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Follow the dark path or use the light

Custom Weapon Locations

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Collectibles

Custom Weapon Locations

Worldmap Locations

    |Schematics Name:  |Worldmap Location:                               |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Crazy Wolfgang Trader                            |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Vault 101 [LAT -04|LON -04]                      |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Megaton [LAT -01|LON -06]                        |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Rivet City [LAT 18|LON 17]                       |
    |Nuka Grenade      |Doc Hoff Trader                                  |
    |Nuka Grenade      |Girdershade [LAT -26|LON -11]                    |
    |Nuka Grenade      |Cliffside Cavern [LAT -10|LON -17]               |
    |Shiskebab         |Lucky Harith Trader                              |
    |Shiskebab         |Brotherhood Outcast Shack [LAT -14|LON 25]       |
    |Shiskebab         |Meresti Trainyard [LAT -01|LON -11]              |
    |Deathclaw Gauntlet|[EXP-1.16] Savaged Deathclaw                     |
    |Deathclaw Gauntlet|F. Scott Key Trail & Campground [LAT -27|LON -15]|
    |Deathclaw Gauntlet|Rivet City [LAT 18|LON 17]                       |
    |Dart Gun          |MDPL-05 Power Station [LAT -27|LON 25]           |
    |Dart Gun          |Temple of the Union [LAT 13|LON 15]              |
    |Dart Gun          |Tenpenny Tower [LAT -16|LON -17]                 |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Little Lamplight [LAT -26|LON 02]                |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop [LAT -22|LON -12]         |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Tenpenny Tower [LAT -16|LON -17]                 |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Megaton [LAT -01|LON -06]                        |
    |Railway Rifle     |MDPL-13 Power Station [LAT 02|LON 17]            |
    |Railway Rifle     |Rivet City [LAT 18|LON 17]                       |
    |Railway Rifle     |The Mall: Museum of History/Underworld           |

Specific Locations

|Schematics Name:  |Specific Location:                                         |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Sold by Crazy Wolfgang Caravan Trader                      |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Behind mother's bible verse (Trouble on the Homefront)     |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Sold by Moira Brown                                        |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Bridge Tower, 3rd floor armory [Very Hard Lock]            |
|Nuka Grenade      |Sold by Doc Hoff Caravan Trader                            |
|Nuka Grenade      |Reward of Misc. Quest: The Nuka-Cola Challenge             |
|Nuka Grenade      |Inside Yao Guai Cave near the rock with skeletons          |
|Shiskebab         |Sold by Lucky Harith Caravan Trader                        |
|Shiskebab         |Nearby a Work Bench, lying on a table                      |
|Shiskebab         |Reward of Misc. Quest: Blood Ties                          |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet|Found on the Wastelander                                   |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet|Inside the caravan                                         |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet|Reward for Freeform Quest: Council Seat                    |
|Dart Gun          |Nearby a skeleton on the ground                            |
|Dart Gun          |Reward of Misc. Quest: Head of State                       |
|Dart Gun          |Sold by Lydia Montenegro                                   |
|Bottlecap Mine    |Sold by Knick Knack                                        |
|Bottlecap Mine    |Found on the Work Bench inside                             |
|Bottlecap Mine    |Dashwood's Safe: Do Freeform Quest: A Manhandled Manservant|
|Bottlecap Mine    |Reward for Misc. Quest: The Wasteland Survival Guide       |
|Railway Rifle     |Found on the Work Bench                                    |
|Railway Rifle     |Reward for Misc. Quest: Stealing Independence              |
|Railway Rifle     |Sold by Tulip                                              |

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Aug 12th 2013 Guest
where is the workbench with the shiskebab schimatics in fallout 3 ps3
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