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Follow the dark path or use the light

Arkham East 3

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Arkham East 3

As you enter Arkham East you get a CS that shows just how much the plants have mutated – and when you turn on Detective Mode you will see that there are four unarmed henchmen in the zone.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Let's go get them!

When you get to the bottom of the stairs destroy the pod here (using A), and then move on to the next target.  Run from pod to pod, taking them out quickly and killing the Lunatics as you encounter them.  You want to make the pods a priority as they shoot out biological weapons that can hurt you.

The last pod is up on the upper level below the catwalk, and after you take it out, zip up to the catwalk and hack the control box at the end that powers the shield there.  Inside this room on the left on a desk is the fourth Patient Interview tape for The Joker – grab that and give it a listen.

Note the poster on the wall that reads “Quincy Sharp's Arkham” - nice.

Grab the Riddler Trophy on the left here, and then exit, and run to the entrance of the Mansion.  Remember, the way in here is through the duct above the main entrance, so zip up there and then zip up into the duct, and drop down on the balcony here.  You cannot just run ahead because there is gas on the lower level, so what you need to do is glide to the left and land on the stairs there, avoiding the super-sized plants.

Move to the door and enter the Main Hall – uh oh, more gas!

There is a ledge above you – you can either zip up or step into the gas so it gives you the RB escape option, and you end up there.  Now glide to the catwalk on the left side of the room, and then run along it to the end and climb over, running to the back of the room where you can talk to Zach Franklin.  You can talk to Kevin – who is sitting at the desk near Cash, then talk to Cash for the CS in which he tells you how to get to Croc's Lair.

Okay – I am an idiot...  Seriously.  I mean I must be an idiot to forget about the Line Launcher, right?  Well I did – and while you can get to Cash the way I described above, a smarter way would be to zip up to the ledge  and glide to the catwalk on the right, and run to the center of it where the railing is missing.  Now use your Line Launcher and zip across the room to the other catwalk, run to the end and drop onto the stairs below, where you can casually stroll over and talk to Cash. Now just reverse what you did and you are back at the door and ready to exit!

To exit the Entrance Hall, get the the ledge above you and use your Line Launcher to zip across to the exit door and then hit the door to Arkham Island East, zip up top the duct and drop down outside – whew, his was harder than a run to Mickey-D's for chips!

Right then, glide towards the gate to Arkham North and pass through, and note the large group of guards ahead.  Oh Snap!  They are not guards, they are thugs.  Looks like it is beatdown time!  By now you should be really good at handling groups – if not, remember that as soon as you see the lightning bolts come out of a thugs head either counter or dodge away by double tapping A.  Simpatico!

With the thugs dead and your health restored – come on you do not expect me to believe you never took a single hit do you?  Head for the other gate – and enter Arkham North.

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