.

Continue to the right to find another chest. Open it for a Glassphere. Continue along the path to find a savepoint. There's a chest hidden behind a bush to its right containing a Life Bottle. Use the savepoint and continue forth for a scene. You'll get a “Plucked Flower” which is a valuable item.

Leave the meadow and save your game. You'll also have the chance to trigger a skit (Rebel without a Cause) in a short while. You can also fight a few battles here to earn exp and sp, as well as familiarizing yourself with the battle system. Once you're ready to proceed, leave the area.

North Lhant Highroad

You have to return to Lhant by heading east. You can press L1 to display navigational markers. Though Lhant is just a few steps to the east, head west a bit and check out the shining object on the grass along the road, just past the guards. You'll find similar shining objects  along the roads and picking them up yields random items.

Continue along the road and grab another Glassphere inside the chest. That's all you can do for now since you won't be able to head further for now. Backtrack a bit and follow the road east to Lhant. You'll finally see a savepoint along the way and trigger another skit. (Seek the Sparkles) Go a steps down and enter town.


After the scene, you can now explore the town before heading to the manor. The areas of interest you can check are listed below. Just hold L1 to see the label of each building and place.

Residence beside the windmill
Talk to the grandmother to get a Pickled Plum.
Talk to the dog to get an Apple Gel.
Examine the closet under the stairs to find Pork x2

Cross the bridge to the south of the talking children to trigger a skit (Poor Choice of Words)

Talk to the guard in the northeastern road after crossing the bridge. He'll give a quiz to you. The answers are Wolf Pup, Wooly Boar and Giant Bee. You'll receive 100 gald for getting the questions right.

You can purchase a Manual Manual key item from the item shop for 500g which will enable you to set your battle actions to Manual.

When ready, just follow the main road inside the town to reach the manor and trigger a scene. Once you're in control, you can enter the manor and save your game inside. Another skit will be triggered as well. (Family Ties) You can head to the 2nd floor bedroom to rest and trigger another skit (Rash Justice). Examine the unorganized table to the far right to get the Enemy Book. Head out and start talking to the townspeople. They will all mention something about a foreigner staying in a cottage in West Lhant Hill.

Backtrack to the bridge you checked earlier and approach the guard whom you took the quiz earlier for a short scene. You'll receive a Discovery Book from him. This book will allow you to record rare and unique locations/spots. Some spots that yield items can be checked out again later to harvest their yield again.

For starters, examine the apple tree nearby to receive Apples x3.  (No.1 Apple Trees) This will also open another skit. (Fruit of Ignorance) Before leaving, you can also check out the windmill in the town for another discovery (No. 2 Lord Windegarde). You can also buy two new weapons for Asbel and Hubert from the equipment shop.  When ready, exit the town.

West Lhant Road

As soon as you exit, a skit will become available. (Boys and Boats) Save your game then continue up the road. You'll find a guy staring at some large pumpkins. There's a shining object on the ground to his right; examine it to get an item.

Examine the tree for another discovery (No.4 Gel Seeds) and receive three Gel Seeds. You'll also be able to trigger another skit. (Not for Human Consumption). Open the chest nearby as well for a Glassphere.

Continue following the road until you find one of them Turtlez. He will give you a Dualize Book and a tutorial on how to dualize stuff. Just combine an Apple and Gel Seed to create an Apple Gel and complete the tutorial. You can also start dualizing some materials and ingredients to Cook. The possible outcomes for each pair will be shown and discovered products for each pair will turn the color of their names to white, making it easier for you to identify the combinations you haven't tested out yet.

Head left a bit and you should be able to spot the cottage and a save point. Before entering, find the chest containing Rice x5 in the far left and a shining object nearby for some random item. Approach the beastmaster in front of the cottage for a scene. After the scene, approach the savepoint to trigger a skit. (Abracadabra) Return to town when ready and head to the manor.


After the scene in the manor, enter the scene and find Asbel's father in the study. If you haven't done so yet, examine the family portrait in the middle of the staircase for another Discovery. (03. Family Portrait). Another skit will also trigger after discovering this. (Age is Just a Number) After entering the study, approach Lord Aston for a scene. After this scene, Asbel will earn the “Lord's Heir” title. Save the game if you want then head outside. After the scene, Sophie will earn “Named After a Flower” title. Now exit the town through the East Lhant Highroad.

East Lhant Highroad

Save the game if you want. A new skit will trigger shortly as well. (A Cheeky Retort) Walk a bit then take the small road down to the stream to find a chest with Apple Gel x2. Examine the floating crystals in the water for another Discovery (05. Cryas Shards). Another skit will trigger after the discovery. (Little Treasures)

Return to the main road and continue forth for a scene. Defeat the enemy and wait until the scenes end. You don't have anywhere else to go at the moment so head back to the town. Another skit will trigger on your way inside. (A Wild Seed Takes Root). Head back inside and proceed to the manor.


Head to the manor and visit the bedroom for another skit (Chronic Uncertainty). Exit go right of the entrance to trigger a scene. There should be a prompt that will allow you to open the window in the eastern side of the manor. Open it for another scene. Once done, exit the room and head outside for another scene.

Once you're in control, your party formation will change temporarily. You need to make your way to Lhant Hill. Another skit will trigger along the way. (A Wild Seed Bears Fruit). Exit the town and head to Lhant Hill. (Optional: You can take the west road and follow it all the way to the port to find some extra items)

West Lhant Port

Sailor near the entrance – Egg
Traveler by the dock – Fur
Residence, check the cabinets for some egg and rice.

Lhant Hill

Examine the wellspring here to record a new discovery (06. Spring of Healing) in your Discovery Book. Save your game then head to the meadow to continue with the story. You'll be fighting Bryce.

Boss: Bryce

This battle shouldn't be that hard since Sophie has First Aid. Don't just rely on it though; use Apple Gels if you deem them necessary. You don't need to fight him head on; wait for him to attack then counterattack. Keep doing this until he goes down.

Defeating that jerk with a claw

Lhant Hill Cliffs

After the scene, Richard will be joining your party. Move a bit and another skit will trigger. (Face Time) After that, open the chest behind the rock to your right to obtain Pickled Plum x3. Continue up the ramp and avoid running in narrow ledges. (Press circle quickly to regain your balance). Press and hold X to walk slowly to cross these narrow paths.

Cross the narrow ledge to the right to access the chest containing Life Bottle x2. Continue up to find an abandoned nest.  Examine it to record a new discovery (07. Abandoned Nest). Another skit will trigger as well. (A Brother's Pride) Continue further up for a savepoint.

Continue to the right and you'll fight two Bear Hellions. These aren't that hard to beat; just gang them up one at a time. After the battle, you can watch another skit. (About Face) Grab the Glassphere from the chest further to the right then use the large root to climb up back up.

Lhant Hill Meadow / Lhant Hill

After the scene, Asbel, Richard and Sophie will each earn the “Pact Maker” title. Head back to the tree to trigger another skit (The Meaning of Friendship). Examine the tree as well for another discovery. (08. Friendship Tree) After the discovery, there's another skit to trigger. (The Facts on Pacts)

Continue to Lhant Hill and approach the spring for another skit. (Fight or Fright). Use the spring to recover your HP then exit to the main road. Make your way back to Lhant.


After the scene, you'll receive Richard's Ring. Once you're in control, leave the room, save the game and leave the manor. You're off to the capital and to reach it, you need to take the East Lhant Highroad.

East Lhant Highroad

Approach the savepoint for another skit. (You Can't Force It) Save the game if you want then continue heading east, past the bridge. Open the chest to the southeast to get a Glassphere. Continue following the road until you reach a cottage. An event will trigger as soon as you reach the open area.

After the scene, approach the savepoint for another skit. (Weird is weird) Save your game if you want, then loot the chest inside the cottage to get 100 gald. Continue forth until you reach some patch of grass downhill. There's a chest there you can loot for 300g.

Take the narrow path downhill to find some cows. Examine the strange colored one for another discovery and receive Milk. (09. Windor Cows) Another skit will trigger after this discovery. (Stick and Moove) Continue along the path until you find a save point. Use it and continue until you reach the Port to Barona.

Port to Barona

You can do the following to receive various ingredients:

Talk to the child beside the tables near the exit to receive Rice.
Talk to the traveler beside the Turtlez transport to get Dried Seaweed.
Check the cabinets inside the residence to get Lettuce x2 and Bread x2.

Once ready, save the game if you want then talk to the Ship Captain and board the ferry.


There's nothing much to do this so just exit the area to reach the city. You'll meet Cheria and she'll accompany you guys for a while. There's limited stuff you can do such as the following:

Talk to the old lady sitting on the bench to receive Feather.
Talk to the soldier at the end of the two stairs to receive a Tomato.
Approach the savepoint inside the inn for a skit (Through the Ringer). Go upstairs, enter the unlocked room there and examine the closet to get Dried Seaweed x3.
Check the cabinets inside the residence on the way to the Royal Sanctuary (Castle District) to get Pie Sheets x2 and Egg x2

Head to the castle entrance and talk to the guard. From the castle entrance, continue to the left and take the next set of stairs to reach the square. Approach the cryas for another scene. After the scene, head back a bit for another discovery (10. Gloandi) and another skit. (Everything Worth Knowing).

You can head north or explore the city a bit. If you head to the inn, you'll be able to activate two skits as soon as you touch the savepoint. (To Be a Knight, Pact Attack )

You can also head to the Knight Academy for a scene with Malik.

When ready, head north and exit the city.

North Barona Road

Save the game then check the off-road path to the left to find a chest containing a Glassphere. Continue along the path to find another chest under the tree to the right. Open it for Beef x2.

Continue to the hill beside the Roadside Cottage to trigger the next event. There's nothing to do inside the cottage so you can just ignore it. Backtrack and return to town.


After returning to town, head to the inn to find Aston and Hubert. After the event, Hubert will earn the Second-Born Son title. Save your game and explore the town more if you want. Otherwise, talk to the innkeeper and rest until nightfall.

You can check out the closet in the next room to find some Rice x3. Go downstairs and head to the Royal Sanctuary. As soon as you approach it, the next story event will take place. Once in control, enter the crack to get inside the Sanctuary.

Once inside, check out the water stream for another discovery (11. Water of Absolution) and skit. (The Boy Who Knew Everything) You'll also receive x3 Water of Absolution. Check out the secret entrance to the left.

Barona Catacombs

Save the game and continue forth. A skit will be available once you reached a stone door along the way. (Revenge Will Be Mine). Open the chest in the broken bridge to receive 500g.

Past the broken bridge is another path going down. Follow it to find a chest in the end of the path containing Apple Gel x3.

Backtrack to the main path and continue forth. You'll find another chest on the wooden ledge containing a Glassphere. Continue along and you'll find two paths to the right. Take the upper one first past the stone door to find another chest containing a Life Bottle. 

Backtrack again to the main path and approach the savepoint along the way for another skit (Sticky Situation) Continue forth to the room past the savepoint. You'll be in a boss battle.

Boss: Monarch Bat

You need to take out the minions first before they cause any real problems. Avoid getting sandwiched by the enemies as they can easily take you out. Sophie can take care of the healing but do use Apple Gels to keep your team afloat. Once the minions are down, concentrate your attacks and regularly sidestep/ evade to avoid getting paralyzed and hammered by the Monarch Bat.

Kids vs pesky flying critters

Watch the next scenes. This arc is now complete. A corresponding trophy will be unlocked as well.

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