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3-5: Cages

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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3-5: Cages

Rescue Zoo Worker and grab Weapon Part

Your next hostage rescue opportunity has arrived - you need to save the park worker in the cage on the other side of the area from being killed by the mercenaries.  Sneak up, target the leader, and take him hostage, then tie him up.  If you picked the right guy, you tied up the others - if you picked the wrong guy, you had to shoot them.  Co-op open the gate to release the hostage, and as soon as it is safe - meaning you have killed the mercenaries that are now rushing the cage - move to the side of the opposite cage and use the ladder to get to the roof.  On the roof here is a weapon part - go ahead and grab that now.

Note about Weapons and Parts:  A lot of the weapons and parts are collected as a consequence of the moral choices that you make, collected from the supply boxes you encounter, or are in really obvious places on the route that you will normally take anyway.  Because of that I only include the ones that you would otherwise miss if you did not know that they were there and the ones - like this one - that are in places you would not normally go.  There are two reasons for collecting the parts and weapons - first there is an Achievement/Trophy associated with collecting them, and Second, having the full arsenal gives you more options when playing the game.

Believe it or not, each weapon is unique and has its own characteristics as far as performance and use in the game, and finding the "right" one for you is not only a good idea, it will make your game play that much more enjoyable!

Right, so you should have eliminated the immediate threats prior to grabbing the weapon part - now several squads will be rushing your location from the temporary rally point that the enemy has set up at the far end of the plaza - and at this point things get rather hot as you have to fight your way back across the area to the aforementioned gate - the one that the hostage can open.  To do that you have to kill several squads of mercenaries!  You should make good use of the available cover and pick off the bad guys when they show their heads. 

In games like this is it almost second nature to pick up any ammo boxes that you see on the ground - but here I want you to NOT do that!  Your sniper rifle only has a small capacity of loaded and stored ammo, and when you collect the ammo boxes and it is already at capacity, you simply do not receive any rounds for it. 

Instead of picking them up, go from cover to cover using the sniper rifle to pick off the bad guys, and when you have emptied your clip, pick up the next ammo box.  Once you get to the gate you get a checkpoint save, but be ready when the other side opens as there is a squad waiting for you with another hostage.  Kill them, rescue him, and bonus!

Note:  If you have been following this guide, by now you should have close to $200K saved up...  Now would be a good time to upgrade your weapons or even buy some new ones.  Better ammo mag capacity, and extra grenade slot, maybe a silencer for your sniper rifle so you can discretely kill?  It is all good!

Once you kill all of the first wave of mercenaries you get a brief CS with another heavy armored grenade launcher mini-boss mob.  He has a pair of minions with him so you should take them out quickly, and then flank the mini-boss and draw his fire so your partner can take him out from behind.  You should be well versed at this by now, this is the third or fourth mini-boss we have faced, right?

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