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Follow the dark path or use the light

Arkham West

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Arkham West

The Riddle for this zone is “Zsasz is counting on you finding his work” which you see as you come through the gate here – we'll come back to that in a bit.

Ahead of you you should spy a group of unarmed enemy and a red armed thug (assuming you have Detective Mode on – if not turn it on).  The fastest way to deal with the armed thug is to look up and zip to the zip-point above you, then zip to the one above that.  Now glide down in the direction of the tower, angling away from his line of sight and land at the base, walk around the back and under the catwalk, and zip up to the other side.  Sneak up and ninja-kill him – mischief managed!  Kill the two Dancing Teeth here for some extra XP and drop to the ground.

Follow the DNA towards the dock house and when you get there duck inside and grab the patient interview tape – the third Joker tape.  Give it a listen and then step outside and zip to the roof and grab the Riddler Trophy there,

Walk to the stairs where the evidence continues – then keep walking past and look up for a zip-point that is below the balcony where the group of thugs are – zip up and blow the wall here to scan message six for the Spirit of Arkham, then drop back down and start taking out the thugs.

Note that there are a few with shock batons – so they should probably be targeted first – and this really is a time to start using the explosive gel creatively if you want to make this easier.  I find that laying down some gel on the second landing of the stairs and then luring the thugs down is a good way, as you can then zip up to the balcony and lay down another trap there.  The thugs will conveniently come running back up after you – so win-win!

However you take them out – I still think blowing them up was cool – an orderly will appear on the scene and thank you – telling you that the guards could not have held out much longer.  I do not know about that – they seemed to be doing pretty good before...

Before you head into the facility go back down towards the guard tower where we killed the armed thug and look around in the bushes for the Riddler Trophy and grab it, then head back up the stairs and use your grapple on the grate that is beside the door – zip up there go into the duct and grab yet another Riddler Trophy for a cumulative and easy 400 XP!

Right now, back down to the door and let us enter the Cell Block!

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