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Transfer Loop

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Aylum Guide

Transfer Loop

Kill the teeth using your Batarang and then follow the painted arrows in the hall until you are engaged by two prisoners – and after you take them down, follow the hall (there are arrows on the floor) until you pass through another door and get a short CS in which you are confronted by The Joker, who releases a deformed henchman – this is sort of a mini-boss battle, and you are instructed on how to dodge to evade the area-of-effect (AOE) attack that this minion can use.

As you fight him you should be able to get in a 10X Combo before he tries to hit you, earning you the Achievement 'Freeflow Combo 10' (5 GP), and if you pay attention to his moves, you should easily be able to take him out without taking much damage yourself.  After you take him out, you earn another Achievement – 'Malpractice Needs More Practice' (10 GP), and another CS of Joker, who makes yet another escape after rubbing your nose in it.

You should now have achieved the first Upgrade – you have several choices you can make here:

Special Combo Throw – allows you to do an unblockable grab and throw
Combo Batarang – powers up the Batarang during combos.
Critical Combo Strike – doubles the power of normal combo strikes.
Inverted Takedown – Allows batman to string up bad guys on gargoyles
Armor Upgrade V1 – better armor.
Batarang Power – upgrades the Batarang
Twin Batarang – allows two targets to be taken out at the same time.
Remote Control Batarang – controllable Batarang.

I chose the Special Combo Throw, but you can choose what you like – just remember that the more combo moves you have, the more damage you can do hand-to-hand.

Now that you have chosen your upgrade, head up the short ramp into the control room and grab the Trophy, and then go to the other control room and talk to the guard there – for another CS with The Joker.

Basically you are going to retrace your previous route back to the holding cells to investigate them – and just as you pass back into the previous area you get a call from Oracle – Gordon's daughter.  You tell her about Joker kidnapping her father and vow to rescue him, and then ring off.  You get the Bio for Frank Boles at the end of this call.

Head left instead of right – check the map – towards the Holding Cells and you will reach an area where the corridor lights turn red – stop and look to your right – see that half open door to the office here?  Crouch down and enter the office, and then look on the wall to the right, where you will find a large poster for the Iceberg Lounge with a picture of The Penguin on it.  How cool is that?

As you exit the red lighted hall turn right where you will find there are two prisoners there for you to fight, so go ahead and do that, and then turn on Detective Mode and enter the cell.  In the rear you will find Frank Boles' liquor flask – scan it to analyze it so that you can use the results to trace the fumes (?!) and track Boles down.

Follow the fumes back into the Transfer Loop and towards the Secure Transit area; just before the door to the next area there is a little jog to the right with three Dancing Joker Teeth – go ahead and kill them now for some XP, and then hit the door, where you will get a CS with Harlequin in which you nearly get crushed by the elevator whose cable she blows with a remote charge.  It seems that Mister J does not want you following him just now.

There are several ways you can proceed from here – I chose to take the stairs up rather than grapple, so that I could snag the patient recording one level up and learn a little more about Harlequin.  When you obtain a tape it is added to the Bio record of the person who it is of, and you will see that Harlequin has five tapes in total – more stuff for us to hunt for!

Now head back to the elevator and begin grappling up – then you do a running jump and a shimmy over to a duct that you can climb in to.  Once in that short run of duct, kick out the grate and exit, and then work your way up.  Eventually you will encounter a panel with a strange marking on it – analyze that to gain the Bio for The Spirit of Arkham and some extra XP, then give that a listen.

Directly above this area is a platform with a group of prisoners on it – go ahead and go up there and take them out now, and then  follow the route up until you reach another duct, at the end of which is a grate for you to break out.  Do that, but stay in the alcove and listen as their leader gives them their orders.

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