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1-3: Get to Ground

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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1-3: Get to Ground

After you take out the leader you get prompted about Supply Crates - and look!  There is one ahead!  May as well resupply now, as we have to hook up with Murray at the South African Consulate.

Now that you have resupplied, head over to the wall and do your first boost in the game, scope out the level above and then help your partner up.   A few steps later and the world explodes into conflict as you deal with another squad of merc's. 

As you move through the area you will have a few opportunities to feign death, and do some creative kills - hey this is black op's, so have some fun with it!  Remember that building we were in a little while ago?  Bet you are glad you are not in it now!

Working your way through this area without getting hurt takes some patience and good form, so try to take the bad guys out strategically - don't just spray-and-pray and remember that you have grenades now.  When you reach the next set of stairs there is a bloke below in an armored gun emplacement - a head-shot is the best way to take him out.  I used the pistol :)

Collect the second Neko Cat

Now before you go any further, look up above the area where the mounted gun is and on top of an HVAC duct is the second cat (Neko Cat 2 of 12) - go ahead and shoot that now, right?

Mounted Guns: These are a good way to take control of aggro and maintain it so that your partner can flank.  They are also a good way to kill the bad guys if they cooperate but as they usually do not, not so much.  Bear in mind that you need to keep an eye on the heat level for the weapon.

As you fight your way to the next level down you will encounter another squad and a second mounted gun - this one is not positioned for an easy take-out so you may want to use your sniper rifle to kill the guy using it.  Once you have done that, taking out the rest of the squad is actually pretty easy, so do that and then head for the next door you need to open co-op style.  As you arrive at the door you will get another update from Alice - the consulate is being raided, and she would really like it if you two hurried up!

First hostage rescue

In the next area you are confronted with your first Civilian/Hostage rescue situation, and the game gives you some advice on how to deal with this.  Taking the commanding officer hostage really is the best way to handle this situation - but you need to be stealthy as you do it.   If you screw up go ahead and load the last checkpoint to try it again if you like - that will put you back to the stairs just before the CS with the civilians.

Sneak down and hit LB to take the leader hostage - he is the guy closest to your position on the stairs with the higher chevron rank.  Once you have him in a neck-hold you will order his minions to their knees and they will comply.  After that it is just a matter of tying up the bad guys and getting praise from the civilians - they will probably want to invite you to come home for a scratch-made diner of local delicacies but alas, you just do not have the time!

Actually, that is probably what they would do...  I spent a month in Shanghai when I was working for a company that engineers and installs satellite uplink/downlink stations, and getting invited to a home-cooked meal was pretty common as a way to indicate appreciation.  The food is amazing there and the people are also pretty special - though they pull out all the stops when it comes to food, so bring your appetite and remember, in a situation like this even if you are a vegetarian you are NOT one for that meal, because saying no to food they went to a lot of trouble to make is an insult in that culture.

Once you have secured the bad guys, walk over to each of the civilians and hit A to "save them" and collect your reward - which in this case is cash.  When you rescue people in the game their ID cards are added to that section in the pause menu, so you can see who they are, how old they are, and where they are from.

Mind the area below your level, as additional PMC's will pop out there and start shooting, so you should kill them quickly.

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