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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide and Walkthrough

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum is probably the best game implementation of a comic book character in the history of gaming – I think that is a safe statement.  You play as the Dark Knight himself, and it is not the wimpy Batman played by Adam West – no, you are playing a seriously buffed Batman that is a mixture of Christian Bale and the comic book sort of Batman; macho, and with a definite attitude. 

EIDOS says that the Batman in the game was actually designed to be a sort of amalgamation of all of the movie/cartoon/comic book Batman characters but I think they are just trying not to hurt the feelings of George Clooney, and Val Kilmer.  I did not mention Michael Keaton because they did incorporate his attitude in to the game, so call it a Keatonesque-Bale mix. 

If you have read the reviews, you will likely have read that the combat system in the game is stunted – that is not true.  The reviewers that wrote that did not grasp how the games combat actually works, it is really that simple.  If you try to strike your blows based on visuals, you are going to have problems because that is not how it is designed.  What you should be doing is listening for the blows, and striking as soon as you hear them – this institutes a combo system that becomes very valuable later on.

Everything is valuable when it comes to the upgrades, but purely from a fighting standpoint, you should learn the combo system early.  That means buying the combo system as your first upgrade so that you are learning it and working it as soon as possible.  Of course that presumes that you are interested in mastering the fighting style of the game – if you are a button masher, ignore what I just said and buy whatever upgrades you like, since it really will not matter to you.

One more comment on this – it is nice when a developer puts out a game that allows you to play it to the hilt, using the skills that are part of the game if you choose to, or play it casually without bothering to learn anything at all – there is a path for finesse and a path for brute force, the choice is yours.

An important point for you to understand about Arkham Asylum is that this is the game where you get to BE Batman.  All of the previous games let you sort of be Batman, only as much as the programmers let you be him.  In BAA, you get all the gadgets, all the skills, all the moves – in short it is the most complete Batman experience you are every going to get, so if you want my advice, take the time to enjoy this one, because it is the rare game where they just got it right.

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Dec 6th 2015 Guest
how to explore wall and floors
ID #631449
Oct 25th 2015 Guest
need c
ID #619726
Jun 22nd 2015 Guest
who i walking in the rout
ID #573886
Feb 25th 2015 Guest
I have played this game before and got through alot of difficult parts by staying up all night, I recently purchased the game again and I am stuck at the part where Jokers men are holding the medical nurses hostage. And every time I glide down to take out the bad guys they shoot the crap out of Batman. There are five armed bad guys and I can only attack them when they are all together or separate from each other. If you have a better strategy please email it to me [email protected], thank you and God bless you 😊
ID #521126
Apr 16th 2016 1CheaTsLiKeU1
been down sneak up from behind
ID #647603
Mar 22nd 2016 Guest
Try taking them out one by one from behind using the triangle button
ID #641808
Jan 7th 2015 Guest
What's the deal with the giant? On the wall when in detective mode in the mansion
ID #497598
Oct 18th 2014 Guest

ID #459972
Oct 12th 2014 Guest
Batman Is Awesome
ID #457604
Sep 16th 2014 CMBF
I am not really sure what it is you mean by that?

To get to the Penthouse you go via the West Tower - use the disruptor to take out the cannon then sabotage it. Then you charge the control panel on the right with the shock gloves to unlock the entrance.

Take out the enemies then follow the path through the shaft and halls to the West Tower 25th Floor, then keep following that path. At different stages you will need to fight, use the remote controlled batarang and the sequencer. This is all part of the standard path though.

From what you are asking you think that there is some sort of shortcut - there isn't. Sorry.
ID #448549
Sep 16th 2014 CMBF
Poison Ivy is found inside the Botanical Gardens and you unlock her via the mission (story). If you are having game crashes prior to or at that point that is NOT a good thing. You should check to see if your game is fully patched. It may just be that you need to apply a patch - the PC version does not automatically do that.

If that is not the problem or you are playing on console try re-installing. If none of that fixes your issue you need to email a help request via the official game site.
ID #448544
Sep 14th 2014 Guest
I need help unlocking poison ivy because my game freezes before I can.
ID #447812
Apr 18th 2014 Guest
what is the code to get frome the pool to the pent house
ID #376287
Apr 14th 2014 Jacobro96
Yeah this is a great game and i have mastered the game gotten all riddler trophies and solved all the clies and it has got to be the most wothwhile game EVER and iv also bought every upgrade and it is one of the best games of the decade (of my opinion) and if u disagree plz say wat yours is cos im looking to buy more games and thx
ID #374733
Feb 24th 2014 Guest
any pigeons in japan
ID #358492
Feb 20th 2014 Guest
Is this LEGO?
ID #357180
Dec 10th 2013 Guest
How do you defeat Killer croc at the start of the game I am always getting killed
ID #327547