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Weapon Part Locations

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Weapon Part Locations

Episode One
(01) Episode One Supply Crate - G14 Thunderstrike
(02) Catwalk above the first mounted gun turret near the second Neko Cat - Slanted G5 Grip
(03) Near the gate control and Radio 3 - Custom Shield

Episode Two
(04) On yellow seat after first hole in Descent Section - Soda Can Silencer
(05) Third level down in the corner after the skyscraper fight - EZ Muzzle
(06) On desk in the room with the 2nd PMC Supply Crate - Z1 Muzzle Flash Reducer

Episode Three
(07) Kill the Tiger - FR Elite Model 3 Sniper But Stock
(08) Kill the Tiger - V17 Bayonet
(09) Tram Control Room - Red Star Sniper Rifle Barrel
(10) Chopper crash site strongbox - PCG Delta EX 6x Sniper Scope
(11) On top of cage near zoo-worker hostage - Pipe Bomb Launcher Attachment

Episode Four
(12) On a table just past the first hostages in the apartment - 7337 Defender Shotgun Barrel
(13) First hostage - M636 2x Rifle Scope
(14) Hallway just before you meet child - HL Reflex Core Stock
(15) Saving lecture hall hostages - D56 Supressor
(16) In hallway after two Flamethrower Heavies - TG-400 Shield Part

Episode Five
(17) Trash bin near blue truck in first area - Trueshot MK-1 Barrel
(18) From bomb room enter shop to the right on counter - Kitchen Knife

Episode Six
(19) Tunnel hall under plaza - Red Dot 3x Sight

Episode Seven
(20) In small room on left after first gate - J37 MK4 Defender Stock

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Comments for Weapon Part Locations

14 comments, latest first.
Apr 26th 2014 Guest
Can u be a bit more specific on the D56 suppressor.
ID #379156
Feb 27th 2016 Guest
yes i don't get it to
ID #637616
Jan 25th 2013 Guest
Awesome thanks man, hell yeah found all of them
ID #246383
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
donde esta el custom shield no lo encuentro

ID #233216
Dec 13th 2012 Guest
How do you get in to weopon customization
ID #220480
Nov 26th 2012 Guest
ID #212872
Sep 19th 2012 angeltera01

p.s + HL Reflex Core Stock Part (for the AA-12 Shotgun) is found in the U-shaped
hallway before meeting the kid (and after starting the generator). Check all
the blue doors for one to open a storage closet for this part.

ID #187359
Sep 19th 2012 Guest
There is also a rusty part down by the fist turret on episode one. If you go under the first turret to the second one on the bottom floor by the exit. Behind the barrier to the right of the turret is the rusty gun part Smile
ID #187356
Aug 29th 2012 Guest
You people do know you are suppose the find them yourself. Just the fact that he/she is trying to help you deserves nothing less than a thank you.
ID #181280
Oct 20th 2011 Guest
guys my 13 year old bother can understand were the guns are as can i so quit moaning lol
ID #81535
Oct 8th 2011 purple haze
your descriptions are not that clear go through and rewrite them as detailed as possable
ID #78958
Oct 8th 2011 Guest
where exactly is the red dot 3x sight located becides in the hall under the plaza

ID #78955
Jul 9th 2011 Guest
to the guy above me: the barrel is in the very start of the chapter where you kill the flamethrower and apc gunner, look for a light blueish cabover truck and next to that is a dumpster, look behind the dumpster
ID #56411
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
u need to be more specisific
ID #35483