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Follow the dark path or use the light

- Point Lookout Map

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 - Point Lookout Guide

Point Lookout Map

This map should provide you with a rough guidance as where to find all the locations in Point Lookout.  Each map tile represents the same tiles as on the in-game map, except I’ve given them a number on here for your convenience.  Skip ahead to the paragraph linked to each location below.  I recommend that you do all of Point Lookout’s main and side-quests first.

  |    01| 02| 03| 04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17|
  v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯1¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
   01| s3                  s1                                             |01
  ---|        2                              3           4      5         |---
   02|                                                                    |02
  ---|                                                                    |---
   03|               6       7                       8            9     b1|03
  ---|                                                                    |---
   04|10              11            12          13                        |04
  ---|                                                                    |---
   05|     14          15                                           b2    |05
  ---|                                                  16                |---
   06|                  s2                                                |06
  ---|                                                                    |---
   07|    17                           18                          b3     |07
  ---|                                                                    |---
   08|             19                       20              21            |08
  ---|                                                                    |---
   09|                          22                                        |09
  ---|                                                                    |---
   10|23        24                 25       26                  b4        |10
  ---|                           27                                       |---
   11|                                                                    |11
  ---|                         28                                         |---
   12|                                             29                     |12
  ---|                         b8                                         |---
   13|b9                                                    b5            |13
  ---|                               b7                                   |---
   14|                                                                    |14
  ---|                                                                    |---
   15|                                     30   b6       31               |15
  ---|                                                                    |---
   16|                                                                    |16
  ---|                                                                    |---
       01| 02| 03| 04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17|
  LATITUDE ---->
                  1 = Turtledove Detention Camp  (LAT 09|LON 01)
                  2 = Jet Crash Site ........... (LAT 03|LON 02)
                  3 = Truck Wreckage ........... (LAT 10|LON 02)
                  4 = Ark & Dove Resting Ground  (LAT 13|LON 02)
                  5 = Wrecked Seatub ........... (LAT 15|LON 02)
                  6 = Trapper's Shack .......... (LAT 04|LON 03)
                  7 = Trash Heap ............... (LAT 06|LON 03)
                  8 = Ark & Dove Cathedral ..... (LAT 12|LON 03)
                  9 = Coastal Grotto ........... (LAT 16|LON 03)
                 10 = Sacred Bog Entrance ...... (LAT 01|LON 04)
                 11 = Flooded Sinkhole ......... (LAT 05|LON 04)
                 12 = Marguerite's Shack ....... (LAT 08|LON 04)
                 13 = Kenny's Cave ............. (LAT 11|LON 04)
                 14 = Grower's Shack ........... (LAT 02|LON 05)
                 15 = Lil' Tyke Playhouse ...... (LAT 05|LON 05)
                 16 = Herzog Mine .............. (LAT 13|LON 05)
                 17 = Blackhall Manor .......... (LAT 02|LON 07)
                 18 = Haley's Hardware ......... (LAT 09|LON 07)
                 19 = Ofie Clan Plot ........... (LAT 04|LON 08)
                 20 = Ritual Site .............. (LAT 10|LON 08)
                 21 = USS Ozymandias ........... (LAT 14|LON 08)
                 22 = Homestead Motel .......... (LAT 07|LON 09)
                 23 = Dove Delta ............... (LAT 00|LON 10)
                 24 = Disaster Relief Outpost .. (LAT 03|LON 10)
                 25 = House of Wares ........... (LAT 08|LON 10)
                 26 = Beachview Campsite ....... (LAT 10|LON 10)
                 27 = Pilgrim's Landing ........ (LAT 07|LON 10)
                 28 = Point Lookout Pier ....... (LAT 07|LON 11)
                 29 = Calvert Mansion .......... (LAT 12|LON 12)
                 30 = SSN-37-1A Sunken Submarine (LAT 10|LON 15)
                 31 = Point Lookout Lighthouse   (LAT 13|LON 15)
                 32 = Smuggler's Shack ......... (LAT 17|LON 13)

                           LOCATIONS OF MUCK HOLES:
                 s1 = Excavated Muck Hole (#1)   (LAT 06|LON 01)
                 s2 = Excavated Muck Hole (#2)   (LAT 05|LON 06)
                 s3 = Excavated Muck Hole (#3)   (LAT 01|LON 01)

                            BUOYS MARKING TREASURE:
                 b1 = Buoy (#1) ................ (LAT 17|LON 03)
                 b2 = Buoy (#2) ................ (LAT 16|LON 05)
                 b3 = Buoy (#3) ................ (LAT 16|LON 07)
                 b4 = Buoy (#4) ................ (LAT 15|LON 10)
                 b5 = Buoy (#5) ................ (LAT 14|LON 13)
                 b6 = Buoy (#6) ................ (LAT 12|LON 15)
                 b7 = Buoy (#7) ................ (LAT 09|LON 14)
                 b8 = Buoy (#8) ................ (LAT 07|LON 12)
                 b9 = Buoy (#9) ................ (LAT 00|LON 13)



1. Turtledove Detention Camp
This former military camp is now overrun by ghouls - lots and lots of them.  Then there’s the turret and two Sentry Bots as well (who do attack ghouls), and you’re in for quite a fight.
You can find a [STIMPAK] in Interrogation Room A.  Inside Interrogation Room B are [MENTATS], [MOONSHINE] and another [STIMPAK].  Bunkhouse A contains a [STEALTH BOY] lying on the locker as you enter, and you can loot the averagely locked [FIRST AID BOX] on your immediate right.  The two footlockers on each side of the house may hold things of interest, but that’s all.  Bunkhouse B holds very little to nothing of interest.
The outpost to the northeast contains three [AMMO BOXES] - one of them is averagely locked.  The outpost next to the truck also holds three [AMMO BOXES] with one hard lock, and an Assault Rifle. 
Enter the Administration building as that’s where the big loot is.  The restroom contains a [PSYCHO], and the filing room on your left (south) contains four [AMMO BOXES], three [FIRST AID BOXES], [FRAG GRENADE x4], [10MM ROUNDS x2], a [MINI NUKE], [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2], [5.56MM ROUNDS x3], [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS x2], a Sniper Rifle and two Assault Rifles.
The office on the other side houses an averagely locked wall [SAFE], two [AMMO BOXES], a .44 Scoped Magnum and [.44 ROUNDS], as well as a Combat Helmet and Armor.  Power on the terminal to and check all entries to start the quest ‘The Velvet Curtain’.

2. Jet Crash Site
A jet has crashed in the swampy area of Point Lookout.  There are usually a couple of ghouls roaming the nearby areas, so tread carefully.  You can find a [FIRST AID BOX x2], [BUFFOUT], [10MM ROUNDS x12 (x4)], [COMBAT HELMET], [STIMPAK], a few axes and the [BLACKBOX RECORDING HOLOTAPE], from which you learn the origins of the plane.  There’s an [AMMO BOX] sitting in the cockpit, and that’s the last loot for this place.

3. Truck Wreckage
Inside this wrecked truck you can find the [LIGHTHOUSE BULB] that you need in order to fix the Lighthouse’s light.  There are also several Pilot Lights scatterred around here.

4. Ark & Dove Resting Ground
You can encounter lgroups packs of ghouls here, including powerful reavers if you also have the Broken Steel DLC.  Other than encountering enemies around this graveyard there’s nothing of interest here.

5. Wrecked Seatub
This entrance to a small cave is part of the main quest of Point Lookout.  The key to the hatch can be acquired by talking to Nadine inside the Ark & Dove Cathedral.  Refer to the main walkthrough for this.

6. Trapper’s Shack
This shack is guarded by several Scrappers and a handful of bear traps.  You can find three packs of [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table near the entrance, as well as a [DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN].
Inside the shack is one last Scrapper.  As for loot, the cabinet in the corner is rigged with a grenade bouquet - just so you know.  You can find a [JET] on the counter with bear traps and the other room contains [10MM ROUNDS x24] and a [CHINESE PISTOL] lying on the floor.  A [STEALTH BOY] can be found next to the lantern on the nightdesk, and the [TRUNK] may hold several minor things of interest.

7. Trash Heap
This irradiated trash heap contains a few things of interest.  There’s a [SAFE] with a hard lock that contains considerably loot, and you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] around the junk as well.  An other (already opened) safe contains a [MINI NUKE], [PRE-WAR MONEY x8] and [BOTTLE CAP x15].  Some of its contents may be spread nearby the opened safe.

8. Ark & Dove Cathedral
Main location where the tribals are located at.  Refer to the main walkthrough for more information regarding this area and how to get inside.

9. Coastal Grotto
Inside this cave, enter the small bedroom and read [PLIK’S JOURNAL] to instantly gain the ‘Ghoul Ecology’ Perk, which allows you to deal 5 damage to any ghoul.  Also grab the [MINI NUKE] and several bottle caps from this desk.
Talk to Plik, who’s running some sort of a ghoul arena behind the big doors.  If you want to participate (and activate/finish the quest ‘Plik’s Safari’), pay him 1000 caps and enter the arena.
Hit the switch in the middle of the chamber and around thirty ghouls are released.  After wasting all of them, check back with Plik and he’ll hand you [THE DISMEMBERER], a unique axe that belonged to one of his previous customers.  The ‘Plik’s Safari’ quest will now have ended as well.

10. Sacred Bog Entrance
This leads to the Sacred Bog.  Refer to the main Point Lookout quest walkthrough for more information on this.

11. Flooded Sinkhole
Nearby a camper is a deep pond which is the flooded sinkhole.  As you swim down, only make short trips and head back to the surface as your O2 bar is depleted more than halfway.  You can find two floating [NUKA COLA QUANTUMS] in the pond after swimming down, and at the very bottom you can find two [SAFES] (one of which is averagely locked, one very easy) and a [FIRST AID BOX].  Remember to get some air at the surface ocassionally!

12. Marguerite’s Shack
This is a Moonshiner Shack in the swampy area of Point Lookout.  You can find a Shotgun and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table next to the entrance.  Inside you can steal a {JET}, {MED-X}, {MENTATS}, and you’ll find a sick lady named Marguerite inside (who would’ve guessed).  She’s faking a sickness (and you can find out that she’s faking by using your medicine and speech skills), but she wants you to look for ingredients for the Moonshine she’s brewing either way.
This starts the quest ‘A Spoonful of Whiskey’, for which you need the following:
• 3 Yeast
• 6 Fission Batteries
• 10 Refined Punga Fruit OR 20 Wild Punga Fruit

You can also offer to repair her Moonshine Still and she’ll pay you either 100 or 200 caps depending on your success with speech.

13. Kenny’s Cave
Exit of the Herzog Mine that leads to Kenny’s Cave/Miner’s Rest.

14. Grower’s Shack
The backyard of this run-down shack contains 23 [WILD PUNGA FRUITS].  Inside the shack is a Tracker you’ll want to dispatch first.  As for loot, you can find a [JET] on the small table with a lantern, and one of the kitchen cabinets holds a [RAD-X].  The bedroom contains a [MINI NUKE] and the [BOX 1213 - BERN’S VOICE] holotape.

15. Lil’ Tyke Playhouse
Located nearby an excavated muck hole, this place doesn’t hold much of interest.  You can find a [RED RACER JUMPSUIT] here, as well as an [LEVER-ACTION RIFLE] and a makeshift bed to sleep inside the shack.

16. Herzog Mine
The mine cart next to a lit lantern contains a [TEDDY BEAR].  Proceed west and a while pile of rubbish comes gushing out of the wall.  Grab a [BUFFOUT] from the cabinet further down, and inspect the two [MINE BOXES] - one is lying on the ground and the other is hidden in a mine cart.
As you head around the upcoming corner, very carefully disarm all bear traps and watch the pitcher machine that will hurl baseballs at you from after a bright flash.  Here, check your right to find a [FIRST AID BOX], and continue down the other way to witness another event.
Turn right (north) at the first lantern and go up the small steps to find a cabinet that contains two [MINE BOXES] and some other miscellaneous items.  As you proceed west, keep your eyes out for another [MINE BOX] along the tracks, and a mine cart that holds five [PRE-WAR MONEY] bills.  The door at the end of the tracks leads to a new cave called Miner’s Rest.
Miner’s Rest
You’ll find a kid named Kenny here.  He’s the one who set up several traps trroughout the area, and he can give you some background information regarding the mines.  If your speech challenge fails, agree to retrieve his teddy bear and he’ll let you stay (which allows you to dump some items here, although it’s not very useful either way).  Enter the Blackdamp Shaft on the right (north).
Blackdamp Shaft
[KENNY’S BEAR] is located at the bottom of the mine shaft right at the start, but this will drop you inside a Mirelurk nest.  Follow the straight path back the exit and return the teddy bear to Kenny.  Exit to Point Lookout by the ladder in Kenny’s room after snatching the [PINT-SIZED SLASHER MASK] from around here.

17. Blackhall Manor
You’ll find old geezer Obadiah Blackhall in the main hall, and he’ll ask you to retrieve a his family book for him.  This triggers the quest ‘The Dark Heart of Blackhall’.
Upstairs are many wardrobes that contain yeast or pre-war clothes.  The very easily locked [FOOTLOCKER] in the halls usually contains bottle caps and a Stealth Boy.  A [TEDDY BEAR] may also be found in the halls, and the bathroom’s cupboard has a [BUFFOUT], [PSYCHO] and [MED-X x2] laying on it.  Lastly, the big bedroom contains an averagely locked [SAFE].

18. Haley’s Hardware
In the shelves outside this house you can find [RAILWAY SPIKES x20 (x5)] and [BUFFOUT x3].  Inside you’ll find Haley, pretty much the local store of Point Lookout.  There’s are a few items you could steal around here if you wanted to, but the most notable thing here is the Work Bench.

19. Ofie Clan Plot
A very small cemetary with an open grave of a deceased kid.  The only potential things of interest here are a [TEDDY BEAR], a [TOY CAR] and six [WILD PUNGA FRUITS] on the northern side of the hill.

20. Ritual Site
You’ll find several Trackers and Scrappers roaming the area.  Head through the hatch to enter the Burned-Out Basement, which leads to a cave.
Head down the straightforward cave until you get to an intersection, marked by a few mushrooms that emit a green glow.  Explore the right (east) section of the cave first, and you’ll find an opened safe with a [STEALTH BOY] past the muck.
The western path leads to another intersection, but there’s little of interest at the left (southwest) fork.  The western path leads to a ritual chamber in which you can find three [STIMPAKS], [RITUAL KNIFE] and activate the Ceremonial Lectern from which you can take the [KRIVBEKNIH].  This book is closely linked to the quest ‘The Dark Heart of Blackhall’.  Once you take the book, 5 swampfolk will immediately attack you afterwards, which can be a fairly tough fight if you get cornered.  Grab out your best gun, pop some Psycho/Yao Guai Meat/Med-X and dispatch them one by one.

21. USS Ozymandias
Belowdecks you’ll find a [FIRST AID BOX] and a locked safe with the [EXPEDITION SUPPLIES], which can only be unlocked by using the Bysshe Co. Terminal.  It looks like you need three authorisation codes to do this.  See the section ‘The Antique Land’ quest on where to find these codes and return here to claim your reward.

22. Homestead Motel
You can only enter Room 1D, 1G, 1K, and the Office.  Inside Room 1D you can find [10MM ROUNDS], a [CHINESE PISTOL], and a Locker Key from the Luggage Case.  There’s a [STEALTH BOY] next to the terminal.  Check this Safehouse Terminal to find information regarding ‘The Velvet Curtain’ quest.
Inside the Office you can find several Fissure Batteries (which may be of good use to you during the ‘A Spoonful of Whiskey’ quest), and you can find [JET x2] next to the TV.  You can also find the [HOMESTEAD ROOM 1G KEY] in front of the TV and the [HOMESTEAD ROOM 1K KEY] next to the cash register, along with some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and an [AMMO BOX] under the counter.  Lastly, the averagely locked [SAFE] under the TV also holds a few items.
Room 1G is averagely locked and contains 11 [PRE-WAR MONEY] bills.  The suitcase contains a bunch more.  Looks like these skeletons were bank robbers once..
Room 1K is also averagely locked and is entered by the northern side of the hotel.  Inside it looks like someone performed some sort of horrible, bloody ritual on several people.  Snag the [PINT-SIZED SLASHER MASK] from the bathtub and be on your way.

23. Dove Delta
This is a series of islands to the far west of Point Lookout with piles of dirt on them.  One of the islands has a skeleton with a shovel lying nearby, as well as a holotape.  Use the shovel on the dirt heap on the island with one single tree to uncover a [FOOTLOCKER] with minor loot.  All other piles of dirt contain nothing but .. dirt.  Don’t even bother.

24. Disaster Relief Outpost
This small outpost usually has a few smugglers on guard, so be careful around here.  The Administration Tent contains two [AMMO BOXES], two [FIRST AID BOXES], one of which has as hard lock, and a [STEALTH BOY] next to the terminal. Feel free to read the entries and find out some background information about the place.
Marcella’s Tent is the home of a woman named Marcella, who is part of a quest called ‘The Dark Heart of Blackhall’.  If you’ve already found the book she was looking for, Marcella’s dead body can be found in this tent, and she holds [MARCELLA’S SAFE KEY].  Also listen to [MARCELLA’S LAST WORDS] on the Holotape.  With the safe key, unlock {MARCELLA’S MEDICAL SUPPLIES} and grab whatever you find useful inside.
The Medical Tent contains a [FIRST AID BOX] and three bags of yeast (which is helpful to know for the quest ‘A Spoonful of Whiskey’).  The other Medical Tent contains two more [FIRST AID BOXES].

25. House of Wares
This is Panada’s shop.  She sells quite a lot of uncommon ammunition, so she may be worth your time.  Unfortunately, sometimes she gets into fights with a passing Smuggler and dies.  It’s not much to worry about, since you can then loot her body, grab the key to her stash, then loot that as well.  Hey, it’s a rough world out there, and she no longer needs her stuff by then.

26. Pilgrim’s Landing
The famous boardwalk of Point Lookout.  There are various places to explore that aren’t pinpointed on your World Map, but you can view their exact locations by checking your Local Map.
People’s Bank
The Loan Officer’s Desk in the southwest contains the [BOX 1191 PASSWORD BACKUP] Holotape.  The two [SAFES] behind the counter - which have a hard and average lock - contain several items.  Last, if you play any of the password holotapes you have found (including the one you just grabbed), you’ll be able to unlock deposit boxes as long as you’re in the deposit box room.  They don’t have much contents, but there’s usually a decent stash of Pre-War Money inside, along with [BUFFOUT], [SEXY SLEEPWEAR], etc.  One of the boxes contains a a quest item [ESPIONAGE DEBRIEFING], used in ‘The Velvet Curtain’ quest.
Recruitment Station
You can find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS x3] behind the counter, and a [MINI NUKE] and [FIRST AID BOX] in the eastern office.  The DIA Officer’s Terminal contains info that is useful during ‘The Velvet Curtain’ sidequest.  Lastly, the restroom only houses two hungry Radroaches.
This place is absolutely PACKED with baby carriages, some of which are obviously rigged with bombs.  Grab some [BUFFOUT] from the small wooden crate in the NE corner, then loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and be careful around the rigged carriages.
There are four rigged carriages in total, and the shelves on the west contain [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS], a [MINI NUKE], [BUFFOUT] (in a small wooden crate), [MISSILE x5] and an [AMMO BOX]. 
The blue truck just outside the entrance of the warehouse contains three [AMMO BOXES], and you can also find two [STIMPAKS] and two [FRAG GRENADES] inside nearby the flipped over road blockade.

27. Beachview Campsite
A place where Swampfolk ocassionally hang out.  You can find a [JET] nearby the campfire, but there’s not much else to be found here.  Try and blowing up their bikes to catch them off guard!

28. Point Lookout Pier
Speaks for itself, really.  Here’s where you arrive, and here’s where you can travel back to the Wasteland.  There are also a few lockers here; Read below.
One of the locked lockers requires a key.  Inside is [BOX 1207 - SPY’S AUDIO PASSWORD] Holotape, which you can use to open up a safety deposit box at the bank.  This is part of ‘The Velvet Curtain’ quest.

29. Calvert Mansion
A near-ancient mansion inhabited by a rather unfriendly ghoul named Desmond.  Refer to the main walkthrough of Point Lookout to get more information on this location.

30. SSN-37-1A Sunken Submarine
This location is never actually added to your map, and isn’t required for the ‘Bog Walker’ achievement.  The location does show up on your local map, however.  The sunken submarine is located underwater, slightly north of the wrecked ship (under which you can find two [FIRST AID BOXES] and an averagely locked [SAFE].

31. Point Lookout Lighthouse
The secret laboratory is part of the main Point Lookout quests, and I refer you to the walkthrough for it.  As for the actual Lighthouse itself, if you head all the way up you’ll find that the light isn’t working. You can find the Lighthouse Bulb at the truck wreckage (location 3).  After retrieving it, activate the Lighthouse Mechanism to place the bulb, then flip the beacon switch and the lighthouse will be working again!

32. Smuggler’s Shack
This isn’t a formal location either, but it’s noteworthy either way.  A Sniper will fire at you from great distance from this island on the far south, so swim over there quickly and you should be able to take her down smoothly, looting her stack of three [AMMO BOXES] (one of which is averagely locked) in the progress.


s1. Excavated Muck Hole
Contains a [BIO-GAS CANISTER], an [ADVANCED RADIATION SUIT], and the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #1] for the ‘An Antique Land’ quest.

s2. Excavated Muck Hole
Holds the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #2] for the ‘An Antique Land’ quest.

s3. Excavated Muck Hole
Contains two [BIO-GAS CANISTERS], two [STIMPAKS] and the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #3] for the ‘An Antique Land’ quest.


b1. Buoy (#1)
Located east of Coastal Grotto.  Marks a sunken ship.  You can find a [FOOTLOCKER], very easy [SAFE] and a [FIRST AID BOX] on the bottom of the sea.  There are also two metal boxes here, but they don’t always contain something.
b2. Buoy (#2)
Located southeast of Coastal, this one marks a dinosaur fossil.  You can also find an averagely locked [SAFE], two [AMMO BOXES] and a [LEVER-ACTION RIFLE] near a skeleton on the ocean floor.
b3. Buoy (#3)
This one’s located northeast of the USS Ozymandias and marks a [FIRST AID BOX], [STIMPAK] (next to the first aid box), a very easy locked [SAFE], a desk and three metal boxes.
b4. Buoy (#4)
Located south of the USS Ozymandias, this buoy marks a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER], two [AMMO BOXES] of which one has an easy lock, a very easy locked [SAFE], and a refridgerator.  You’ll also spot a cooking pan, and a baseball glove might be floating nearby the buoy in the water.
b5. Buoy (#5)
Located southeast of Calvert Mansion and northeast of the Lighthouse, this buoy marks a wrecked car with several loot lying around it: a [TRUNK], an easy locked [FIRST AID BOX], an averagely locked [SAFE], [RAILWAY SPIKES x20 (x3)], and three metal crates.
b6. Buoy (#6)
This buoy is located west of the Lighthouse.  Look around for an very easy locked [AMMO BOX], a [FIRST AID BOX], a [SUITCASE], a locker and an averagely locked [SAFE].
b7. Buoy (#7)
Located northwest of the Sunken Submarine and southeast of Point Lookout Pier, this buoy marks a sunken [GUN CABINET] with an easy lock, a [FIRST AID BOX], a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] with a very easy lock, and three metal boxes.  That’s all you’ll find among the remains of this sunken ship.
b8. Buoy (#8)
This buoy is located south of the Dutchess Gambit/Point Lookout Pier.  Search for a [MINI NUKE] inside a half buried bucket, a lawn mower, an averagely locked [SAFE], a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] and two [AMMO BOXES] of which one has a very easy lock.
b9. Buoy (#9)
Located far south of Dove Delta, this marks a sunken ship with a floor [SAFE] that has an easy lock.  There’s also a [TRUNK] near the ship.

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