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Batman: Arkham Asylum


Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide


There are a total of 51 Riddles to be solved.

---=== Arkham East ===---

(1) Gotham's greatest family towers over the city.

Standing on the top ledge of the Clock Tower, look out over the Bay for a tall building with a 'W' on it - zoom in on this and scan to solve this Riddle.

(2) My challenges appear to those with the correct position in life.

Looking down from the Clock Tower ledge you can see part of the question mark on the ledge, and the other part between the two roofs far below - line these up and scan to solve this Riddle.

(3) The legacy of this island has been well and truly buried.

In the graveyard there is one grave that has been dug up and that has a wooden coffin in it - scan the coffin to solve this Riddle.

---=== Arkham North ===---

(4) Let's face it, there are two Dents on the wall.

Inside the guard bunker - the one you have to hack - is a set of posters that say 'Vote Dent' - scan these to solve this Riddle.

(5) Now you see it, now you don't!

The wrecked building to the left of the gates is where you will solve this Riddle - walk to the arched doorway on the ground floor and look up to see the two halves of the question mark.  Line them up and scan.

(6) Tweedledum and Tweedledee SAW it, can you SEE it?

Near the gate to the outside there is a Teeter-Totter to the right - look at it and scan to solve this Riddle.

---=== Arkham West ===---

(7) Do you see what I can see?  No?  Then maybe I am in a stronger position.

Head to the Penitentiary and climb the stairs to the upper balcony, and turn Detective Mode on.  If you stand by the railing near the middle you will spot the bottom of the question mark on top of one of the posts - and if you look over the edge you will see the top on the ground below.  Line them up and scan to solve this Riddle.

(8) Does Scarecrow gas break down barriers as it drives you insane?

As you are heading towards the Gate to Arkham East look up on the sheer wall to the left to find a weakened wall.  Pull that down and zip up to find a pair of large gas containers - scan them to solve this Riddle.

(9) Zsasz is counting on you finding his work.

There is a secret room on the ledge above the entrance to the Penitentiary - hack the forcefield to gain access, then scan the table with the three dead guards to solve this Riddle.

---=== Arkham Mansion ===---

(10) A game of Cat and mouse can be painful.

There is a display case in the East Corridor that contains Catwoman's mask and gloves - scan this to solve the Riddle.

(11) Did Amadeus go mad, or was he just dizzy?

As you drop down from the duct in the North Corridor that leads to the blocked-off set of rooms you will note that there are scratches on the floor of the cell.  Scan these to solve the Riddle.

(12) How do you mask your feelings without losing control?

In Dr. Young's Office you will find a tribal mask on a frame on the wall - scan this to solve this Riddle.

(13) Isn't the Warden too old for a puppet show?

Inside the Warden's Office is a display case - scan the puppet in the case to solve this Riddle.

(14) It'll be a cold day in Hell when this Ghul rises again!

In the Morgue there is an open drawer with a body on it - scan it to solve this Riddle.

(15) Our records show that a Strange transfer was made in this room.

Inside the Records Room is a set of files - scan these to solve this Riddle.

(16) The fiendish puzzle literally appears out of thin air.

Look for the duct that leads to the Mysterious Stone, and looking out from there spot the two parts of the question mark in the South Corridor.  Align them and scan to solve this Riddle.

(17) What does a bird need in the rain?

In the South Corridor there is a display case with the Penguins hat and umbrella - scan these to solve this Riddle.

(18) Who is the main man in the main hall?

Along the Main Hall there is an alcove leading to the door to the South Corridor - on the left side is a large portrait of Commissioner Gordon - scan this to solve the Riddle.

---=== Botanical Gardens ===---

(19) Is the number up for these guards?

In the Glasshouse Entrance on the left path is a bench with two dead guards on it - scan the bench to solve this Riddle.

(20) Is this a tribute to what a mad dog left behind?

In the Flooded Corridor you will encounter a headless status - scan the dedication plate on the base to solve this Riddle.

(21) Looks like all the king's horses trampled all the king's men.

Up the south hallway in the Flooded Corridor is a bench with action figures on it - scan them to solve this Riddle.

(22) Remember the Waynes?  How could anyone forget?

On the wall of the Statue Corridor is a dedication plaque - scan this to solve this Riddle.

(23) The Ratcatcher needed more than just his charm to lead his army.

As you are moving through the duct in the Flooded Corridor (see that section of the walkthrough) you will pass over a grill on the floor - look down into the grill to take a scan of the gas mask and gloves here to solve this Riddle.

(24) There's no closet in the Gardens, so someone is using the roof instead.

Follow the walkthrough to end up on the ledge by the grate - look left and down to spot the skeleton stuck in the wall.  Scan this to solve this Riddle.

(25) This challenge can only be seen by those with a different view on life.

Follow the walkthrough - this can be complicated to find - in the Abandoned Chamber there is a catwalk you have to Batarang down.  Two steps along it and you turn to your left and climb, shimmy around and climb on up, then crouch and walk to the far end and look down.  Lining this one up was a little tougher than the others.  Scan the question mark to solve this Riddle.

(26) What time is tea time in Wonderland?

As you enter the Botanical Glasshouse you will see a shelf covered by vines on the left - on the shelf is a teapot set.  Scan this to solve this Riddle.

---=== Caves ===---

(27) A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible.

As you move through the caves you reach a point where there is a shimmy-ledge that you can use to go around the side of the pillar on the aqueduct.  Climb up on the other side (there is a Trophy here) and look up to spot the question mark.  Line it up and scan it to solve this Riddle. 

---=== Intensive Treatment ===---

(28) A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible.

Stand in the office in the center of the Intensive Treatment Lobby and look through the window on the west end - where you will see the question mark.  Now line that up with the bottom dot and scan to solve this Riddle!

(29) A top hat and tails is the only dress code for this party.

In the office in the Transfer Loop with the half-closed door there is a poster of The Penguin on the wall - stand in front of that and scan it to solve this Riddle.

(30) Don't cut yourself on this Sharply observed portrait.

As you reach the last part of the area there is a narrow hall - on the wall on the right as you enter this hall is a portrait of Warden Sharp - scan the portrait to solve this Riddle.

(31) Dr. Jonathan Crane plans on elevating fear to new depths.

At the bottom of the lift shaft in Secure Transit you will find a duct that leads to a small cave-like room.  In the room is a set of blueprints on the wall - scan the blueprints to solve this Riddle.

(32) Even I was shocked when I saw how Maxie Zeus was treated!

In the southeast corner of the Patient Pacification Chamber is a cell with a weakened wall blocking it off - pull down the wall and go inside and scan to solve this Riddle.

(33) Hook up with the relatives before you're transferred out of here.

As you enter the Cell Block Transfer area through the door on the right, to your right is a set of stairs blocked by a security forcefield - hack the control box and go up the stairs.  On the desk is a small framed photo - zoom in on it and scan to solve this Riddle.

(34) Where would you find my home sweet home?

In the Holding Cells area, go into the northeast cell - the one in the upper right - and scan to solve this Riddle.

(35) You don't know Jack about Gotham.  Tune in and find out.

On the lower hall at the top of the Utility Corridor you will find a small radio playing on a table - and despite the retro environment the radio has a digital display that says "134.5 FM Gotham Radio Jack Ryder" which is a pretty obvious clue, right?  Zoom in and scan this to solve the Riddle.

---=== Medical Facility ===---

(36) A question can only be answered from a new perspective.  Don't you agree?

In the Sanatorium move to the west hall of the main area and look on the floor for a weakened panel - once you blow this panel you will reveal the question mark - scan this to solve the Riddle.

(37) Are you going to take your hat off to Harley, Bats?

Go into the duct above the lift shaft in Secure Access and drop down into the hidden cell - scan the photos of Joker on the wall to solve this Riddle.

(38) Is the generosity of our benefactors on the Wayne?

As you enter the Medical Facility look on the wall ahead where the corridor T's for a dedication plaque - scan this to solve this Riddle

(39) Is this bear the Bane of his life?

As you enter the Experimental Chamber proper you will see a small stuffed bear on the table to your left.  Zoom in on the bear and scan it to solve this Riddle.

(40) Shhhhsshh!  Rumors persist that Tommy Elliot operates in Arkham.  Can it be true?

In the Surgery Room up the stairs behind the forcefield is an office with a whiteboard that has schedules written on it - zoom in on the board and scan it to solve this Riddle.

(41) TICK! TOCK!  News flash! Someone is not getting out of here alive!

If you divide the Sanatorium into quadrants, the NW quadrant is where you want to be - right in the center of it on the first level up is a cell with bars that has some skeletons in it - scan the scratched spot on the wall between the two skeletons to solve this Riddle.

(42) Was this fire fly too hot off the press?

In the Patient Observation area on the upper right of the area is a small room that has a door marker on it - inside the room is a locker with some newspapers taped to it - zoom in on the papers and scan then to solve this Riddle.

(43) What silent killer of the oceans can be found in a tiny jar?

In the Morgue is a small cart with glass specimen jars on it - zoom in on them and target the one that says Shark on it and scan it to solve this Riddle.

---=== Penitentiary ===---

(44) A case of mistaken identity?

At the back of the Security Room you will see a glass-sealed cell with a ghostly figure in it that is supposed to be Aaron Cash - scan it to solve this Riddle.

(45) All alone in your cell?  Why don't you break the ice with the most dangerous prisoners?

In Extreme Incarceration, after you have locked up Harley Quinn, walk over to the ice protruding from the floor of the fight area and scan the cell beyond it to solve this Riddle.

(46) How do you reflect on your successes and failures, Batman?

On the right side of the Cell Access area is a set of bathrooms - enter the Women's room and move to the back wall, where you will find a large mirror.  Scan your reflection in the mirror to solve this Riddle.

(47) Prometheus, Arkham guards' most wanted and most hated.

In the Guard Room's Locker Room, scan the two newspapers taped to the locker to solve this Riddle.

(48) This room is the end of days for even the most celebrated killer.

As you enter the west side of the Main Cell Block the first cell on your right is littered with the pages of a desk calendar - go inside and scan the floor to solve this Riddle.

(49) Two people, one voice, no gun?

In the Guard Station above the Main Cell Block is a case on the wall with a Thompson Machine Gun in it.  Scan the Thompson to solve this Riddle.

(50) What has four walls, two sides, and one ex-DA?

In the upper section of the Controlled Access Area is a cell with a Vote Dent poster - go in and scan the poster to solve this Riddle.

(51) When is something right in front of you but still hidden from view?

In the door of the Guard Room, look up to spot the question mark - align its two halves and scan them to solve this Riddle.

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Comments for Riddles

11 comments, latest first.
ID #366303 | Mar 20th 2014 Guest
Where's Riddler?
ID #247743 | Jan 30th 2013 Guest
Can't find the last three shattering teeth in the Arkham Mansion?
ID #243529 | Jan 17th 2013 Guest
I finished the game, got all the riddels but the game is saying Im still at 87% complet. There is one more "Teplet" (the concret pillers with the big bug in the midle) How do I find it????
ID #155279 | Jun 21st 2012 Guest
This was so much help! Thank you
ID #98580 | Dec 25th 2011 Guest
What about ras a ghuls dead body in dr youngs office thats a good one
ID #82647 | Oct 24th 2011 Guest
thank you sooo much it was sooo helpful Smile
ID #62143 | Jul 28th 2011 Guest
the 44th clue is actually clayface and its not always aaron cash
ID #58612 | Jul 17th 2011 Guest
I can't find the the riddle does the scarecrows gas break down barriers as it drives u insane
ID #57901 | Jul 14th 2011 Guest
where do you find the last riddle at??
ID #598039 | Aug 14th 2015 Guest
Were u began in the cells
ID #25366 | Jan 14th 2011 Guest