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6-2: Sink It

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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6-2: Sink It

Collect the thirteenth Radio

Inside here is a resupply crate - get to it before it closes - and the second Radio (Radio 13 of 14) for this chapter.  After you grab the Radio head towards the left side of the area - and your partner will boost you over.  Head through the pen area kicking open the three gates to let your partner in, and then turn around and follow the path - to another co-op revolving door!

As you enter this area Murray tells you about the challenge ahead - including the AA gun on the boat.  You have to clear the area and take out the AA!

Work your way along the pier near the boat (left side) and plant the C4 on the crane, then pull back and watch the boat go boom!  Mind the RPG mercenaries on the boat as you retreat - you will need to snipe them on your way to safety.  After you blow the boat you are told that there is a second AA gun somewhere and you will need to take it out prior to the extraction chopper being sent in!

Collect the eleventh Cat

A shotgun heavy puts in an appearance as you follow the path - take him out quickly and then continue on through the gate behind the crane and stop - look above on the containers for this chapters only Cat (Neko Cat 11 of 12) and shoot it, then head through the gate and up the stairs.  Resistance is pretty stiff here so take you rime and clear out the bad guys, then head to the left and co-op open yet another revolving door! 

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