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Follow the dark path or use the light

Arkham East 2

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Arkham East 2

Lots of targets here – including two directly ahead – so go ahead and take them out, and then come back to the bunker in the middle of the area here and hack its control box.  Inside you will grab a Riddler Trophy that unlocks Poison Ivy's Character Trophy, and a Riddler Map.  As you exit the bunker there should be one or two additional Lunatics who have honed in on you – so take them out now.

Head south to the small dock and grab the Riddler Trophy here, then head east to the Mansion, where there is a plethora of collectible items. 

As you approach the entrance head to the left on the terrace and you will find a weakened panel on the ground – blow that to get a Riddler Trophy.  To the east is a zip-point that will get you over the gate nearby, and let you drop down into the courtyard below.  Run straight back and zip up to the balcony in the back and claim the Riddler Trophy that is stashed behind the column here.

Move back the balcony rail and target the zip point above and to your right, and once on the roof turn and move to the back and claim the Riddler Trophy sitting here. To the south is a pagoda-like tower with ledges running around it – zip up to the first ledge and then move to the rear of the building and zip up to the next smaller ledge above.  Now move along this ledge to the front and pick up the Riddler Trophy here and unlock Victor Zsasz's Character Trophy in the bargain!

Take Note:  Where you are standing right now is the top of the Clock Tower – this is important because this is also the only place where you can launch and glide to earn the Achievement: 'Night Glider' (5 GP).  Don't do that now!

If you look to the south on the top ledge of the Clock Tower you should see a large Riddler mark on the roof below that lacks its bottom dot.  Now look down at the ledge and you will see a dot!  Line up the dot with the mark on the roof and scan it to solve the Riddle.  Now run around to the other side of the Clock and look across the bay for the building with the big W on it and E N T below that.  Zoom in on the W and scan it to solve another Riddle - “Gotham's Greatest Family Towers over the City.”

Scanning this second Riddle should unlock your next upgrade – I chose Batarang Power – obviously the Batarang is our next upgrade project :)

The other two ?'s are not convenient at the moment so point yourself in the general direction of the North Arkham Gate and take a running jump off of the ledge and glide glide glide!  You should land almost smack in front of the gate and unlock the Achievement!  Was that easy or what?!

From where you landed, run around to the other side of the Botanical Garden and find the little shed/structure – go inside and grab the Riddler Trophy there and unlock Frank Boles' Character Trophy, then exit the shed and move ahead and a little to the left into the graveyard and you should find a dug up grave with a coffin in it – scan this to solve the Riddle for this part of the Zone.

Now run all the way to the back and right of the Gardens (look for the round part of the building with a rounded spit of land on the map) and grab the Riddler Trophy that is laying on the ground here – then as you run back along the building as you approach the side of the stairs you should see a weakened wall section – blow that with your gel and go inside to scan message eight of the Spirit of Arkham series – which also should be the last of the ?'s in this part of the zone.

If you check your Bio's the Riddle where you targeted the building with the W will have unlocked Bruce Wayne's Bio – go ahead and check that out now.  How about that, we are among other things an expert escape artist – but I have to wonder why that would be in Bruce Wayne's bio – shouldn't it be only in Batmans?

Right then, exit this alcove, run along the fence to the gap and circle back around, heading up the stairs to the Botanical Garden and go through the door.

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