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Follow the dark path or use the light

Experimental Chamber

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Experimental Chamber

As you follow the corridor retracing your steps you notice that it was not the Commissioner you saw dead in the hall after all, but an armor-clad officer.  There are helpful arrows spray painted on the floor in case you are wondering where you are supposed to go...  Around the corner is a locked door with three bad guys behind it – the sort you have to stun before you can hurt, so remember to lead with B to stun and then do your combos – and once you take them all down, continue through this section and Batarang the three dancing teeth for a few extra points of XP and to add to your dancing teeth kill count.

At the end of the corridor is a door for you to pass through to enter the Experimental Chamber, where you get a mini-brief by Big J explaining the rules as it were.  Harley is on orders to kill the Commissioner if you even poke your head in sight, but Joker is pulling for you – why he even suggests giving you Harley as your new sidekick!  Not such a bad guy after all... err.. Wait...

On a table to the left just before the observation window ahead of you is a Secrets Map – go ahead and pick that up now – and then note the duct grate to the right – which you could remove right now, but considering you have that map – now would be a good time to wrap up some details previously missed, right?

A quick run back to the Morgue to take care of that sole dancing green question mark now on the map made me feel a lot better – and you can too!  Just walk up to the jar on the cart in the middle of the room and click the right JS to go into first-person view, then hold LB to detect the contents and Pow!  Another Riddle Solved!

This gets you the Bio for The Great White Shark, AKA Warren White.  What a nice fellow he is, yes?

Getting the rest of the Riddles is voluntary since you are going to have to retrace the different areas in Free Play Mode later anyway to get the ones that we did not have the right gear for on our story mode play through, so we may as well run back to the Experimental Chamber now, umkay?

So back at the observation room, remove the grate and go through the ducts, dropping down and removing the grate blocking the exit.  There is an armed bad guy to your left as you exit the duct, so why not do a ninja takedown on him first?  Once he is down, take a few steps back and remove the grate from the opposite wall, and follow the duct to another grate that gives you access to yet another armed baddie – and one more ninja takedown!  After he is down, turn around and remove the next grate and grab the Riddler Trophy there, and then follow the ducts back.

Now if you watch the guy on the far left, he makes it very easy to take him down as he has a predictable patrol pattern – so get near the corner all sneaky-like, and when he turns around get behind him for a ninja takedown!  The last patrolling goon is below you in the pit-like section, and he too has a predictable path – so watch him until he turns away and then ease down and take him out!

At this point it looks easy, right?  The last target is up above, and conveniently there is a set of stairs that will take you there undetected – but when you get to the top there is an active security field blocking the entrance.  Oh No's!  Ah but above is a zip-point, and there is a Riddler Trophy there to boot, so why don't we go up there and grab that Trophy?

As you can see there is a glass ceiling here – so apply some explosive gel and then detonate it to get a nice CS in which you take out Harley, rescue the Commissioner and discover that Bane is secured in the next room – or is he?  Dr. Young apparently figured out how to drain the venom from his blood, but Big J knows how to put it back, and Bane is ready for business.  The end of the CS sees you thrown through a wall – ouch – and we cut to the next area!

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Comments for Experimental Chamber

3 comments, latest first.
Jan 14th 2014 Guest
I am stuck at the experimental chamber, I finished the game but not am going back to get the riddles and trophies, but cant seem to get out, am going around in circles can anyone help me
ID #343730
Apr 9th 2012 Guest
how do you do a ninja take down?
ID #131471
Jun 25th 2011 Guest
Great thank you I couldn't figure it out
ID #52249