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5-2: A Shattered City

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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5-2: A Shattered City

Collect the tenth Radio

The path continues on to the right, through the narrow alley, where you find a co-op gate - open that and then you get a call from Murray but the signal is not strong so you do not get her full message.  As you round the next corner you are ambushed by two mercenaries - after you kill them look to the left - there is the first of the two Radios (Radio 10 of 14) for this level - so go ahead and pick it up.

Ahead of you in this same area is a supply crate - go ahead and empty that now.

After you kick open the gate and pass through you will be attacked by a pair of squads - one in the windows on the second floor of the building at the end of the street that includes a pair of RPG merc's and another squad in the street.  This is a good opportunity to pull out your sniper rifle and take out the upstairs squad - giving priority to the RPG dudes of course, before hading up the street to take out the rest of the vermin with your assault rifle.

As you reach the opening of this alley you will discover a larger than usual squad is deployed on the right - including more RPG merc's - and they are quite a threat if you just waltz into the street so try not to do that, right?  Just take cover, stay frosty, and maintain your situational awareness so that you can concentrate priority on the biggest threat - the RPG's.

Note: There is a fence to the right as you progress up this alley - you may be tempted to boost your partner over it so that you can flank them - that may not work out like you think it will unless you are playing with a human partner - if you are not than do not do it since your A.I. partner will likely end up incapacitated and screaming for help you cannot give them!

As you work your way out of the alley and into the street to the left, following the path laid out by your GPS, the wall in the back of the small court will explode and a heavy machinegunner will emerge with several minions.  The way to take him out is to target the backpack he is wearing - and you can do that even if he is in front of you, because it sticks out over his shoulder like a hump.

The trick to dealing with an enemy like this one in so confined a space is to use cover to your advantage, and fire short and well-aimed bursts.  Once he is down, and you have eliminated his minions, move toward the hole in the wall that he came from but stop as you enter that courtyard - you see the door on the corner building on the right on the street?  Go inside to the second room and pick up the pile of cash there - an easy $25,000!

Collect the eleventh Radio

Now head through the blown-open wall and into the alley there - and co-op open the gate at the end of the alley - as you enter this area you get another garbled transmission from Alice.  Ahead of you and on the left you will see the second and last Radio (Radio 10 of 14) for this chapter - go ahead and snag that now!  As you work your way along the street you will engage a couple of mercenaries and then as you turn the corner you will get a checkpoint save. 

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