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Follow the dark path or use the light

Adult Arc - Part 1

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Adult Arc - Part 1

Orlen Woods

You'll be thrown in a battle immediately. Just defeat the wolf using your B-Artes. Asbel will also get the Nimble Fang Adept title. Save your game and attempt to move out. Malik will give you the eleth mixer. After the tutorial, Malik will join the party and gain the Time Spender title. Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Walking the Point)

Follow the path until you reach the first fork in the road. Take the one straight ahead to find a chest containing 800 gald. Continue forth until you reach the turn in the road, beside a stream. There's a log to the southeast that you can cross. It will lead you to a chest containing Life Bottle x2.

Continue following the path until you find another chest along the way. Obtain Wood Chunk from it. Move along and you'll find another fork in the road, with a Turtlez merchant nearby. Take the path north first as it leads you to a chest containing an Iron Tunic. Backtrack to the fork and talk to the merchant to recharge your mixer and dualize some items if needed.

Before crossing the bridge, examine the nearby flock of butterflies for a new discovery (12. Morino Flowers) and a new skit (Flower Power). You'll also receive x3 Morino flowers. You can mix it with Water of Absolution to create Holy Water if you want.

Cross the bridge and take the path south first. You'll find a chest to the lower right containing Apple Gel x3, and a boulder you can push to the stream so you can have a shortcut later. Backtrack to the main path then take the eastern path to reach another chest with Chipped Claw. Take the path to the left and follow it. Save your game along the way then proceed to the village.

After the scene, Malik will temporarily leave the party. Head to the left side of the village to hear a noise, then go to the eastern side of the village to find a wolf. Follow it to the western side of the village. You'll have to defeat the beast alone.

Boss: Nova Wolf

At first you'll only deal one damage. Just keep attacking and evading until you'll get the ability to use Lightning Strike. Set this as your arte then keep using it until the beast goes down.

Against the nova wolf

After defeating the Nova Wolf, approach the save point for another skit (Hidden Talents). Save your game and backtrack to the exit.

North Barona Road

Walk a bit to receive the world map from Malik. Follow the road and you'll find a chest containing Pork x2 near a knight. There's also a Turtlez merchant nearby. You'll also learn something about Stamps as well. Also, examine the signpost with some barrels south of the merchant for a new discovery (13. Tea Fields) and trigger a skit. (That Little Something). You'll also receive Tea Leaves.

Follow the road then take the off-road path to the south. This will lead you to a chest with Pasta x2. Return to the main road and continue to the left. A scene will trigger. After that scene, you can trigger another skit (Out of the Clouds). You can also loot x3 Pie Sheets in a chest inside the Roadside Cottage.

Continue down the road and grab the Apple Gel x2 from the chest to the right, under the tree. Continue down the road and there will be another off-road path to the left leading to another chest. Loot its contents then return to town.


After reaching the town, go downstairs and examine the ice pop store to the right for a new discovery. (14. Ice Pops) and a skit (The Win Stick). Enter the residence to the right and talk to the mother to get Pie Sheet x3. Loot the cabinets for some eggs and more pie sheets.


Exit the residence and go further to the Royal Sanctuary. There's a cat here that you can feed fish, if you have any. Next, head to the wind cryas to the left of this district and check hidden chest to the right, beside the barrel to get a Magic Carta No. 30.

Head to the lower district and head inside the inn. Approach the save point for a couple new skits (Final Exam) and (Stamp Collector). You can also talk to the Innkeeper to find new requests. These are optional tasks that will reward you with SP bonuses and items. You can refer to the Inn Requests section for more information about the requests. You can also find Dried Seaweed x3 and Best Princess Stories from the closets of the rooms upstairs.

From the inn, continue east to the Knight Academy. Examine the headmaster's bust for a new discovery (15. Headmaster's Bust). You can also enter the Academy if you want. Talk to the cadet to get Rice Ball. Enter the room to the right find an Ice Pop inside one of the wooden boxes there and a chest which requires a password to open. Enter “treasure” to get an Elixir inside. (If you check the bulletin board besides the bar, Tactics, you'll see this hint.)

You can head to the dock as well and check the heap of crates beside the stairs. Clear the crates so you can access the chest inside. Obtain an Hourglass from it. Continue to the docks and follow the long wooden walkway to find a chest in the end. Open it for Pie Sheet x3.

Finally, head to the bar but before entering, look for a chest to its right side. Open it for a Moji-kun Plushie. Enter the bar once done. After the scene, don't leave yet. Check the lower right corner of the bar to find a shining object. Pick it up to obtain the Royal Knight's Documents. Turn it over to the innkeeper to complete a request and earn a lot of SP. Just make sure to equip low-level titles for your characters to maximize the SP gain. Once ready, head to the knight academy when ready. Watch the following scenes.

Once in control, exit the room and the academy. Head to the port and board the ship back to Lhant.

East Lhant Highroad

After docking, exit the port and make your way back to Lhant. Just follow the road until you reach the open area. An eagle and a couple of goblins will ambush you. This shouldn't be a difficult battle; just avoid getting sandwiched between them and attack them while they're lined up to maximize damage.


After this event, Cheria will join the party and will obtain the Radiant Healer title. Approach the savepoint nearby and trigger a skit (An Unseasonable Chill). Grab the Decaying Fang from the chest beside it and some Bread inside the cottage. Once done, continue forth.

Grab the chest near the bridge for some gald and find an Iron Scabbard inside the chest near the floating cryas near Lhant. Save the game and enter the town.


After arriving in Lhant, you'll receive some bad news. Check out the shops to upgrade Cheria's equipment if you want. You need to head to the Border Fortress. You may want to stop over the mansion and check out the available requests you can complete.

Enter Lord Aston's study and examine the middle bookshelf to receive the Best Princess Stories (valuable item). There's also a password locked chest in the lower left. Enter the password “aston” to obtain an All-Divide.

Exit the manor and check the house beside the Windmill. There's a chest outside containing a Nolo Plushie. Enter the residence and check out the closet for some Pork. Climb up the windmill next to find a chest there. Open it for Magic Carta No.29. Once done, head out to the North Lhant Road.

North Lhant Road

Follow the road until you find a chest containing a Pretty Ribbon. Continue and approach Lhant Hill to trigger a skit. (Frozen in Time). Though the border is in the far left, you can take a detour in Lhant Hill for some extra items and battles. The list of items you can find there are listed below:

180 Eleth (Mixer recharge)
Nameless Seed
Life Bottle x2
Poison Needle

You can also descend to the cliffs.

Poison Charm
Panacea Bottle x2
Pretty Anklet
Eleth Bottle C

Once done, you can continue along the road. Grab the 1000g from the chest before reaching the path uphill. Continue along the path and you'll have to defeat two enemy soldiers.

This battle shouldn't be that hard so there's really no special tactics necessary. Like before, sidestep and evade to avoid getting sandwiched between them and use guard auras to recharge your CC defensively. Concentrate on one enemy at a time.

Backup as arrived!

After the battle, you'll have to run back to the Meadow. Lead the weapon there and avoid any enemies for now. After the scene, you'll be in a battle against the Fendelian weapon with Sophie. Remember to not to be too aggressive up front as this enemy hits hard. It will be more effective attacking this enemy from the rear. Sophie and Cheria can both heal so you don't have to worry about keeping your party's HP up. Just remember to guard/ sidestep/ evade after performing your combos.

Is that a Tachicoma?

After the scene, Sophie will join the party and earn the Dead Ringer title. Exit to Lhant Hill and approach the savepoint for a skit. (Sophie's Sacrifice) Save your game then exit. Make your way back to Lhant.


Upon arriving, Cheria will check out the wounded first and leave the party temporarily. Head to the manor to meet up with your mother and Frederic. After the scene, pick up the Assorted Flowers (sidequest item) from the flower bed to the left. Complete the remaining requests available then head to the 2nd floor bedroom. After that, head to the 1st floor study. After the scene, Cheria will join your party. Make your preparations then head out.

North Lhant Road

Make your way to the fortress and a scene will take place as soon as you reach the fork in the road. Continue to the seaside cavern and grab the Life Bottle x2 from the chest by the shore before entering. There's also turtlez merchant nearby as well.

Seaside Cavern

Open the chest near the entrance to the right to get 1500 gald. Continue along the path and you'll find another chest behind a rock containing Apple Gel x3. Continue forth then jump on to the water. After the scene, another skit will be available. (Diving In)

Before moving forth, take the path to the left and you'll find two chests in the far side of the cavern. Obtain Syrup Bottle x2 and Eleth Bottle C.

Before going up the ramp again, walk to the right side of the path, near the water. Jump in to access another hidden cavern with a chest containing a Steel Scabbard.

After getting the items, continue forth and grab the Life Bottle x3 from behind a rock pillar to the right. Continue to the end of the path and jump in the water again. In the second path, continue along and grab the 1125 gald from the chest. Jump in the water again at the end of the path.

There will be two paths here; one is straight ahead and the second one is to the left. Take the left one first to find two chests and a discovery (16. Glintsoul Colony) A skit will be triggered as well (Remembering the Past)
Open the chests for 210 eleth and Dark Bottle x2.

Backtrack to the main path then continue with the straight path. Before jumping in the water, loot the chest to the left containing Holy Bottle x2. Jump in the water to reach the next path.

By this time, you'll have an amusing skit trigger as soon as you get out of the water. (Enough with the Water) Continue to the open area and loot the submerged chest to the left before using the savepoint. Obtain Mastery Tonic C from it. Next, examine the large aquatic plant nearby for another discovery (No.17 Deathglow Algae). You'll obtain Deathglow Algae x3 as well. Walk a bit to trigger another skit (Just a Bite). Save your game when done then jump in the water again.

Continue forth and you'll be in another boss battle.

Boss: Queen Slime

The Queen Slime will summon a couple of minions from time to time. They can be troublesome if left alone, especially if they keep interrupting your healers and stopping your combos. Take them out first since they can be killed easily anyway before concentrating your combos against the boss.

Weaponized blob

After the battle, clear the area if you want, then continue up. A skit will be available for viewing, along the way. (The Only One) Continue to the exit.

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Feb 28th 2013 Guest
After you have the cutscene withe Lady Kerri and Frederic once returning home with the reemerged Sophie from Lhant Hill, if you go to you room and rest. You'll have a dream cutscene.
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