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Eleth Mixer Basics

Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Eleth Mixer Basics

The Eleth Mixer
The mysterious Eleth can provide you with various benefits whenever you set items in it. As long as you've acquired an item at some point in the past, you can set it to the mixer, even if you don't own the item anymore.

Eleth Mixer Basics
The Eleth Mixer consumes eleth, not items, so the things place inside it will not disappear. You can restore its eleth at shop and inns for a price. By the way, The Eleth Mixer gives Priority to dishes set higher on the list, so keep that in mind.

if you set a dish in the Eleth mixer, its effect will activate either during battle or immediately afterward. Different dishes will cook under different conditions, so dualize a lot of dishes to find your favorites.

Cooking Conditions
If you complete multiple dishes at the same time, the Eleth Mixer will prepare whatever dish is higher on the list. You can only prepare one dish per battle, but there are rumors of an item that can increase that number to two....

Item Production
If you set a consumable items or a material in the Eleth Mixer, it will produce more of that item as you travel around. This may seem like a convenient way to get rare items, but be careful! Rare items consume more eleth, and also have a lower chance of being successfully produced.

Spellbook Effects

If you place a spellbook in the Eleth Mixer, any effect hidden in the book will be activated. Some books provide benefits all on their own, while others require a separate item in the Mixer before they can be utilized.

Eleth Mixer Growth
The maximum amount of eleth the Eleth Mixer can hold increase each time it cooks a dish. You can also increase the number of items that can be set to it by creating consumable items and materials. When you first get your Eleth Mixer, work on creating a few simple, easy-to-create items.

Eleth Mixer Growth Tips

Cooking is essential for increasing the maximum eleth held by the Eleth Mixer. If you want to develop your mixer, set dishes that consume a lot of eleth. Also, aviod dishes that heal KO status in favor of ones that activate when you land multi-hit combos. Such dishes will help the mixer develop faster.

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