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Follow the dark path or use the light

Titan Production Facility

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Titan Production Facility

Your objective is to destroy this place – but as the CS progresses you will discover that this is not going to be as easy as it might have...  Joker shoots the two thugs with darts loaded with the mixture, turning them into Titans.  You have to kill them, you know that, right?

So, this is a boss fight – you have to keep that in mind – and it requires you to be very quick on your feet because you are facing two Titans.  The strategy is really simple: when they make a run at you do a quick Batarang throw to blind them – and dodge out of the line of attack.  They will slam into the wall, at which point you beat on them a few times and then dodge away, rinse and repeat.

Bear in mind that every now and then one will throw a chunk of wall at you while the other is charging you and you can end up getting double-hit when that happens – so do not let it happen.  Every time they hit the wall they damage themselves.  Every time you beat on them they get damaged.  While that is good, it does not change the amount of damage that they can do to you – remember this: a wounded Titan is just as dangerous as a healthy one!

In addition to the regular damage that you can do, when you do enough damage to a Titan, they will be temporarily stunned – down on all four's with little stars whirling around their head is how this looks.  When they are like this, you can actually jump on their back and have limited control over them, allowing you to use one to damage the other.  This is not required – you can simply dance around and take them out without doing this, but it is rather fun so you should try it at least once...

After you take down the two Titans you get the completed objective and a chunk of XP, and the Achievement: “Double Trouble” (25 GP) and a new objective: Synthesize an anti-Titan compound.

You need to retrace your steps because the elevator that Joker used is not working.  Move to the now barred door and hack the control box, then jump back because the Bat Jet is coming through the roof!  After it crashes through, a pod is ejected to the floor – and when you examine it you receive the Line Launcher – another tool and a timely one – because you need it to get out of here!

Right, now use the Line Launcher to get to the small alcove on the right inside the next room – and grab the Riddler Trophy here to unlock another challenge.  Now use the Launcher to head back to the other side and then to the door to the Aviary.  Run through there and into the main room (the Flooded Corridor) and run down the south corridor until you get to a bench with action figures on it – and scan it to solve the Riddle for this area.

Now run back to the main room and stop at the gap where the west corridor should be – and take out your Line Launcher.  Zip across to the other end and grab the Riddler Trophy here to clear the items for this area – and unlock the Challenge “Shock and Awe.”  Kill the three Dancing Teeth here now.

There is a door at the end of the hall here – and as you walk through it you get a CS in which you have a chat with Poison Ivy!  She gives you the 4-1-1 you were seeking, and points you towards the lair of Killer Croc and a pair of new objectives: Collect Plant Spore from Croc's Lair, and talk to Aaron Cash in the Arkham Mansion.

As you return to the big gap you will see a large crowd of thugs on the other side – 8 of them!  There are a few ways you can deal with them: zip across with the Line Launcher and beat them down, but that is you vs. 8 so think about that first.  The other way is to use your Grapple to jerk a few into the gap, killing them.  I was able to do that to six of them, so there was only two left when I zipped across, and they were a clap and a whistle to take down.

As you enter the Abandoned Chamber look down at the duct/tunnel we used earlier to get inside the base structure to get the Trophy – see that Lunatic hiding there?  Drop down and he will pop-out, and you can take him down. 
Now head for the exit, make your way through the chambers and duct, and as you exit back into the Flooded Corridor you should see a pair of thugs at the far door.    Use the Line Launcher to zip over and take them out in a snap, and then hit the door to the Botanical Glasshouse.

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Comments for Titan Production Facility

5 comments, latest first.
Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
Not only is it the coolest way to fight them it is pretty much the ONLY way that you are able to KO them, which is sort of the point Smile
ID #485410
Dec 6th 2014 Guest
You totally have to jump on the titans back and use them to smack the other one around with, it's awesome!!! If you can keep stunning one while piggybacking then when you get tossed you can just get on the other one and just go back and forth. Coolest way to fight them.
ID #481461
Oct 27th 2014 Guest
Where is the titan production facility?

ID #463749
Aug 10th 2014 Guest
Make sure you destroy the Titan, then the cutscenes will trigger.
ID #434464
Oct 22nd 2013 Guest
Ok, I have a problem. Im not getting the cutscene after beating the two titans and opening the door. In other words, I cant get out of there because Im not getting the Line launcher. Im playing on pc by the way.
ID #315777