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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Library

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

The Library

Right – the first thing you need to know is you do not actually have to defeat the thugs here – there are a bunch including two of the sort with knives you have to stun to disable.  You can defeat them if you like, but it may take a few tries and the point of all this is not to defeat them but to rescue the hostages.  If you decide to defeat them, well, ok, but either way you now need to do what you have to do if you do not defeat them – and that is zip up to the second level above and rip the grate out of the wall 

Follow the duct up to the top level, exit and use your Batarang to sever the rope holding up the chandelier – which will now fall and make a big mess.  If you did not take the thugs out, they now split.  On this level is another grate – take it out and grab the Trophy behind it, and then drop down to the ground level.  Defuse the 'Bomb” here, releasing the hostages and completing that objective.

Zip up to the first level up and grapple the grate there, climb into the duct and grab another Trophy here, then drop back down to the ground level and head through the now deactivated security door behind the bomb – kill the Teeth here first, on both levels then drop down to the ground, zip up one level and exit the Library through the door you originally entered by.

If you did not take out the group of thugs before, well, here they are waiting for you!  Yup, you still have to do this fight – and the best way to do it is to target the Red Jumpsuit (Knife) thugs FIRST.  Stun then, combo them and when they are on the ground do a ground takedown for a quick kill.  Once you have the Red Suits down, the others are cake.

If you did not kill the Dancing Teeth on the way in, kill them now.

As you exit back into the main room there will be an additional pair of thugs for you to take out – man is Batman good at this or what?

Run to the far end of the main room and take the left hand door – it opens on the West Wing – where there is an armed thug holding some guards hostage.  Sneak up and ninja him for a nice CS in which the Joker fills you in, and then you get your next upgrade unlocked – the Sonic Batarang.

When you talk to the guard he tells you that Cash is in the next room taking a beating, and you need to help him – well, yeah?!  So up the stairs, through the door and... Wow... That is a LOT of armed thugs!

What I did was immediately zip up to a Gargoyle and then hang and do a grab on the thug that walked below, leaving him hanging.  The noise of that brought the other guards running so before they got there I quickly changed Gargoyle.  It was pretty easy after this – I would wait for a thug to walk beneath me and string 'em up – kinda cheap I know, but hey, Spiderman eat your heart out!

Okay I know it may seem like a lot of work – there are six thugs all armed with automatic weapons – and here I am stringing each one up – but by the fourth one they are really in a panic and they say the funniest things!  'We got to find him or we're next!'  Yeah, yah think?  When I hung the last one I have to say that gliding down to rescue Cash and his partner felt really... Batmanny.

After the CS with Cash take a look at the map – the room is shaped like a giant cross – go to the right side of the bottom of the cross and look up – there is a duct grate here – rip it off the wall with your grapple and zip up there.  When you come out, drop into the office below that is blocked from the ground floor.  On the desk in here is the patient interview for The Scarecrow – did you realize it was the Dr. that was catatonic right away?

The points you get from this tape should give you your next upgrade – I chose the Remote Control Batarang because, well, it is just too cool.

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Comments for The Library

5 comments, latest first.
Oct 16th 2014 Guest
You did seem to miss a vent in the records room. I was looking for the Scarecrow tape and found a Riddler trophy in one of the other offices.
ID #459313
Apr 23rd 2014 Guest
Were do i find. The cryptographic.sequencer
ID #378081
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
Thank you so so much!!
ID #270983
Jan 16th 2013 sinchythekid
i made the chandelier fall and the boxing glove came out of the box but i cant figure out what to do now. somebody said i have to get prints out of dr youngs office in order to find the notes. can you please give me simple instructions on what to do from the library and where to go
ID #243385
Jan 16th 2013 sinchythekid
i cant get passed the library. each room on every level of the library with the chandelier is locked by force field. i cant find the dr youngs note! I have been stuck in the library for 3 days. please help
ID #243382